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10 Apps Like Next Browser

Next Browser is a Web browser for Android devices; having some exciting features that could make users consider changing more than Google Chrome. First of all, Next Browser can import all the bookmarks from Google Chrome that is a requirement of Chrome users attempting to try this new browser. Next, Browser additionally includes a fully customizable web page, from where you can easily access all your most liked sports. The general look, it must be said, is remarkably similar to that of Google Chrome. Another interesting feature is that you can switch tabs with a single movement, and also see a preview of the window in question. Thanks to this feature, you can change from one to another in just a few of seconds.

1Google Chrome
Good alternative app?

Everyone was happy when Google decide to release a new internet browser; it’s named: Google Chrome. Google declared it was simple, fast and extremely usable. So Google Chrome is the web browser of Google Inc. It’s the largest web browser being used all over the world. Google Chrome is also…

2Firefox web browser
Good alternative app?

Firefox is the web browser by Mozilla. Mozilla Firefox is available for iOS and Android devices as well. Just as its desktop version, Firefox web browser lets the mobile users do searches in a fast and safe environment. Firefox is perfect for those who uses a safe and private environment…

3Opera Mini
Good alternative app?

Opera Mini is a robust, secure and fastest web browser. It’s built-in with almost all those functions which are assumed to be crucial for a better browsing experience. Opera Mini is a particular web browser for mobile by the Opera Browser. Opera Mini performs almost on the majority of phone…

4UC Browser
Good alternative app?

UC is a web browser that’s available for almost all type of mobile phones. UC Web browser allows the users watch online videos and also stream online digital media content in a quick and also secure environment. The available attributes of UC Browser are fast and also reliable, ad block…

Good alternative app?

Dolphin Browser is one of the best web browsings, as it includes one of the most exciting features you’ll find for browsers on iOS and Android devices.The first tool to highlight on Dolphin Browser is Sonar, which enables you to use your voice to find the Internet, bookmark websites, and…

Good alternative app?

Puffin web browser free is an Internet browser with significant benefits, compared to competing apps of web browsers, are speed and ideal support for flash that comes with it. That’s right: with this browser, you can run pages (or games) in a flash which means you can watch any video…

7Maxthon Browser
Good alternative app?

Maxthon web browser is a web browser for Android mobile phones that allows you to enjoy just about all of the functions found on the PC version of Maxthon, and all of using the touchscreen of your smartphone or tablet. The first and also most significant feature on Maxthon Internet…

Good alternative app?

Yandex.Browser is the creation of the Russian search engine Yandex. Yandex is the mainly used search engine in Russia. Yandex.Browser is created by the using the technology of Chromium, which is an open source web browser. Furthermore, translation system, Adobe Flash, HTML5 support, downloading, WebGL, anti-virus supports, etc. are already…

9CM Browser
Good alternative app?

CM Browser is a powerful Web browser that got developed by KS Mobile, the organization behind important safety apps like CM Security and Clean Master. Because of this, security is simply one of the main dominant points. In addition to tight security, CM Web browser has other good points in…

10Baidu Browser
Good alternative app?

Baidu Browser is a web browser for Android devices. The main advantage of other options is that it is very quickly. Baidu Browser will speed up your searching speed by an additional 30% compared to other mobile web browsers. One significant extra feature is a built-in video player that permits…

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