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13 Apps Like ThumbJam

ThumbJam is for enjoying powerful musical performance experience. This music composing app will let you enjoy almost forty high-quality real instruments on a centralized platform. This multi sampled containing app is best for composing all kind of sound clips. The integrated of a wide range of scales make the users of this app able to effortlessly play in any style from classical to rock music whether its users are new or seasoned professional. This simple to use music composing app stands at the top of the overcrowded music applications. For each kind of users, ThumbJam is suitable for soloing on an instrument. It allows its users to play in any style of the key and go from a string ensemble to a wailing guitar. ThumbJam makes each and everything simple and possible for its users.

Good alternative app?

Figure is a top of the chart music making an application that offers a simple means of creating, remixing, collaborating and sharing the music with other music makers across the globe. The user-friendly interface of this music making application allow all kind of people to craft killer beats with this…

2MultiTrack DAW
Good alternative app?

This advanced music controller and composer will release your creativity. MultiTrack DAW is a kind of portable audio editor, recorders and composer for the iOS devices allowing the iOS users to deploy the almost twenty four stereo tracks at once to create a better sound quality audio clips along with…

3SoundPrism Pro
Good alternative app?

SoundPrism Pro is the name of an advanced music editor and a MIDI controller for the iOS smartphones. This professional compositions tool containing app is containing an interactive generator for harmonic sound textures and creating epic music clips. SoundPrism Pro is capable of creating harmonies smartly in any key. It…

Good alternative app?

BeatMaker2 and music creation, production and composition application that combine the music production tools at one place. The music production instruments being available by the BeatMaker2 made the success of countless artists by offering them an easy to use and powerful composition interface that they can access from their smartphones.…

Good alternative app?

Audiobus is the pack of two functionalities. First of all, it offers a music creating and editing platform to the music lovers. The other function of this application is connecting all music apps at a centralized platform and enjoying the functionalities of all in a single platform. This advanced and…

6FL Studio Mobile
Good alternative app?

FL Studio Mobile is one of the renowned music creation applications for creating music while on the move. This simple music creating app is widely available for all kind of smartphones devices with all of its features and functions. This single packed music creating app allow the smartphone users to…

7Music Studio Lite
Good alternative app?

Music Studio Lite is a simple yet powerful music editing and creating an application that delivers a complete music production environment for smartphones. This music editor and mixer filled with the features of great amount of sound quality tools. This app is jam packed with a wide range of musical…

8WavePad Audio Editor Free
Good alternative app?

This free audio and music editor is used for recording, editing and adding multiple effects and sends the created audio to the others using social media platforms. WavePad Audio Editor Free also has the quality of getting synchronized with other music creating apps as well. The music that you will…

Good alternative app?

AudioDroid is a professional level of sound and music editor, recorder and mixer for Android smartphones. Using this music creator and mixer it become easy for the music lovers to edit and mix music files of any format and create the music that they want to create. This app allows…

Good alternative app?

This music creating app named Medly is breaking the ice by offering different means of creating music deploying virtual musical instruments that looks like the real one. This state of the art functions and musical instruments containing app is designed for both new and seasoned musicians to make epic music.…

Good alternative app?

MixPads is a highly advanced drum pad and dj mixer for the smartphones in the shape of music making app. It offers a simple means of creating own electronic remixes and music DJ mixer pad using own smartphone. At the moment, thirty drum pads that are packed with original music…

12Music Maker Jam
Good alternative app?

Music Maker Jam is a music creation application that enables the music lovers to make amazing music using the original looking instruments and in the end share the prepared music with the world by means of social media platforms as well. Even if you are beginners then you can also…

Good alternative app?

Garageband is a music creation application for the iOS devices. This simple music app is fully equipped with small music creation studio and containing a completed music library. The advanced music library of Garageband contains a lot of professional and advanced musical instruments like presets for voice and guitar, instruments,…

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