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9 Apps Like S Health

S Health is your wellness mentor. Set targets, track your regular exercises and achieve new developments with Goals. With instinctive graphs and helpful tips, the objectives will direct you to accomplish your wellbeing and wellness targets. Stay fit and gets …

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9 Apps Like RunKeeper

RunKeeper is an application that has been made on account of lively wellness fans by giving them the likelihood of seeing a point by point measurements of their pace, separation, and times for each time they run or run. Furthermore, …

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9 Apps Like Google Fit

Google Fit is the authority application from Google to enhance your wellbeing in an extremely basic manner: by advising you the amount of activity you get regularly. Clients need to set themselves various day by day and week after week …

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9 Apps Like Fitbit

Fitbit is an application that gives you a chance to keep a complete record of your physical action, and also you’re dietary patterns and even your rest plan. The ideal approach to utilizing the Fitbit application is close by one …

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9 Apps Like MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is an application intended to make the smartphone users able to get more fit. It is the quickest, least demanding calorie counter for Android and iOS smartphones, and it incorporates a database of more than three million unique nourishments, …

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17 Apps Like Endomondo

Endomondo is an application to check your fitness goals. It will keep track of your cycling ride, runs, walks and more than 40 other sports with the help of fitness tracker. Endomondo will calculate duration, distance, speed, calories, and much …

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