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13 Apps Like Postly

Postly is a kind of thread sharing platform where anyone can share privately their personal matters or stories either in one on one state or in groups. It is called to be the most recommended way for sharing content with friends and general public while living anonymous and staying private all the time. In addition to sharing threads, Postly also allow for discovering the content of other users as well. It’s time to see of those crowded feeds that don’t offer too much space for sharing matters openly. Install Postly and welcome to the simple and organized stories sharing platform. You are just one step away from sharing your stories with others and that is creating an account with this platform first. After that you are all ready to share the dynamic content with the people you want. You can form the groups as well.

Good alternative app?

Pseudo is an interactive and social networking based local anonymous social experience sharing app for the iOS devices. This secret sharing app lets its users to explore the real time events going into their area. The quality of this app is that it features pure anonymous chatting in real time…

Good alternative app?

When it comes to sharing personal matters, people feel difficulties or feel unsecured while sharing their emotions, thoughts, confessions, secrets, the point of interests, experiences, thoughts, ideas, and opinions on sensitive topics. AntiChat is an app that lets these kinds of people to openly share what they have in their…

3Confess – Share Secrets
Good alternative app?

Confess – Share Secrets is a platform where the people come to make confession. Here they openly tell about what they have done so far and how the acts of theirs impacted on the lives of others in addition to their own lives. It is perfect platform for those people…

Good alternative app?

PostSecret is a web based and app based ongoing community art project where people with different backgrounds and thoughts share their secrets anonymously. For the information of the readers, PostSecret don’t post the secrets shared by their users on daily basis. All of the secrets and other contents that are…

5Popcorn Messaging
Good alternative app?

The name of the application putting more emphasis on showing it as a messaging application, however, Popcorn Messaging is not a means for messaging at all and nor it is a kind of messenger or texting app at all. It is also a secret and thoughts sharing application that allow…

Good alternative app?

This app allows you to create the dark chat rooms to share your secrets, thoughts, and experiences with others without showing the identity at any moment. It is simply one of the most organized ways to chat anonymously with friends in one on one chatting and with the public in…

Good alternative app?

Penzu is a kind of personal diary and private journal manager application that allow for sharing of personal secrets with others as well. For those people who are looking for a comprehensive platform to record their issues and want to share these with the selected people will surely like the…

8My Private Journal
Good alternative app?

My Private Journal is a free journal manager that allows for sharing of secret photos, content and much more with others without revealing the identity at all. It offers a comprehensive platform to its users to record, organize and share their thoughts, experiences, secrets documents and all those things that…

Good alternative app?

Write.as is a new way of spreading the ideas by staying behind the curtains. It is in fact a private and anonymous blogging and journaling platform where people from different parts of the world come to share their point of views on any subject matters. They share their feelings, experiences…

Good alternative app?

Pinstant is an anonymous stories, photos and videos sharing platform from any corner of the world. With Pinstant any one from what kind of profession he belongs, he can share whatever he want. Pinstant is about mapping your story and getting in touch with the stories and ideas of others…

Good alternative app?

Nod is basically an anonymous proximity messenger. But it is not a person to person messenger at all rather it is a public chatting platform to speak your mind with open heart and don’t feeling involvement of anyone and also learning what others thing on any subject matter. The world…

Good alternative app?

The great author Oscar Wilde once said, Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask and he will tell you the truth. It is true; most of us seem to hide about ourselves when we are in face to face situation. If we…

Good alternative app?

Whisper is a secret telling and secret discovering application. Whisper is about sharing your secrets, experiences, and way of thinking with others and in the same manners knowing about the personal life and secrets holds by others too. The apps like Whisper are getting popularity in today world because most…

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