14 Apps Like A2DP Connect

A2DP Connect is another easy to use application through which users from all over the world can have a widget to connect to a Bluetooth A2DP streaming receiver without any navigation through all the settings menus. You can easily place the widget of A2DP Connect right on your mobile screen and get all the features instantly by clicking on it. It is a great application developed by JimRoal, through which users can enjoy a reliable and intuitive connection. Once you place this elegant widget on your home screen, you can easily approach to a configuration activity through which you can select that which of the Bluetooth device would want to associate with the widget. A2DP Connect enables simple tap to the widget to connect to the A2DP device near you and click again to disconnect, it’s that simple. This fine looking and straightforward widget only connect or disconnect the A2DP profile, while on the other hand, A2DP Connect will not connect as well as disconnect any other Bluetooth profiles. You can easily download A2DP Connect, and enjoy the precise connection with A2DP profiles right from your phone.

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1. Bluetooth File Transfer

Bluetooth File Transfer is another intuitive application through which users from all over the world can enjoy exchanging photos, videos, and other stuff from one device to another. You can easily send and receive files and send contacts through Bluetooth File Transfer. It brings a custom security manager for incoming…

2. SHAREit

SHAREit is an intensely used application which Android users love to share stuff from one phone to the next. SHAREit – Transfer & Share is a third party application which allows its users to get one the best and the fastest application to share stuff. This application brings the fastest…

3. Bluetooth Remote PC

Bluetooth Remote PC is another intuitive application through which users from all over the world get access to their computer through your Android device. Bluetooth Remote PC grant access to services such as a keyboard, multimedia, presentation, mouse, power system commands, terminal and even display the desktop. You just have…

4. Bluetooth Auto Connect

Bluetooth Auto Connect is a great utility for your Bluetooth connection problems. This intuitive application automatically tries to connect to your device when it is turned on, or when your mobile Bluetooth device screen goes on. You just have to connect and pair with your Bluetooth device manually and then…

5. Bluetooth Headset Battery

Bluetooth Headset Battery is another classy application when we talk about Bluetooth applications. It is a fine looking widget which brings a revolutionary creative way to measure how much battery is left on your Bluetooth remote device. This intuitive and widely used application efficiently works with almost all Bluetooth devices…

6. Bluetooth GPS

Bluetooth GPS enables its users to connect to external Bluetooth compatible GPS device in a significant way. More specifically, Mock GPS providers let other application to work with the device intuitively. Bluetooth GPS is a widely used application having over a million of downloads where you need to have an…

7. BlueFi Phone

BlueFi Phone is a fine application present in the store for the Android users which allows full duplex voice communication and chat. Blue Fi Phone is a fine app produced by Ichiban Soft, which brings a classy application which allows two-way communication and chatting accomplished through the Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi hotspot…

8. BTmono

BTmono is a pretty much straightforward application which streams audio to your device’s Bluetooth mono headset. BT mono is a fine application introduced by Bedoig, which comes in both free as well as in premium versions. Its free version provides some complementary features for its worldwide users, while on the…

9. Share Apps

Share Apps is a widely used application with some exclusive features for its worldwide users. Share Apps brings an entirely different scenario of sharing different application via different platforms. This app is a fine product of Tattobr, which enables its users to enjoy the sharing of Google Play Links of…

10. Auto Bluetooth

Auto Bluetooth is an elegant application which comes with some intelligent features, introduced by Solar Wooden Robot. AutoBluetooth is a great application which automatically turns on the Bluetooth based upon your settings such as Incoming and outgoing call, Phone charging, Miracast disconnected, Android wear notification, and On a timer as…

11. BlueVPN

BlueVPN is a great application which comes with a series of some elegant features for Android mobile phone holders. Blue VPN precisely open a VPN connection via the USB channel or the Bluetooth and enables to navigate the internet without any Wi-Fi or a built-in 3G module. This application is…

12. Headset Answer

Headset Answer is a fine application furnished by Magdelphi, working immensely great by providing some great features. Headset auto answer is an easy to use app for Bluetooth headsets. This app has makes it so easy for us to manage our mobile phones while having some of our duties including…

13. Bluetooth App Sender

Bluetooth App Sender is a great application which enables its users to share any of their applications right from one mobile to another mobile. This application was introduced by DecVersion, which elegantly uses your mobile’s Bluetooth to share applications from one phone to the next. Bluetooth App Sender brings a…

14. Bluetooth File Explorer

Bluetooth File Explorer is a stunning application which allows its users to enjoy the sharing (sending and receiving) of files over your mobile’s Bluetooth. It is a fine application introduced by FruitMoble which allows its users to have local file manage, Bluetooth file manager and a Bluetooth file transfer application,…

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