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13 Apps Like Fruit Cutter Mania

First of all, we are talking about Fruit Cutter Mania, not Fruit Cut Mania that is, in fact, another fruit cutting app. This fruit cutting app is freely available for the Android devices only. Each fruit that you will cut will give you different points. If you cut the fruit as quickly as it will appear on the screen, you will get the maximum points against that. But small numbers will be awarded if you will take too much time for cutting a falling fruit. A lot of fruits are falling downward like rain. Just imagine apples, pears, kiwis, pomegranate, melons, bananas and several other juicy fruits are dropping like rain, and you have to cut them as quickly as you can. Don’t worry if you are unable to compete in the hard level then easy level is also there so that you can get familiar with the playing style of this game. Fruit Cutter Mania is suitable for all ages.

1Fruit Cutting Game
Good alternative app?

Most of the fruits cutting or slicing games emphasis on the style of cutting and fruits colors. But here we are going to discuss an app named Fruit Cutting Game that has put a considerable amount of focus on other areas as well like blades effects, controlling system and much…

2Cut The Fruit
Good alternative app?

Cut The Fruit is a fast pace moving and an action oriented fruit cutting game where the players with the usage of their quick response skills and action implementing mind have to cut those fruits that are falling on the screen. If any of the fruit will drop the game…

3Fruit Master
Good alternative app?

Fruit Master is a free fruit cutting game where you have to slice the sweet fruits. Cut these sweet fruits into pieces so that you can earn some points for cutting these. A wide range of levels and gameplay modes are the part of this game so that you may…

4Fruit Cut 3D Game
Good alternative app?

With exciting perspectives and stunning visual effects, Fruit Cut 3D Game is a game that is offering intense and exciting gaming style to the fruit cutting game lovers. In addition to enjoying in your free time, this game will test your mental skills as well and will sharpen the mind…

5Free Fruit Cut
Good alternative app?

Free Fruit Cut is a free fruit cutting app for the Android users. There is no invisible knife or chopper in this app at all. A real ninja is there that is basically you and a lot of fruits are in front of you that you have to cut in…

6Fruit Cut 3D
Good alternative app?

Wanna enjoy cutting 3D styles fruits as you are cutting them in reality then Fruit Cut 3D is a fruit slicing game to which you must give at least one try. The game is offering many different gaming styles and levels to play like classic level, time level, one shot…

7Fruit Crush Game 2016
Good alternative app?

Fruit Crush Game 2016 is a highly addictive fruit cutting game where the movement of the eyes, judgment of the mind and movement of the finger matter most. If you think you are self-sufficient in all these areas, then you are welcome in this game. Simply download the game and…

8Fruit Slice Deluxe
Good alternative app?

Fruit Slice Deluxe is a classic fruit slicing game where you need to cut the delicious, juicy and sweet fruit for the next party. As you will proceed in the game, you will find each level interesting and compelling one. The specialty of this game is that rather than merely…

9Fruit Cutter
Good alternative app?

Fruit Cutter is an advanced level of fruit slicing application where the fruit cutting style is totally different from what is prevailing in other fruit cutting apps. Rather than falling, fruits are floating into the air, and there you have to cut them as quickly as can. Slice as many…

10Ninja Slice Fruit
Good alternative app?

Ninja Slice Fruit is a free fruit cutting game with best graphics, HD quality gaming environment and outclasses sound effects. Slash as many fruits as you can because these will give you more and more points. Rather than having dull and old looking fruits, this game is containing nice and…

11Fruit Cut Mania
Good alternative app?

Based on three different game play modes, Fruit Cut Mania is one of the best fruit slicing games for the Android devices either it is smartphone or tablet. The free version of this game is widely available for all kind of Android operating systems. If you want to test it…

12Fruits Cut
Good alternative app?

The title of the game is revealing the half story that we are going to discuss a game that is about cutting the fruits. But it is not about cutting the fruits in the kitchen where these are arranged in order, and you have to cut them one by one.…

13Fruit Ninja
Good alternative app?

Fruit Ninja is a juicy and fruity slicing action game for the iOS and Android devices. In addition to offering you a new entertainment level this app based game is also an excellent means for spending the spare time. The stunning graphics, playing environment and high-end command and control make…

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