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1Password is a well-known and widely used app introduced by AgileBits for extreme security of mobile phone users. It lets you secure your life with one password that only you know. It is one of the most beautiful and simple to use application through which you can simply add your password and allow 1Password to do the rest… read more
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1. PasswdSafe – Password Safe

PasswdSafe – Password Safe is a Jeff Harris product that is efficiently introduced for simple and secure password management. It keeps your mobile and related stuff secure from any third party or stealers. It is a fine app that enables its users to maintain security for their mobile phones. It is the port of Password Safe app to Android. Using the companion PasswdSafe – Password Safe sync application, password files can be synced from any cloud service in the best possible way, while on the other hand, it supports YubiKey NEO token for two factor authentication. Passwd Safe – Password Safe lets you start your simplified and safe digital life with free open source software. You can easily download this application and start living in a Password Safe atmosphere. This application enables a powerful security and well convenience that is the reason there are more than 4 million downloads of this app throughout the world. It has a never-ending list of features that enable its users to stay secure with the most unpredictable application.


2. SaferPass

SaferPass is a smart and handy application given through SaferPass s.r.o. It is one of the finest productivity tools that enables its users to stay secure in the healthiest way. Safer Pass is an intuitive and easy to use password manager application and is ideal for busy individuals who do not have time for memorizing all of their passwords and logins. It is efficient for protecting and managing all of your online privacy and data with deeply integrated encryption technique. This application has efficiently kept all of your online passwords and logins behind a strong security hurdle and let only the authorized person to do the rest. SaferPass premium never lets you forget your passwords and never lets you think more because it can generate some super strong passwords by itself for you anytime you need. It delivers an ultimate secure me feature that efficiently keeps all of your data and accounts safe. While on the other hand, you can effortlessly keep your password security under control with security report. SaferPass is an innovative and the most supreme solution to save your online identity and a robust password manager of the next generation.


3. Keepass2Android Password Safe

Keepass2Android Password Safe is an open source password manager application and a fine product by Philipp Crocoll (Croco apps). It delivers read and write support for KeePass 2.x (.kdbx) files and efficiently integrated with almost all browsers. It provides a QuickUnlock feature that helps you to unlock your database with your full password for once and with just a few characters if you want to reopen it. This app has reduced the effort for managing passwords in the most innovative way. You can access files from the web or the cloud including Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP, WebDAV, and you can use Keepass2Android Password Safe Offline if you do not need this feature. It lets you switch to integrated Soft-keyboard for entering user credentials. Keepass 2 Android Password Safe delivers intuitive support for editing entries such as file attachments, additional string files, tags, etc. You can use search options for searching dialogue from KeePass 2.x. Some of its required privileges include SD Card access, Internet access, and vibration. This app delivers the finest ease of getting things and makes the fetching your passwords in the best and the most convenient way.


4. LastPass Password Manager

LastPass Password Manager is a robust password generation and password manager application that enables its users to lock their personal information and passwords in a secure vault, introduced by LogMeIn, Inc. It efficiently autofill app logins and web browsers for you and has the ability to generate secure, new, and strong passwords instantly. One password is all you need with Last Pass master password handles the rest. Last Pass Password Manager efficiently store logins and passwords, create online shopping profiles, track personal information in audio notes and photos, generate strong passwords, and more. This application has many benefits that simplify online life. Its password manager keeps your password safe in the secure vault, save and autofill your personal info for all of your online accounts, and lets you log in with one strong password instead of dozens. Other than these, it delivers Private Notes (that secure safe information like photos, credit cards, and more), and Vault (keeps the health insurance, debit cards info, etc. secure). It also provides Photo Vault (that lets you attach photos to any note to lock them), and Audio Vault (just set custom voice memos that keep your stuff locked in the secure Vault). While its premium version delivers some additional and extraordinary features for its users and enhances the ease.


5. KeePassDroid

KeePassDroid is a robust implementation and the port of the KeePass Password Safe for Android platform and is delivered by the Brain Pellin. As we need to remember a lot of passwords, such as we need a password for our email account, for website’s FTP, for the Windows network login, online passwords such as website member account, social media account, and lot more. While on the other hand, you need a different password for each of your online account, and sometimes it is so difficult for you to handle such gigantic passwords and you probably miss some passwords as well. You cannot make one password for all of your accounts because if anyone gets your password then they will able to access all of your accounts which is not so cool. This endless list of passwords can easily be managed through this free, and open source password manager application. KeePass Droid helps you manage all of your passwords in a secure and protected way. This application lets you put all your password of your websites, accounts, etc. behind one master key password. Hence, using this application, you can only have to remember only one password for an easy and secure life. If you have any issues regarding this app then, it delivers one of the fastest ways to get issues resolved if you can attach a sanitized version.


6. bitwarden Password Manager

bitwarden Password Manager is the finest application presented by the great 8bot Solutions LLC. It enables its users to manage all of their passwords and logins from a secure vault. This app delivers one of the easiest, fine, and secure way to secure all of your passwords and logins while conveniently keeping them synced between your smartphones, tablets, web, and almost all of your devices. bitwarden can quickly auto-fills logins from within your web browser and other apps. This application also has the nerves to generate some fresh, strong, random, and secure passwords as you need and lets you protect your vault with PIN code, fingerprint, and master password. You can easily sync and access your vault stuff from multiple devices. This ultimate application efficiently stores all of your logins and passwords in an encrypted vault that syncs across all of your devices. Bitwarden Password Manager uses accessibility service and lets you enable auto-fill accessibility service to succor in substantial login credentials into other websites and apps that you probably use on your devices.


7. Enpass Password Manager

Enpass Password Manager is a Sinew Software Systems Private Limited’s product that delivers one of the most cost-effective and secure password management application. It provides freedom from remembering all of your passwords, logins, and other important credentials. It efficiently secures them in one place behind a single master password and makes them simple to access anywhere and everywhere. It delivers a strong integration of syncing across multiple devices such as smartphones, web, desktops, tablets, and others. Enpass Password Manager also helps you to create strong and pretty unique passwords for every login and website without the need to remember any of those. It delivers a fully-featured desktop version for Linux, Mac, and Windows, and does not apply subscription charges or any signup procedure. Other than these, it lets its users work with a fingerprint, restore and backup with fingerprints, auto-fill login details in the most effective way in the web browsers and third-party applications, categorize your data in folders, and more. Enpass is a fully customizable application that provides free desktop version, support quick unlock, folder support, and much more.


8. Kaspersky Password Manager & Secure Wallet Keeper

Kaspersky Password Manager & Secure Wallet Keeper is one of the best password management application that helps you keep you as well as your password safe. It is a product familiarized by the Kaspersky Lab. It provides one of the simplest ways to secure and protect your identity. This app efficiently generates strong passwords that help you to maintain a robust password security. Through its device syncing capability you can access your stuff from any of smartphone, tablets, web, and PC. Kaspersky securely stores all of your records and passwords, lets you unlock your data with just one password, enables you to capture credit card details for secure storage and access, and provides safe and quick login into your favourite apps and websites. Kaspersky Password Manager and Secure Wallet Keeper provide easy to use password security through its secure password vault. It has just enhanced the ease through remembering only one master password instead of a series of different passwords for each of your login. Now you can easily access your accounts and favourite websites, and its automated data entry helps you to prevent errors as well.

More About 1Password

1Password is a well-known and widely used app introduced by AgileBits for extreme security of mobile phone users. It lets you secure your life with one password that only you know. It is one of the most beautiful and simple to use application through which you can simply add your password and allow 1Password to do the rest. You can create as unique and strong passwords as you want and keep your internal data secure and safe behind the one password. It lets its users to fill their usernames and passwords into apps and websites, access their info on all their computers or mobile devices, share password securely with your company and family, and even unlock with the fingerprint unlock as well. One Password enables you to get organized through storing your information in more than a dozen categories, such as credit cards, addresses, notes, logins, banks, accounts, and more, organize info with favourites, and use search to filter your information. 1Password keeps everything secure that you store in it through a master password that you know. For those who want the absolute password manager for their smartphones, tablets, and computers than 1Password is the way to go.