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airG Buzz Feed is one of the best places to get the celebrity news feeds and all the gossips right on your cellphones. Celebrity News -airG Buzz Feed is an intuitive and the latest source of Hollywood Entertainment which keeps on updating its stuff on a daily basis to let you inform about all the trending and hot stuff… read more
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22 Apps Like airG Buzz Feed



MapleBoy is a widely used online news reader and TV broadcaster for the Chinese audience through which they can easily grab what they want to see right from their mobile devices.


IMDb, which is the International Movie Database, is easily the biggest and most authentic app when it comes finding information about your favorite movies and television series. People can not only get to know about shows but can also get to read biographies and filmography of their favorite stars as well as watch trailers of latest movies.


To watch free internet videos, TV, music and other special events for examples the Olympics and the World Cup, Frequency is the best option for it. Latest news, food, fashion, health, technology videos, entertainment news are only one-click away from you.


DramaFever is an extensively used application which enables everyone to discover the new kind of TV, and probably one of the best app for streaming Korean, Japanese, and Chinese dramas on-demand, right on your mobile devices.


SlingPlayer is a sophisticated app which entertains you in a way like never before. SlingPlayer Free for Phone is a fabulous application introduced by Sling Media LLC which helps you watch everything on your home TV and on every device that you want.


VIKI is a widely used application which enables its users to catch Asian, Korean, and other country’s TV dramas movies, and anime right on their mobile phones. Viki: Asian TV Dramas & Movies is one of the highly trusted apps for users who are looking for what basic TV and cable usually offer.

IGN Entertainment

IGN Entertainment is another widely used app which enables its worldwide users to enjoy the no 1 resource for the video game reviews and news, introduced by IGN Entertainment, Inc. IGN Entertainment – Video Game Guides Reviews News is a must have app for all worldwide gamers comic fans, and movie buffers.

Video Tube

Video Tube is another widely used application through which you can get all the benefits from the Dailymotion, Youtube, Vimeo, and other in the only app. Video Tube™ – Stream and Play is a great application introduced by Yau You Music Video Professionals – Tube Studio Inc.


TBN is another widely used app which enables its users to get an access to the world’s most extensive Christian TV network. TBN: Watch TV Shows & Live TV is a fine product of TBN Android Developer Inc.


DIRECTV is a fine TV guide app that brings more ease of accessing and watching their daily routine television show, dramas, movies, news, sports, and others. It brings an exclusive collection of shows that you often watch on your television and never want to miss even a single story of them.

E! News

E! News is another gigantically used app which informs you about every single thing happens on the red carpet, right when you want to know it, introduced by Comcast Entertainment Group Inc.

Sprint TV

Sprint TV is another intuitive application which enables its worldwide users to watch their favourite shows and Live TV channels. Sprint TV & Movies bought in the market by MobiTV Inc. brings a diversity of on-demand shows, most popular primetime, a variety of live programs, news, entertainment, kids, Hispanic, sports programs and lot more.

Kenya News

Kenya News is another great product of Genesis Media Ltd which enables every of its users to get the news that matters. Kenya News is a great tool through which you can grab the breaking news and top stories from all over the world.

PBS Video

PBS Video is a classy application which helps its users to enjoy watching their favourite PBS shows on your Chromecast, phones and tablets. PBS Video is a great product of PBS Inc.

Bombay Times

Bombay Times is another intuitive application through which you can catch up with the biggest news in Bollywood as well as Hollywood through its most sophisticated and simplified navigation. Bombay Times – Bollywood News is probably the king of all the Masala apps providing you with the latest news, rumors, celebrity gossips, latest movie reviews, box office hits, glamorous events, popular TV serials, and much more.

Samaa News App

Samaa News App is another widely used app in Pakistan and around, through which people can easily access all the national and international news on almost every topic. Samaa News App is a fine app introduced by SAMAA Inc.

OK! Magazine

OK! Magazine is a fresh but valuable application present in the market which enables its users to get the latest showbiz news, pictures, lifestyle content, TV gossips, and a lot more without any effort.


Supafanz is another tremendously used application which enables its users to grasp all their celebrity social media stuff on one feed and never miss a post from your favourite stars. Supafanz: All your celebrity news & social gossip is a great product of Music Lobster Inc.


SDE is another intuitive application of Kenya which helps you catch up with the latest entertainment news, pulse, celebrity gossips, and The Nairobian. SDE – Entertainment News-Kenya bought on the market by The Standard Group Ltd.


SnagFilms brings one of the most effective places where people can watch free full-length TV shows streamed to your mobile devices, tablets, and even TV. SnagFilms – Watch Free Movies is a classy application through which people can access more than 5k independent movies, documentation, and other TV shows.

Video Tube – Floating and Play

Video Tube – Floating and Play is another intuitive app which enables its users to discover and listen to tons of free songs on Youtube in the high-quality scenario. Video Tube – Floating and Play is a fine application introduced by VideoPlayer-Team Inc.

Korean Drama & Movies

Korean Drama & Movies is another classy application that enables its global users to enjoy watching free Korean drama and movies right through your mobile phone while you are on the move.

More About airG Buzz Feed

airG Buzz Feed is one of the best places to get the celebrity news feeds and all the gossips right on your cellphones. Celebrity News -airG Buzz Feed is an intuitive and the latest source of Hollywood Entertainment which keeps on updating its stuff on a daily basis to let you inform about all the trending and hot stuff. This application enables everyone to get exclusive access to the latest, funny, shocking, and attractive celebrity news, and gossips updates and daily fresh feeds without any effort. It allows you to get the news of all your favourite celebs straight to the point without all the blabber. You can become the first person to know the hottest scandals and news. Celebrity News -airG Buzz Feed is a supreme app where you can catch hot Hollywood gossips, funny GIFs, videos, celeb scandals, photos, crazy headlines, confessions, raw, candid celeb pics, and much more. It carries sleekly designed interface through which you can easily react to any celeb article with a tap, find news of your interest, and see interesting new headlines. So just download Celebrity News -airG Buzz Feed app from the store and get an exclusive approach to all the entertainment news across the whole world.

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