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3CX DroidDesktop is an application that lets you remotely access your mobile or tablet through your Android device. It can easily be managed and installed on any of your desktop devices. Through this platform, you can send or receive SMS (using mouse and keyboard), can get WhatsApp or other notifications, manage and control your files and much more… read more
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27 Apps Like 3CX DroidDesktop


1. Yappy

Yappy includes SMS, Facebook Messenger with IBM Watson and Website chat insights in one interactive tool. You can use one of the world’s smartest artificial intelligence to enhance your conversation rates dramatically. This platform offers website chat, text to your customers, user information, live visitor map, Facebook messenger, and analytics. You can see, send or receive text messages and SMS from any of your favorite web browser using your current Android cell phone. You can import and export SMS from mobile phone to your personal computer. It is one of the most reliable apps used for sharing content from one device to another. This platform provides some business focused features which includes instant notification, unified channels, text analytics, sentiment analysis, and Shopify integration for its users. You can do all these things in a pretty safe and secure atmosphere.


2. Pushover

Pushover is a free platform for getting a real-time notification on your iPhone, iPad, Android, and Desktop devices, launched by Pushover. This is a fast and reliable platform and a phenomenal app for sharing your multimedia content from your Android to your personal computer and vice versa. Through this app you can get unlimited push notifications on all of your computer or smartphone devices from numerous applications that are already integrate with this app. you can instantly get push notification by supply your Pushover e-mail address, and your pushover user key. This app has an attractive application program interface which makes it easy for the user to integrate pushover into your network monitor, web app, shell script or anything else you want to send a notification to thousands of people and yourself. This a good app for accessing your phone from your personal computer, Tablet or some other device. You can do chat with your contacts and lot more Android things from your computer using this app.


3. Droid Explorer

Droid Explorer is an app to manage and control your rooted Android device using windows explorer. It is a phone management software and a smart tool for organizing and managing the Android phone’s data on your PC. It offers a super easy interface for all user levels, and you do not need to root your android device. It supports a few web browsers, but you can connect to an Android device using these web browser. Through this app, you can share different links, media files, music files, apps, videos and lot more from one device to the other. You can manage and sync all the contacts of your smartphone and make calls and chat with them using keyboard and mouse. You can easily get the notifications of WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter and other social media apps and other mobile notifications directly on the screen of your computer using Droid Explorer. You can increase and decrease the volume of your phone through your PC and also enjoy music another video of your Android phone from your personal computer. It also supports mouse wheels, special keys (Home, Back, Power, Search, Menu etc.), long press keys, portrait and landscape mode, and swipe/fling gestures.


4. HyraxHub

HyraxHub is a platform that lets you share clipboard with PC and transform Android phone’s notifications to desktop notifications. It provides one of the easiest ways to share clipboard containing, music, photos, links, text notes and much more from your personal computer to your Android phone or vice versa. Through this app, you can share different documents and other multimedia files from device to device. This app never misses your android notification and show them on the screen of your computer at once. It delivers notifications from Android apps as well including WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networks directly to your computer and you can do whatever you want to react to that notifications. Through this platform, your computer clipboard can easily be connected to any of your Android and iOS devices by pressing single clicks. You can view, send, or receive SMS from your computer using Keyboard and mouse. You can also filter out a list of apps to avoid unwanted notification on your personal computer and do a lot more using this app. HyraxHub also allows you to share your clipboards with social platforms like FB and Twitter with one click.


5. MoboPlay

MoboPlay is a widely used app that let you manage Android and iOS devices from a personal computer or the files manager. MoboPlay has made multi-files manager much easier and reliable than ever to manage your device. The users can now restore manage and backup your files, audio, videos, apps, ringtones, wallpapers, images and even duplicate your contacts present in your Android device or as a space cleaner to clean your phone spaces. MoboPlay can move file and apps from SD card and export or import apps to the computer. You can do all these stuff using your personal computer, tablet or Mac, etc. You can easily share and transfer different media and multimedia files, music, videos and photos between your computer and smartphone devices (including even iPad and iPhone, etc.). MoboPlay can organize and synchronize your contacts and messages. A user can restore and backup the music, apps data, photos, images, call logs and other thing using MoboPlay. You can also discover and download free apps and games for free without any registry. You can also scan your Android phone for cleanup, DIY your style ringtone, manage and sync your files and contacts and it is the one stop app for downloading your favorite apps and games.


6. Handshaker

Handshaker provides a typical method for sharing managing and controlling files and apps between Android and Computer device easily and effortlessly. It intelligently manages files including photos, music, audio, and videos on your smartphone by type and allows you to edit these files on smartphone right from your desktop. You can chat with your friends using keyboard and mouse and also make calls to your contacts. You can share different links, images, videos, audio files, documents, and other multimedia files with a single click in no time. Using this app, you can also share different internet links between devices and also open these links in your favorite web browser. It is a reliable and simple media sharing platform which provides great privacy for its users. Handshaker aims to manage your Android phone devices from your Mac or computer easily. This tool allows you to control your phone’s clipboard and push texts and SMS to your smartphone clipboard from your PC. From Handshaker you are also able to manage your SD card and its internal Data.


7. Xender

Xender is one of the most widespread apps and one of the best phones to phone file transfer and application sharing platform. Using this app, you can easily transfer different sort of files, apps, and other multimedia stuff from one phone to another without using any cable, with fast speed and is completely free. Xender is a cross-platform that aims to transfer images, apps, games, music, audio, video, documents and other files seamlessly from one device to another. Xender is one of the most popular apps with more than 1 million users and 4.3 ratings in play store. This app supports to view images, listen to mp3 music play videos and transfer data in one single click. This app has a feature of Phone replicate through which you can transfer a part or almost all of your files, apps, images, contact, music, and other multimedia content from one phone to the other with a single click. It also provides an option of group sharing, through which you can send or receive data by connecting 5 devices at the same time with a robust speed (approximately 50 times more than Bluetooth). This is a multilingual platform which supports many languages. Through Xender you to share all of the data presents in your old phone to your new phone with a single click.


8. webkey

Webkey is a platform which allows you to manage your smartphone using your personal computer. You can control your smartphone from any browser using webkey. Through this app, you can touch and type on your Android phone. You can get screenshots in png and jpeg, and record images in sequences. You can use the dialer of your phone type any number and make calls without touching your Android device. This app allows you to open web pages on your phone using your computer so you can browse, upload, download your preferred stuff easily and quickly. Webkey uses AjaXplorer so you can listen mp3, rename, copy or paste files, etc. using this interactive app. you can get the phone’s location (network and GPS which works on Java codes and shows the results on Google Maps). You can read and write SMS using the keyboard and mouse of your computer. You also can use a terminal emulator with Shell In A Box. Webkey works on 3G and Wi-Fi and has DynDNS support.


9. Pushjet

Pushjet is an app used for connecting your Android phone to your PC. Through this app, you can share different sort of media files, send or receive SMS, pay games, use apps and do lot more thing of your Android on your computer. It lets control your phone remotely and directly from your PC. You can get notification of your smartphones like phone calls, SMS, and other apps notifications directly on the screen of our computer. Using this app, you can accept or decline phone calls, adjust the volume of your Android device, and locate your phone (by making it ring loud). Rather than these, you also can sync contacts, dial a number, send and reply to an SMS message. This app provides the smartphone to PC and Mac computer integration. You can send a note to your phone and use these notes with your preferred apps. You can send different internet links and also open these links using your favorite web browser. This app provides amazing security and privacy options, and you can share different media privately and also can hide your desktop notification by enabling your privacy mode. Through this app, you can easily manage and control your apps and do a lot of things of your phone on your computer properly.


10. Vysor AirMore

Vysor AirMore is a smart app which lets you view, control and manage your Android apps, games, and other stuff on your computer. This app puts your Android smartphone on your computer and allows you to use apps, play games and control other functions of your Android phone. It is an easy install Chrome app, compatible with almost all operating systems. You can enjoy this app nearly over all platforms. Vysor AirMore allows you to transfer music, photos, videos and other data between your PC and Android with simple and convenient clicks without the need for any cable. It lets you stream Android music, videos, and pictures to your PC. This app allows you to send texts to the individuals present on your contact lists with fast speed using keyboard and mouse. You can easily download delete and upload different files from your Android phone and manage music, audio, video, documents, apps and other multimedia stuff quickly. You can also manage all of your mobile contacts including transferring, deleting and editing conveniently using Vysor AirMore web. This app allows a more private and secure way to do all these things like sharing and managing. It supports Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Hence it is one of the best and most popular tools available in the market.


11. Android Commander

Android Commander is a window application to control and manage your Android phone’s apps and files from PC. This is a fast, small and intuitive applications with lots of amazing features, but it wants some Phone and Computer requirements for its installation. If your phone and PC is eligible and overcome its eligibility criteria, then it will install. Otherwise, you would fail to get this app on your smartphone or personal computer. For your phone, you have ADB Root access, BusyBox, USB debugging (must be enabled), and USB cable. And for your computer the conditions; Windows XP/Vista/7, ADB USB Derive, Java JDK and minimum 800×600 screen resolution, etc. must be fulfilled. These conditions must be satisfied for its installation purpose. Through this app, you can easily manage the apps and other things of your Android smartphone via your personal computer. You can manage your files as well on you rooted Android smartphone via ADB without mounting an SD card and typing any command. This app allows you to check the SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger or other notifications on your computer and you can also send, receive or view messages by using keyboard and mouse. You can send internet links, manage the music (audio and video), and other multimedia content through this cool app.


12. wifikeyboard

wifikeyboard is an Android app which allows typing on your smartphone using your computer browser, and it works as a regular input method. Through this app, you can use both terminal and type SMS and can use free Wi-Fi for low latency input. Some carriers may block the 3G, so the USB connection works great but requires connected cables and some technical knowledge. But through this interactive app you can access different sort of text messages and SMS of your smartphone right on your personal computer, laptop or Table. It is a Keyboard for keyboard-less phones like Nexus etc. this app allows you to type on your Android cell phone from one of your favorite web browsers. You can type on your web browser and all the keys would appear on the screen of your Android smartphone at each key press. This app allows you to access your smartphone and do chat with your family, friends and other contacts of your phone via computer using keyboard and mouse. You can also share different web links, images, audio, video, etc. and this app does all these things by keeping it secure from others. Wifikeyboard is an appropriate software for syncing your photos, videos, and other multimedia files.


13. WiFi File Transfer

WiFi File Transfer is a light-weight and reliable web server that allows you to download and upload files to or from the phone via a wireless connection. Through this file, you can transfer different multimedia content and SMS without using a USB cable. This software and it modified version (WiFi File Transfer Pro) is available in the Android market. It can upload and download various multimedia or other files instantly. You can delete, copy, paste, zip, or unzip, and rename files using this software and you can also get password authentication. You can create shortcuts to videos, photos and music directories. WiFi File Transfer also runs as a background service. Through this platform, you can view photos directly from your web browser. This tool also informs you about the notifications (including SMS, Battery, Calendar, WhatsApp, etc.) of your Android cell phones from your personal computer, Laptop, and Tablets. But if you want to use this app then this platform restrict you to use the same local area network for your phone and your computer. But one of the best thing about this app is that it offers an extreme level of privacy options for its users (to set up an access password) if you are using this app on public WiFi networks.


14. Soduto

Soduto is a MacOS application that allows you to communicate and share your information with other devices such as Linux, Android, or some other Macs. Soduto is a KDE Connect client for MacOS. This app allows you sharing files, clipboard data, text snippets, website links and much more. You can easily do chat with your friends and other contacts on your phone via desktop device using a mouse, and keyboard, etc. You can get notifications related to call, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc. straight from your PC. Soduto is an amazing platform for accessing your Android phone’s stuff from your computer in a user-friendly atmosphere. It offers a transparent clipboard content sharing (currently text only) just copy and paste between devices. You can send and receive different files without the need of any connection of wires or cloud service. You can also drag and drop internet links (these links will open in remote device browser). It provides a dedicated file browser which allows performing more advanced files management on the remote device. You can send messages straight from your desktop device. Soduto also offers some security features like Keychain and sandboxing for making your communication protected and secure from others. Soduto app allows a secure peer to peer connectivity over Wi-Fi without reliance on any third party remote server. Hence it has a simple, well integrated and clean interface for the user.


15. Android Sync Manager Wi-Fi

Android Sync Manager Wi-Fi is an app that allows you to sync your Android phone with your desktop device via Wi-Fi. With Android Sync Manager you can control, sync, manage and back up your contacts, accounts, videos, audios, documents, and some other multimedia contents. It is a multilingual platform that is available in English, Chinese, Dutch, and some others. Android Sync Manager is a free software that is available on Windows XP and its former version for the users from all across the world. Its user can see the notifications including phone calls, MMS, WhatsApp, Messenger or SMS via your desktop device and also send or receive these SMS using the keyboard and the mouse. You can derive your smartphone using computer hardware (mouse and keyboard). Android Sync Manager allows its users to share different media files and other mobile stuff from mobile to desktop and vice versa. This app works great and makes you to so sharing and chatting with your friend in a protected air. Android Sync Manager lets you start your Android phone’s services on your Laptop, personal computer, or tab, at home, at school or college, or at anywhere, anytime.


16. Mightytext

Mightytext is a platform that lets you send and receive text messages from your computer and text on your computer synced from your Android smartphone for free. You can access, control and manage your smartphone from your computer and vice versa. Through this Chrome extension, you can immediately access the SMS arrived on your smartphone from your device and also can send messages using your desktop device using keyboard and mouse. You can sync all SMS, MMS and text messages (through any platform), from your Android phone to your computer. Although you can get all of your smartphone’s notifications including phone calls, SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc. on the PC. To can get the access of the data including audio, video, documents or other multimedia files stored on your smartphone via your desktop device. It also provides excellent security and privacy for making a safe atmosphere for communication. You can securely and instantly store videos and photos taken from your smartphone to your tablet or computer. It allows one-click photo sharing by adding effects and filters too.  You also get call notifications, phone battery alerts and much more. You can also send different maps, files, and web pages between devices. It offers a great pack f themes for making an interactive interface. There is a never-ending list of features that make it an extraordinary software.


17. MyPhoneExplorer

MyPhoneExplorer is a method to explore your Android OS mobile from PC. MyPhoneExplorer is the best Android mobile administration app for the desktop PC that allows the Android OS people to synchronize just their contacts with Microsoft Outlook, calendars, notes, and a lot more. The options of MyPhoneExplorer aren’t limited to synchronization the Microsoft Outlook only. One other available feature in MyPhoneExplorer are controlling Text message, creating the backup of mobile in PC, sending and also receiving SMS, creating cars, syncing data files, pictures and much more. MyPhoneExplorer has also made the producing back-up and after that restoring anytime quick and straightforward. It allows the users manage their complete Android mobile phone using their PC and also experience the features of Android on the big screen. To enjoy all of these functions, they’re just needed to install the MyPhoneExplorer and create a link between Computer and mobile either by using Wi-Fi as well as USB cable. Managing each and everything from calling to SMS and also playing to transfer is remarkably straightforward and easy. It is similar to you Android device but on the big screen of PC.


18. ActiveSync

ActiveSync is a platform created for Windows OS which makes the particular interaction between mobile phone and desktop computer. It provides a great and robust synchronization experience on a lot of platforms. You can access your mobile stuff including photos, videos, messages, mobile notifications web surfing and much more on a large display screen of your desktop device. ActiveSync enables you to sync a mobile device either with a desktop PC and server running with a compatible software product including IceWarp Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, Z-push, Zarafa, Zimbra, Kerio Connect, Scalix and much more. ActiveSync synchronizes your contacts, emails, calendars and tasks with Microsoft Outlook along with web files and bookmarks. The contacts which are present in the folder are synchronized, but the one which is present in subfolders does not sync. While in the case of exchange server only, contacts, tasks, calendar and emails may be synchronized. It is one of the greatest tools for making your applications runs on your desktop device. Through this great interactive app, you can do chat with your friends (), transfer different stuff and multimedia files and do lot more things using this platform. ActiveSync allows a well-protected and smooth way for sharing and transferring files between mobile and desktop application and is working immensely great.


19. Mobizen

Mobizen is a mobile phone management application which increases the user’s mobile expertise from the browser and also a desktop computer. It is a real Android management application for controlling and also managing the Android device from desktop or web browser. If you wish to understand your Android device from a greater screen, then this is the Mobizen, which will make it simple to share your video clips and photos to the PC and enjoy these all on the big screens of your PC. Mobizen has made it simple for the Android users to handle all of their data from the PC either it’s about videos, music, pictures or apps. Using the physical keyboard and mouse of the PC, they can easily control the every inch of the Android right from the desktop or web browser. Mobizen is a great Android mobile mirroring application using that you can exchange files between PC and also Android. Mobizen even enables the Android phone users to help make the backup of their devices simply by saving the all of the digital media files, apps and documents on their PC and after that restore anytime


20. AirDroid

AirDroid is a useful app that will enable you to manage your Android device from the PC of any computer’s internet browser. Using this method, you can handle all of your Android device’s content from a more at ease user interface along with the reliable help of the mouse. You can also add and remove components from the device, uninstall applications and also perform lots of different actions. The application’s very useful tool, however, will be the one which enables you to exchange elements such as photos, songs and also videos from the phone to the computer and also vice-versa, in the speediest and many comfortable ways. Another fascinating advantage is that you can write messages from the web browser’s interface and also instantly send them to the Android device, using the distinct comfort that this requires. The greatest thing is that the user interface, being executed straight from the web browser, performs correctly from any operating system the kind of Google Chrome, Mozilla as well as Safari. Which means that regardless of the computer you’ve, you may still enjoy the application. AirDroid is a highly significant tool for any Android OS user that can depend on his device a lot, as this can make many tasks all that simpler.


21. SideSync

SideSync is a new PC mobile solution that ensures it is simple for the Android OS Tablet and Phone users to share the screen of their devices to the PC to manage them from the PC. By using SideSync, Android users can just share their data between a mobile device and also PC. Everything which they perform through a tap on the Android device will be carried out from PC with the help of keyboard and mouse. They can experience the functions and features of their devices on a bigger screen. You can quickly perform the features after the connection between PC and mobile device are; notifications of PC, contact & SMS from PC, sharing files between mobile phone and PC, watching photos on PC, sharing and also viewing of digital media records and a lot more. In short, everything that they do on the mobile device will now be performed from the PC simply because of needing a connection through SideSync.


22. MyMobiler

MyMobiler is one of best Android PC management application by utilizing which Android users can easily control their entire device by using Wi-Fi or USB cable connection. MyMobiler allows the users experience the remote monitoring and use of the mobile device as well as perform several functions from capturing screen to recording video. If you use a USB connect you need to install a USB driver if you don’t want to install a USB driver you can use Wi-Fi connection instead of USB connection. MyMobiler isn’t for just showing Android users how their Android phone look at the desktop. It’s, in fact, create them able to manage their Android devices from the PC and be able to transfer files between devices. They can easily manage their entire device simply from the PC.


23. Pushbullet

Pushbullet is an application which connects the multiple devices with each other both it is linking the smartphone with smartphone or smartphone with Computer. After using the Pushbullet and also connecting the devices, users will feel the expertise in having one device only. After linking the Android and iOS device with PC, users are then permitted to perform all of the functions from the PC that they show while using their smartphones. The availability of keyboard and mouse for the smartphone make the use of smartphone easy that’s why users can make calls, deliver SMS and can receive the same as well. Furthermore, there’s also a mobile phone notification system in case of lost a call or text messages received but not yet read. Some other functions which can be performed between PC and also mobile phone consists of, two-way moving of file of all sorts and all sizes, sharing of links, communicating with friends and a lot more.


24. KDE Connect

KDE Connect is a platform that aims to give a pathway for sharing different sort of media files and other stuff from your smartphone to your desktop device or vice versa. KDE Connect is a project whose purpose is to create a communication panel between your devices. Through this tool, you can receive your mobile notifications on your computer or can use your smartphone as a remote control for your desktop device. You can control the music playing on your smartphone from your desktop device. It lets a developer create plugins. Currently, it offers KDE Connect client on BlackBerry and Android and is developing its support for iOS devices as well. KDE Connect implements a secure and protected communication protocol over the network. It has a tool that you download on your desktop device and has a Client app that you run on your smartphone. You can chat with your friends using the keyboard and mouse of your desktop device and send or receive text messages. You can see other notifications like of WhatsApp Messenger, phone calls, and others. You can share music, video, pictures and other multimedia files between your smartphone and your desktop device is a user-friendly atmosphere.


25. Monitordroid

Monitordroid is super-fast and protected app, made for monitoring and controlling services of Android Machine. This app allows a user to monitor, control, view, and manage their Android smartphones devices from their favorite web browser without having any time and geographical limitations. It remotely controls all of your Android devices from any of your web browser from all across the world. You can get your SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger or all other notifications of your smartphone on your desktop computer via Wi-Fi or USB. Monitordroid lets you access the songs, videos, documents, and other multimedia content and files of your mobile phone through your PC. Using your personal computer’s mouse and keyboard you can access the screen of your cell phone, can play games and chat with your contacts in a user-friendly way. This app allows you to get quick access to your mobile phone through your PC from anywhere, anytime. You can remotely send, receive and view messages, download photos as well as files, and can track location history of any device. Monitordroid works on both Wi-Fi and cellular networks.


26. dotPocket

dotPocket is one of the most popular and widely used platforms which lets you get the remote access to your device from anywhere, anytime. It provides the best use for controlling, viewing, and managing your Android apps from PC. DotPocket is one of the best apps to manage your cell phone activities right from your PC by using your mouse and keyboard. You can chat with your friends, get different sort of notifications including SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger or others. It is a great, effective, and easy to use app that allows you to integrate your portableness with desktop systems and speeds up the visual capabilities of your PC. It allows a landscape and portraits display orientation, one button to panic control and zoom, and display screen resolution up to approximately 2000×2000. You can manage your handheld devices (smartphone) with standard keyboard and mouse. Rather than that, it allows secure file transfer (downloaded automatically and seen), clipboard, AVI recording Pocket PC screen on your desktop and much more. It is easy to use yet robust utility that lets you enhance and improve the way of communication from your PC rather than your mobile phone. You can send text messages using mobile hardware options like a mouse, keyboard, etc. and access the files and music from your computer.


27. Splashtop

Splashtop is a fantastic platform for making your smartphone accessible through your PC. It is a platform which provides a simple, fast and secures remote computer access for teams and individuals. Using this service you can directly control your smartphone device (Android, iOS, iPhone, Windows Phone and others) via your desktop device. This platform allows you to try a trial (for a limited period), as well as paid version for better experience. It delivers a robust set of features which makes all these stuff so comfortable and convenient for the user. It includes a High performance for the millions of users, and you can enjoy high-quality sound and fast connections. It supports a broader range of devices such as Windows, Mac, Chrome Browser, Chromebook, iOS, and Android, etc. Splashtop lets you a smooth way for transferring files, and you can get different media between computers easily without any extra dialogue. You can print files from a remote computer to a local printer. It allows you to chat with different users on the remote computer while in a remote session. This app also lets you create your development streamer (it automatically binds to your account). Except this, it allows features remote wake, vigorous security, user management scheme any many other functions.

More About 3CX DroidDesktop

3CX DroidDesktop is an application that lets you remotely access your mobile or tablet through your Android device. It can easily be managed and installed on any of your desktop devices. Through this platform, you can send or receive SMS (using mouse and keyboard), can get WhatsApp or other notifications, manage and control your files and much more. This program us applicable in two ways the first one is by connecting your computer using a cable or the other one is through the same Wi-Fi. It does not require any additional program to download on your PC for its proper working and is easily by downloaded from your device. 3CX DroidDesktop s an open standard, software-based IP PBX platform that allows fully unified communication features for its users. It’s software based solution makes the management, installation, and maintenance so easy for the user, along with offering some extraordinary features. You can do integrate video conferencing on this platform using Web RTC. You can boost productivity with unified communications. You can work from anywhere with iOS and Android clients. 3CX DroidDesktop has transformed the way to connect in business, cutting cost and offering great mobility. It software-based feature make it extraordinary and hence can run on standard server hardware with no need of a proprietary black box. It is less much expensive to buy and manage. Due to its popularity, most of the companies are turning to it.

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