13 Apps Like All-in-one Calculator Free for iOS

All-in-one Calculator Free is a hilarious calculating app which helps you handle all your stiff intuitively. All-in-one Calculator is a fine product which comes with a free android calculator featuring in more than 70 calculators introduced by the Lama Apps Inc. which lets you enjoy a calculator with a unit converter categorized under lifestyle, women, finance, health, construction, and more. All-in-one Calculator is a super stunning calculator through which you can enjoy both simple and scientific calculator and can easily switch between modes. Its standard calculator includes the support of percent keys, negative signs, history viewing, and brackets. While its advanced mode lets you enjoy calculation using memory keys, functions, exponents, roots, trigonometry, logarithm, and much more in scientific mode. You can easily use both these standard and scientific calculators according to your need. Apart from this, the All-in-one Calculator Free also provides a unit converter which supports length, area, temperature, volume, and many other measurement units and you can also get a currency calculator. You can also get its interest calculators using compound and simple interest, amortization and loan payments, and saving calculators with financial goal planner. So just pick All-in-one Calculator Free from the store and enjoy its superb features.

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1. MyScript Calculator 2

Android iOS
MyScript Calculator 2 is one of the most marvellous and a widely used app which performs mathematical operations using your own handwriting. MyScript Calculator 2 is a fine product of MyScript Inc. which brings an ultimate simple to use app for solving your mathematical solutions using one of the most…

2. Desmos Graphing Calculator

Android iOS
Desmos Graphing Calculator is a powerful app which instantly plots equations and forms parabolas and lines to derivatives and regressions. Desmos Graphing Calculator is a great product of Desmos Inc. which makes a world where maths is pretty much accessible and enjoyable for every single individual of this planet whether they like…

3. The Calculator

The Calculator is one of the most intuitive and highly trusted basic calculator apps with big buttons. This app is used by millions of people from all over the world who are using it for solving their simple as well as complex calculations right through this elegant app. The Calculator…

4. CalcTape Free Tape Calculator

Android iOS
CalcTape is another elegant calculation app which allows its users to grab a tool which contains the solutions of each of your maths mysteries. CalcTape Calculator with Tape is a fine product of Schoettler Software GmbH, which brings a combo of standard calculator app, a classic desktop calculator, and a…

5. Fraction Calculator Plus

Android iOS
Fraction Calculator Plus is a classy tool used by millions of users from all over the world which is enjoying the most convenient way to deal with everyday fraction problems, introduced by Digitalchemy, LLC. Fraction Calculator Plus Free is a must-have tool for people whether you are checking homework, construct…

6. Calculator +

Calculator + is an award-winning calculator app which enables everyone to enjoy a simple app for managing their daily calculations for their business and homes. Calculator Plus is a tremendous app developed by, which helps you enjoy an ads-free calculator app for solving your simple as well as complex…

7. Calzy 3

Calzy 3 is a smart calculator which allows you to solve almost all your equations and simple calculations with ease, introduced by WapleStuff Inc. Calzy is a fresh and intuitive calculator app which allows you to store and reuse numerical values with drag and drop options. You can instantly switch…

8. Soulver

Soulver is a professional level notepad calculator app that you will definitely feel in love with, introduced by Acqualia Inc. It brings an ultimate new interface that is far more useful than a traditional style calculator through which you can enjoy solving your complex as well as simple calculations with…

9. Numerical²

Numerical² is a great calculating app without equal, no matter whether you are performing simple maths, advanced brackets, or scientific equations, introduced by Andrew J Clark. This is pretty much intuitive calculating app which answers all your simple as well as critical math problems and never let you be more…

10. Calca

iOS Phone
Calca is a robust symbolic calculator that intuitively gives you answer as you type, introduced by Krueger Systems, Inc. This intuitive calculator simplifies complex expressions in minutes, and you can intuitively get your equations solved. It also carries a rick Markdown text editor so that you can explain your ideas alongside…

11. Tydlig

Tydlig is another tremendous app developed by Tydlig Software AB, which probably has changed the description of calculators. It is a superb and one of the perfect companions for calculating everyday stuff including tips and discounts, allowing you to alter any number instantly through intuitive editing, and showing the entire history and…

12. Calculator ∞

Calculator ∞ is one of the best and the sleekest scientific calculator all which offers a variety of features to satisfy its entire customers who face much complex as well as simple calculations on a daily basis. It possesses a robust math core and algebra engine with mathematical display support.…

13. PCalc Lite

PCalc Lite is another marvellous calculator app introduced by TLA Systems Ltd. PCalc Lite is one of the most reasonable and powerful calculating apps for engineers, programmers, constructors, scientists, math specialists, and students of almost all levels (from secondary to masters). It carries a multi-line display so that you can…

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