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Accusoft Barcode Scanner

Accusoft Barcode Scanner is the name of a fully functional barcode reader for both iOS and Android smartphone users. This quality of this barcode scanner is that it is capable in scanning almost thirty common 1D and 2D barcode types along with scanning UPC codes as well… read more
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20 Apps Like Accusoft Barcode Scanner


Lynkee Reader

Lynkee Reader is the name of a multifunctional barcode reader and scanner with the ability to turn the smartphone camera into a powerful barcode scanner. This simple to use barcode reading and scanning application can be used for wide range of purposes like scanning codes, decoding data matrix, dealing with multiple codes like NFC, EAN 13 and much more.


UpCode is a free to use an optical barcode scanner, QR code reader, and 1D and 2D code reading application widely available for the all the main mobile operating systems. With the usage of UpCode, anyone can get easily the information stored in kind of sites, videos, music and in any other form in the code.

QR Droid Code Scanner

QR Droid Code Scanner is, in fact, the mixture of many kinds of code readers like QR code reader, bar code reader, data matrix scanner, barcode generator and few others. This simple to use utility allow it, users, to deal with all kind of codes with the additional functionalities of importing, creating, using and even sharing the data in few taps.

Norton Snap QR code reader

This simple to use QR code reader and scanner works in opposite style than the standard barcode readers and scanners. In addition to getting the available information in any code, this application also allows the users to check whether the codes that they are scanning are safe and don’t bear any virus and are free from the malicious website link or not.

i-nigma Reader

i-nigma Reader is one of the most popular and probably the leading one mobile barcode reading application that is simply revolutionizing the process of barcode reading via is sophisticated barcode reading functionalities.

QR Code Reader “Q”

This simple to use barcoding reading application allow the smartphone users to deal with all kind of codes very quickly and sophistically. In addition to reading QR codes, QR Code Reader “Q” also used for reading FrameQR and barcodes as well that is the new developed feature of this application.

Shoppertom Barcode Scanner

Shoppertom Barcode Scanner is one of the most accomplished and compact barcode scanning applications currently available for the Android devices only. This scanning application used for scanning barcodes or simply keying in product information by reading its description with the aim of making the comparison between the prices and features of the products of two different manufacturers.


QuickMark is one of the simplest and easy to use barcode scanning and QR code reading applications for the iOS and Android users. One of the best things about this application is that it allows the smartphone users to enjoy auto scanning system for multiple barcode formats by just using the camera of their smartphones.

Quick Barcode Scanner

Just like its name, Quick Barcode Scanner is a quick and efficient barcode scanning application that works at its best and fast scanning speed. It is simply best because of the reason it does what it commits to doing.


If you want to make your scanning and documents management life really easier and simpler then ScanLife is one of the best barcode reading and scanning application that will make the process of organizing material simple for you.


NeoReader is a multifunctional and cross-platform QR code reader and barcode scanner freely available for the all leading smartphone operating systems. Just indicate the camera of the mobile phone on any barcode and get all detail stored in that barcode or QR code.


Do you know the camera of your smartphone can work as a barcode and QR code reader? If not then pic2shop is a barcode reader and scanner based application that will allow you how you can use the camera of any smartphone for getting the information of any product containing such a readable codes.

ShopSavvy Barcode & QR Scanner

ShopSavvy Barcode & QR Scanner is one of the most accomplished barcode scanning applications for both retailers and customers. For the general customers, this application allow them to save more and more money by reading the barcodes of the products of the leading brands to get the information about the prices.

Barcode x

Barcode x is an inventory and document preparation scanning application that is capable of reading barcodes of any quality at any orientation. For those warehouses manager or record keeper who wants to maintain the record of large volume document with the batch processing system will like the advanced documents and inventory management system of this application.

LEADTOOLS SDK Barcode Scanner

LEADTOOLS SDK Barcode Scanner is an application for both developers and the general public. For the developers, it offers them an API so that they can read, detect and even write 1D and 2D barcode in images.

PDF417 Barcode Scanner

If you are looking for the simplest and powerful solution for barcode scanning purpose, then PDF417 Barcode Scanner is one of the best choices for that. The first main advantage of using this barcode scanning app is that it is widely available for both Android and iOS smartphones.

Quick Scan

Quick Scan is one of the leading barcode scanner and shopping companion for those users who want to discover all of the savings by using a simple and easy to use shopping companion application.

Manatee Works Barcode Scanner

Manatee Works Barcode Scanner is a scanning application that provides the users with the industrial barcode decoding with its advanced API for the cross-platform wearable, smartphones, and many other devices. The data automation system of today is making the automatic identification and data capture workflows super-fast than before.

Scandit Barcode Scanner

Scandit Barcode Scanner is one of the leading barcode scanning applications that basically transforms the wearable, tablets and mobile phones devices into scanning tools for the employees and consumers. The quality of this barcode scanner is that it offers the unparalleled performance on almost all mobile operating systems.

Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner is an application for the smartphones that allow the smartphone users to transform their smart devices into the premium level of barcode scanners. This application decodes the image recognition algorithms and makes it simple for the smartphone users to read the barcode reliably in all kind of situation either the barcode is in worn, blur, torn or any other mutilated situation.

More About Accusoft Barcode Scanner

Accusoft Barcode Scanner is the name of a fully functional barcode reader for both iOS and Android smartphone users. This quality of this barcode scanner is that it is capable in scanning almost thirty common 1D and 2D barcode types along with scanning UPC codes as well. One of the best things about Accusoft Barcode Scanner is that it will even work as your QR code readers as well. This simple to use barcode scanning application can even be used for scanning UPC barcodes to compare the prices of multiple brands while shopping. By scanning the QR codes, the user will be directly directed to the official website of the brand. Accusoft Barcode Scanner called itself different from the standard barcode reading apps on the grounds that it allow its users to read the data from most of the barcode symbols. In case you want to build your own barcode reading application, then Accusoft Barcode Scanner also features the system for that. Accusoft Barcode Scanner is simply more than a simple barcode reading application.

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