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14 Apps Like Map Plus

Map Plus is a mapping application which has one the most powerful and flexible tool for editing and viewing custom maps. This app has an ability which will allow you to use Map Plus as a professional GIS tool to do geographic data gathering, editing, measuring, sharing and much other management. A Large number of online and offline maps can be customized and viewed. You can import new maps from NOBAC’s map source XMLs, LUA scripts, QR codes and iOS cache. Two different projections like “EPSG:4326” and “Web Mercator” can be supported by Map Plus. It has a feature of displaying photos and videos directly on the map. The user can see street views of most of the cities all around the world including cities of China. It will allow the user to import and export data as CSV files, which may contain custom properties and tags. You have the ability to share or transfer data by Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, iCloud, SMS, Email and many other ways.

1Google Maps
Good alternative app?

The Google Maps is mapping app created by Google. It will find for you the best spots in town and the information you need to get there. Google Maps is an extensive app with accurate maps of 220 countries and territories. It will also have Voice-guide GPS navigation which will…

2Open Maps
Good alternative app?

Open Maps is a mapping app mostly used for offline use and maps editing. It has a digital compass which can help you to rotate the onscreen map to match the direction you are facing. If you are not using location services, then you can turn it off to reserve…

3City Maps 2Go
Good alternative app?

The one of the best features of City Maps 2Go is that it works offline. So it has a collection of Offline Maps, and you will search here new places according to your choice. On this app, 1st collect all information about the different location then saving it in City…

Good alternative app?

CityMapper is the best transit app making sophisticated cities easy to use. Data from a large number of famous cities is available in this app. Information about all modes of transportation like subway, ferry, Uber, Bus, and car sharing in those big cities are present on  CityMapper. So managing to…

5OsmAnd Maps
Good alternative app?

OsmAnd Maps is a map app which is worldwide and high-quality OpenStreetMap data. It can store all map data on your device memory for offline use. Without access to the internet, the user can perform all functions like online mapping. It will display your position and orientation. It will automatically…

6HERE Maps
Good alternative app?

HERE Maps win “Best Automotive App” award 2015 from Auto Bild! If you are looking for offline mapping and navigation, then check this app because information of more than 100 countries is available. Here the world is around you and you can explore the new places without worrying about getting…

Good alternative app?

2GIS is map application used for offline mapping and business listening. Trusted information about different restaurants, bar, and hotel are present on this app. It will provide you 3D-maps of more than 180 cities and contacts of over 1.5 million companies including public institutions like hospitals, schools, police stations, etc.…

Good alternative app?

MAPS.ME is one of the quickest ways to find out your destination. The user can access here detailed maps of all countries from anywhere in the world without an internet connection. Over 30 million people have trusted MAPS.ME by downloading it. It will help you by giving directions to your…

Good alternative app?

MapQuest is a one of the fantastic apps because it has different features like Mapping, GPS, Navigation & Traffic. This app will help you live like a local in any area of another country. You can search here nearby points of interest like restaurants, gas, hotels, etc. The user can…

Good alternative app?

Yandex.Maps is a mapping app having offline maps for 200 cities. The new version of this app has a world map, city guides, routes for cars and public transport. Yandex.Maps ha collection of a vast database of organization and you can use a filter to search your particular organization. Important…

Good alternative app?

zMap is a mapping app which provides both facilities of offline and online mapping for navigation. This app is using different map sources like Google Maps, OpenStreetMap and Nokia Map. The user can save different searching locations and routes in various transparent modes like driving, public transit, walking and bicycling…

12Galileo Offline Maps
Good alternative app?

Galileo Offline Maps is a mapping app used for offline vector maps and offline search for better experience. It is an entirely free app with no limit on the number of countries for download option. This app based on OpenStreetMap so you can get detailed information about every destination. It…

Good alternative app?

OffMaps 2 is a well-designed app which allows you to access searchable maps offline. It can store your maps directly to your device and allow you to search the map offline. You can save data roaming charges and Turn your iPod into a fully featured travel guide. The free version…

Good alternative app?

WikiPlace is one of the best mapping app describing every location of the world. Wikimapia.org is accessible by using WikiPlaces. Over 20 million places all over the world are now on your smartphone with the help of this app, and it also has a complete description, photos and user comments…

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