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12 Apps Like 8tracks

8tracks is one of the best radio playlist app that helps its user listen to the music that they love. It is packed with an exciting range of music from a vast catalog of music genres, albums, artists, etc. 8tracks offers a robust collection of songs with the free approach. It provides an ad-free audio along with a pure uninterrupted music streaming, unlike Pandora. It offers a free radio app that brings creative playlist support for the users with a soul behind the music with the less repetition, and Youtube integration. It provides music discovery for every imaginable mood, genre, and activity, and covers the taste of music for the worldwide music lovers. It comprises a global community of more than 8 million monthly active listeners. 8tracks is probably the most famous music app that lets you discover the music of your taste and mood right from your mobile phone. Using this marvelous music providence app, you can easily enjoy millions of songs curated by the individuals from around the world.

1. Google Play Music

Android iOS
Google Play Music is the official Google app for enjoying music from its traditional service directly on Android phones, via streaming, and also without storing music into the device’s memory. The application allows users to listen to a complete music collection from anywhere. All of the albums and also songs…

2. Spotify Music

Android iOS
Spotify Music is a finest entertainment and music providing app for music lovers. It is now free for mobile phones and tablets that allows you to listen to any of your favorite music right from this app instantly. Through this app, you can access millions of songs from the world…

3. SoundCloud

Android iOS Phone
SoundCloud is a good app that lets you record any sound with your Mobile phone and also share it within a few moments utilizing any social network, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. The good thing about the app, however, made possible by SoundCloud’s very own social network, is that…

4. Deezer

Android iOS Phone
Deezer is the best app that allows you to listen to greater than 20 million songs using your mobile phone for free. Deezer was one of the very first websites to provide music buffering with under its previous name ‘Blogmusik’ that started to obtain importance among those searching for easy…

5. Grooveshark

Grooveshark is a fine place where you can get a well-convenient access to a hilarious range of music in an easy way. This app lets you enjoy any of your favorite music or the music that you love at any time of the day. Grooveshark provides music sounds of a…

6. SoundHound

Android iOS Phone
SoundHound is one of the greatest apps for music lovers of its category since it is perfect for recognizing almost any song that you simply play it without the problems. Have you ever had a song stuck in your mind that is making you crazy, and also you can’t even…

7. Tidal

Android iOS Phone
Tidal is a high definition music streaming app that covers music from the whole world and lets you listen to them anytime you want. It is probably the world’s first music service that provides music with high definition music videos in high fidelity sound quality and curated editorials by some…

8. Pandora Radio

Android iOS
Pandora Radio is an application that gives you a chance to listen to massive amounts of various melodies and gatherings for totally free. You simply need to open a record, pick the sort of music that you like and let Pandora do its enchantment. With Pandora Radio, clients can undoubtedly…

9. TuneIN Radio

Android iOS Phone
TuneIn Radio is a little application that will permit you to listen to more than sixty thousand several radio stations all through the world, even worldwide stations in dialects that you perhaps don’t have a clue, and even neighborhood stations that you know and love and listen to each day.…

10. Beats Music

Android iOS
Beats Music is the official Beats application for streaming music. It allows you access to greater than 20 million songs from all styles and the best artists of the moment. You may also download your selected songs so that you can listen to them offline. One of the very most…

11. Slacker Radio

Android iOS Phone
With Slacker Radio, you get free access to exceptionally curated music programming that you just won’t discover anyplace else—and you can modify to fit your particular tastes. It have stations that are facilitated by significant specialists, commencements that will make you doubt the rational soundness, alongside satire, news and games.…

12. MixRadio

MixRadio is a fine place for getting an awesome range of videos right of your taste. It is one of the world’s most personalized music app that brings an exciting range of music that users love to listen. It contains music for almost all genres and has the range of…

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