11 Apps Like 2CheckOut

2CheckOut is an efficient app that is merely designed for sellers and customers to monitor and manage their bank account activities and transaction from anywhere. This app makes it possible to get details of your sales issues refund and check for payments right from this mobile app on your mobile phone. This app lets you view all your payments made from your 2CheckOut account including your pending and total amounts. It offers payment charts support that enables you to check monthly and weekly reports with an interactive graph support to discover payment trends. While on the other hand, you can view all customer’s purchases, view order details, invoice details, customer information, and sales details as well. It allows you to search for sales, and sort sales report such as rejected recurring sales and refunds. Some of its additional features include the providence of issue refunds, stop recurring sales, and lets you get in touch with the customers (write an email or comment and sales details) as well.

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1. PayPal

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PayPal is a finest app that helps you to manage your cash right from your mobile phones. It simplifies how you move your money so that you can easily send money to your friends, through mobile numbers and emails, etc. It has increased the ease of transferring money using your…

2. Google Wallet

Android iOS
Google Wallet provides a fast, easy, and free way to send and receive money. It has made it so handy to send money to anyone in the United States even if you do not have the wallet app on your phone. This app lets you request money from others and…

3. Skrill

Android iOS
Skrill is a stunning wallet app that helps you transfer money to your friends and relatives in a damn informal way. It makes it so easy to make quick and effortless international payments to Global suppliers. You can play any of your paid games and pay for online activities more…

4. Payoneer

Android iOS
Payoneer is one of the best leading apps that helps its users to manage their online money transaction in a well-secure scenario. This app provides a robust integration with a huge number of apps and platforms. You can access Payoneer directly from your mobile phone devices and easily check your…

5. Stripe

Stripe is a fine app that helps you to manage and track your Stripe payments and its other concerns on the go. This app put some new standards on the online payments. Stripe is one of the best platforms to handle millions of dollars for forward-thinking business around the globe.…

6. Dwolla

Dwolla is an ideal API app to move money across different podiums. It is efficiently built for creating finest applications that manage customers, facilitates the bank transfers, and instantly verifies bank accounts. Dwolla app’s users can easily check their account balance, view the details of money transactions, send or receive…

7. WePay

Android iOS
WePay is a competent platform that helps you manage and control the payments scenarios right through your smartphones anytime, anywhere. It has made it so handy, simple, and easy to do your regular online payment methods, paying invoices, or purchasing of your online prepaid mobile phone cards online. It is…

8. Square

Android iOS
Square is a free point of sale application for your smartphones that provides every single stuff that you need to start, run, and grow a business. It efficiently accepts contactless credit payments, chip credit cards, and debit taps with an amazing Square Reader for chip and contactless. It professionally accepts…

9. Authorize.Net

Android iOS
Authorize.Net is a free mobile point that manages the sales application and allows you to maintain, manage and accept the debit and credit card payments in a secure and well-protected way. It is an amazing POS solution for medical offices, in-home services, farmers markets, medical offices, and almost anywhere you…

10. ProPay

Android iOS
ProPay provides an innovative and the most desirable payment solutions for any sort of your online business. This app has a huge amount of payment processing solutions and tools for a vast variety of industries that help you discover the right solution for your company and industry. You can easily…

11. Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay is a widely used application through which users can enjoy one of the most secure, simple, and adaptive ways to make their mobile payments. This app was introduced by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. through which users can easily manage their mobile payments from anywhere they want and can…

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