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8player lite is a well-known universal multimedia application for iPhone, iPad, iPod Mini, iPad Touch and other iOS users and for Apple TV spend 8 years in the App store having more than 200 updates and thousands of worldwide users. 8player lite for iOS bought in the market by 8Soft Inc… read more
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1. YouTube Go

YouTube Go is used by millions of people as a Youtube companion even when you have a slow connection or limited data. YouTube Go is a fabulous app introduced by the most well-known Google Inc. that helps you stream and watch everything you want to see with simple swipes and control the amount of data you spend. You can intuitively search for music and discover popular videos regarding videos, songs, TV shows, comedy, fashion, cooking, how-to’s, and so much more. You can download videos and play them without buffering and watch them anytime, anywhere you want. YouTube Go is a superb tool through which you can download and watch your favourite content, control your storage and data, instantly share videos, no data used for transfer, and so much more. It lets you control your data by choosing to watch or download, track and choose how many MBs you use on videos, preview videos before you watch or download, etc. You can instantly share videos, and video transfer uses no data. So just download this excellent and widely used app named YouTube Go app and enjoy a brand new way to download as well as watch your favourite videos while on the go.


2. TubeMote

TubeMote is a fabulous app that helps its users to watch videos conveniently on their smart TV as well as a computer. Tube Mote is a widely used app which lets you have a free remote control for your Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, SoundCloud, Twitch, and various others. You can control video playback from your Android devices and also create live playlists with the videos from your Android devices. This application has made it so easy to enjoy creating live playlists with videos from a diverse collection of platforms. TubeMote enables its users to let your friends and family members watch your channel at the same time. You can also embed your channel over your website and blog. This application enables you to discover as well as watch videos without any effort over your desired devices as well. You can intuitively control the video playback from your mobile devices and enjoy them anytime and over any device. You can also search for your desired music in its search engine and play them in the volume level that you need. So just download TubeMote app in your cell phone and enjoy remote controlling app for various social media.


3. Stream

Stream is a massively used smart music player that enables you to access a hundred million musical videos right using your smartphone. Free music for YouTube: Stream is a great application introduced by MWM – Best Free Music and Audio Apps for Android Inc. which enables its users to search their favourite artists, discover their most likely music genres, create their own playlists, and browse the daily trending charts of the country along with unlimited streaming. There is no need to download your songs having this superb and free YouTube player that enables you to check your newsfeed or answer your message while watching your most favourite stuff. It brings a floating pop up a player that enables you to watch your videos in full-screen or use it for multitasking, and you can intuitively customize the size of the popup and move pop up player anywhere on the screen. Free music for YouTube: Stream allows you to search among millions of music videos, browse daily top charts, and access tons of music genres whenever you want. You can also discover its special radio as well. So just download Free music for YouTube: Stream app in your cell phone and enjoy searching and accessing thousands of your favourite content on the move.


4. Floatube

Floatube enables you to listen to music on Youtube while your mobile phone is locked. Float Tube is a widely used tool introduced by Impa Software Inc. that helps you enjoy selecting any video and have it play in the floating window over your mobile phone screen. This app enables you to close the window inside the Floatube icon, and playback will continue while you can use other application over your phone. This app continuously plays your favourite tracks whenever you want and while you are doing other stuff. It enables you to browse and search from a diverse collection of music of your own choice and listen to it whenever you want. Floatube also brings a handy notification widget, and you can enjoy playback even your mobile phone is locked. While on the other hand, if you single click over the icon screen will minimize while if you drag and double-click the icon, you can exit is popup floating. It helps you to enjoy top charts from your favourite artists of your country as well. So just download Floatube app in your cell phone and listen to your favourite music while your cell phone is locked.


5. Minimize for Youtube play

Minimize for Youtube play in background is an incredible tool introduced by Video-mini.com that enables you to listen to your music and carry on using other apps freely at the same time. Minimize for Youtube play in background enables everyone to discover their most favourite content in millions of videos from one of the most gigantic music streaming site. It enables you to watch every single video from Youtube and use any of your important apps simultaneously. You can intuitively create as well as manage your own playlists of Youtube music and enjoy them whenever you want. There are various other features as well through which you can access and enjoy your favourite music in the way like never before. Minimize for Youtube play in the background allows you to save and stream videos and finished playlists effectively. This app will precisely store your self-created playlists locally over your cell phone so that you can keep up your videos even you lose the app. It enables you to instantly access all the content present over YouTube and enjoy them whenever you want. So just download Minimize for Youtube play in background over your cell phone and access your most likely content whenever and wherever you want.


6. Floating Tube

Floating Tube is an extraordinary app having millions of users from all over the world who are enjoying streaming and watching YouTube content in floating mode just to carry on their most important apps simultaneously. Floating Tube (Multitasking) is a significant product of Sarvopari Infotech Inc. which brings hundreds of new features for streaming music from Youtube and listen to them anytime you want. Some of its flashing features include the support of play video and playlists, movable video player, re-sizeable video player, how to use tutorials, locking player on screen, and free of cost usage capability. Floating Tube (Multitasking) enable you to play the video even when the video is minimized so that you can use other important applications. You can easily create, manage, and maintain playlists from the Youtube or you can even select on playlists from the Youtube for direct playing even without any interruption. This app plays the video always in front, and you can resize it accordingly. It also locked the player if you do not want to move it anywhere else from your mobile screen and it will automatically be minimized if it is too smaller. So just give a chance to Floating Tube (Multitasking) and enjoy streaming your favourite content from Youtube and do what else you want at the same time.


7. MooMa.sh

MooMa.sh has effectively solved the problem of identifying music in the Youtube videos right through mobile devices. MooMa.sh is a great product that helps you identify the music from the extensive library of music that it memorized. If you come across some great snippet or tracking of music over the social media app named Youtube, but it is not labelled, then you have to share the link inside the YouTube app to this superb tool and let it done the work. This app depends on the entire length of the video and also manage how many videos are currently being analyzed, it can take up to 15 minutes or even a couple of seconds from its team of highly effective and intuitively trained cows to go through the video and to compare its sounds. This application effectively contains almost a collection of 7 million songs and lets you compare the video its sound. This app enables its users to be relaxed and get the music of their choice. So just download MooMa.sh app over your mobile phone and let it recognize the music on Youtube stuff.


8. Y-Tube Player

Y-Tube Player let you listen to the music that you like the most and also watch videos from Youtube player on a small screen while you are doing something else. Y-Tube Player (floating for YouTube) is a well-known app introduced by Softmedya Haber Scripti Inc. through which you can enjoy streaming and listening to your favourite music while you are chatting, navigating, and working in another screen. This app precisely plays videos when you are at the main screen, WhatsApp, Facebook, and others and you can also adjust the size as well as the transparency of video popup working in small screen. It is an all in one music streaming app through which you can stream videos and music, discover Youtube videos and music, create your own playlists and manage them, import playlists from Youtube, choose your country and view top in there, get multiple themes options, and enjoy it in the way want. Y-Tube Player (floating for YouTube) allows you to view last or the most played playing list, and you can even separate playlists for popup small screen. So just give a chance to Y-Tube Player (floating for YouTube) app and simultaneously play Youtube content as well as your work over your cell phone.


9. Free Music YouTube Player

Free Music YouTube Player provides the most excellent way to explore Youtube trending stuff, hottest, most visited, top charts, most searched and most talked topics right through this one shop stop. Free Music YouTube Player – Float Screen – Off Mode was introduced by Free Music Floating Player Inc. which is YouTube’s music destination enabling popular hits and top tracks from a variety of genres and you can listen to them wherever you want. It is an elegant music player and client for discovering and streaming trending music, and there are millions of people listening to music as well as audio for free. You can precisely search any of your most likely songs from the playlists and enjoy them anytime. Free Music YouTube Player – Float Screen – Off Mode enables its users to listen to albums and artists or even create your own playlists of your most favourite songs. Other than these, Free Music YouTube Player also enables its users to organize their music into unlimited playlists, access free music, establish a perfect library, search millions of music and enjoy a diversity of music genres having this tool. So just download Free Music YouTube Player- Float Screen-Off Mode app and enjoy unlimited of Youtube music whenever you want.


10. Play Tube & Video Tube

Play Tube & Video Tube is a widely used app which lets its users enjoy discovering great music and awesome videos in all parts of the entire world as well as your country. Play Tube & Video Tube makes bought in the market by free Mp3 songs & Music Audio Tube through which everyone can enjoy free video player for Youtube. This application allows its users to search for channels and videos and play full screen as well as floating popup mode. It brings a collection of favourite videos and watch Youtube videos from a channel right through one single place. Play Tube & Video Tube features popup mode as well so that you can enjoy multitasking while playing your favourite Youtube music. It features searching channels and videos, display general information about the videos, music tube for watching free music videos and enjoy your music in the way you want. You can enjoy both full screen and floating popup mode and enjoy music ultimately. It helps you access every single video of Youtube for free and enjoy them anytime you want. So just download Play Tube & Video Tube app over your smartphone and enjoy discovering and browsing funny videos and free tube musics yourself.


11. LiteTube

LiteTube is another excellent tool that brings high-quality video and video player both in one single app. LiteTube is a super talented and easy to use music streaming tool introduced by Oximus Prime Studio Inc. You can precisely search for any of your desired music in the way you want and listen to them anytime, anywhere. This application brings high audio quality through which you can enjoy listing your favourite content with extreme quality. Lite Tube also lets you create and manage playlists of your favourite Youtube songs, and you can also grab playlists from Youtube to listen to them anytime. You can also get your desired Youtube videos in ultimate quality and never get frustrated with its resolution. This application brings various skins as well, and you can precisely change the theme colour and enjoy orange, blue, silver, and various other colours according to your moods. LiteTube also brings a button for sharing as well through which you can precisely share your favourite songs with your friends, family members, and others through simple taps. Other than these, LiteTube also carries a lock screen widget as well so that you can access everything about the app right from your mobile screen. So just download LiteTube app and enjoy music anytime.


12. Play Tube: Video Tube Player

Play Tube : Video Tube Player makes it easy to listen as well as watch millions of free songs on Youtube. Play Tube: Video Tube Player is a free to use third-party client for Youtube through which you can easily discover great videos as well as music in all over the world or even your own countries. This app lets you grasp the most extensive collection of music and enjoy them anytime. This enables you to search channels, videos, and playlists, play music tube and movie tube with the floating popup window or full screen which always keeps on top. Its floating tube popup player allows you to use your applications while playing tube video and YouTube music. Play Tube: Video Tube Player lets you have a collection of your favourite videos and watch unlimited Youtube music and videos. Other than these, Play Tube app also carries a pop-up mode, description of your searched videos, display general info about the video, and search videos, playlists, and channels right using your cell phone. So just download Play Tube: Video Tube Player app in your cell phone and enjoy millions of free music as well as videos on your cell phone.


13. Lark Player

Lark Player is another tremendously used application that enables its users to enjoy a lightweight and full-fledged app to watch videos or listen to your favourite songs on Youtube. Lark Player — YouTube Music & Free MP3 Top Player is a comprehensive music and video player introduced by Mobiuspace Tech Top Player. This application intuitively fetches all sort of saved content over your mobile device and will even allow you to play YouTube music videos as well. It also carries tons of music and screen controls making it a must-have music player for Android. Some of its inbuilt controls for playback including brightness, speed, volume, etc. powerful equalizers, and preset modes, to customize your music experience. Lark Player — YouTube Music & Free MP3 Top Player lets you watch tons of visual stuff and listen to all genres of all kinds of music from your mobile device, Youtube, and SD card as well. It also supports a floating music player, users can load a subtitles file, sleep timer to turn off the player, and so much more. So just download Lark Player — YouTube Music & Free MP3 Top Player app and enjoy an excellent place to discover all kind of music including Billboard Hot 100, Pakistani music, iTunes Top 10, K-pop, Latin music, Indian music, Brazil, USA, worldwide charts, and various others.

More About 8player lite

8player lite is a well-known universal multimedia application for iPhone, iPad, iPod Mini, iPad Touch and other iOS users and for Apple TV spend 8 years in the App store having more than 200 updates and thousands of worldwide users. 8player lite for iOS bought in the market by 8Soft Inc. which enables everyone to play media file from UPnP, SMB, DLNA, and FTP servers, local videos, photos, and music as well. You can precisely control media files playback on your Chromecast devices and DLNA players. This application enables you to create and edit music playlists inside the app. You can remotely make a connection with your DLNP and UPnP servers through the mobile internet or from any other network. 8player lite for iOS enables its users to download media files from UPnP, DLNP, and FTP servers to enjoy them offline. You can play media files from UPnP DLNP, FT, and SMB servers and use it as a UPNO or DLNP renderer. This application support Video formats including avi, mkv, mp4, mov, mpg, wmv, m4v, asf, flv, 3gp, divx, dat, gxf, m2ts, m2v, moov, mpeg4, mpeg3, mpeg2, mpeg1, mpv, mt2s, mxf, ogm, ps, qt, rm, ts, and WebM, etc. and various other for Music and Images as well. So just download 8player lite app and enjoy music ultimately.