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All Screen is an old name in the world of smartphone casting apps that is used to view or cast the data of smartphone on the TV that is connected to multiple devices. One of the best things about this simple to use application is that it is entirely free and bears no limitations and restrictions at all… read more
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AllCast is a new way of enjoying the multimedia data of smartphone over a big screen like TV. With the usage of this broadcasting type application, the smartphone users can easily transfer all type of multimedia files like music, videos, movies and even photos from the small screen of their smartphones to the large screen of smart TVs, gaming consoles and even Chromecast as well.


If you are looking for a simple to use application allowing you to enjoy great amount of movies or simply listening music or viewing images and photos or watching TV series on the screen of other PC, smart TV, special media players, game consoles notebook and other supported devices then AirWire is a perfect platform for that purpose.


AirStream is different from most of the casting and viewing applications on the ground that it support for streaming multimedia files from the PC and online storage accounts to the smartphones and vice versa.

EZCast Screen

EZCast Screen is casting supporting application that mirrors display and is capable of streaming multimedia across many devices and operating systems including Windows and Mac platforms as well. To use this application, the users need two devices to make this application work.

EZ Web Video Cast

EZ Web Video Cast is a casting app that works with Google Cast, and Google Chromecast enabled devices only. EZ Web Video Cast is a browser-based application that let the smartphone users stream their multimedia files stored in local storage and web-based TV shows, movies, videos and another kind of media from website to their Chromecast devices.

TCL nScreen Pro

TCL nScreen Pro is a free to use application that allow the smartphone users to connect either their tablets or smartphones to their smart TVs via WiFi and after that start showing the music, videos and images from smartphone or tablet to smart TV with the friends and family members and after that they can also start using their smartphones as a remote control unit to operate TV via this application.


AirBuddy is a new way to share the beautiful moments of yours on the big screen of the TV using this simple and easy to use application. This application only adds feature of AirPlay to any Android smartphone, tablet, and Google TV.


This ad-supported entertainment app support for casting online videos and movies to Chromecast. If you are looking for an application allowing you to watch movies smoothly and in comfort without facing any limitation and restriction at all then right here is CastBox that will give you the chance to stream as much video and movies on Chromecast as you can.

Any Cast

First of all this app is only available for the Android smartphone and tablets users. This app lets its users to first send their videos and movies from their smart devices to this application and after that connect to any smart TV and enjoy playing of the favorite file over the TV through this simple application.


The innovation of smartphones has although given the new shape to the world of technology but still most of the people in the world like to enjoy the entertaining stuff on the big screens.


Tubio is a guaranteed solution for streaming web videos, movies and whatever is stored in the local storage of your smartphone to the TV without any requirement of data or USB cable at all.


MediaCast lets the iOS users search and browse their digital library and view the available multimedia files over various connected devices. With the usage of this app, you can easily watch the images and videos stored on your smartphone over the big screen of Chromecast.

Videostream for Chromecast

Videostream for Chromecast is a simple to use application allowing for streaming the local content of any smartphone over several other connected devices. What makes Videostream for Chromecast special one is that it supports for streaming of all kind of formats from both smartphone and PC to the Android TV and Chromecast.


MomoCast is an application for the iOS devices only that allows the iOS users to play the videos from their favorite websites or mirror an entire web page on the TV.

WVC – Web Video Cast

WVC – Web Video Cast is a website dedicated to one function only, and that is casting live streaming, live videos, web videos, movies and other online stuff directly to the Chromecast.

Web Video Cast

Web Video Cast offers three simple steps to its users for streaming their content over the supported devices. It offers the users with the system of searching, connecting and enjoying multimedia files over the big screen.


LocalCast is one of the leading streaming solutions over the internet that allow the both iOS and Android users to send music, videos, movies and photos to the big screens of several other supported devices.

Video & TV Cast

Video & TV Cast is a free to use application with the two basic functionalities of streaming and broadcasting. In addition to streaming the data of smartphones over the big screens this application can also be used for broadcasting purpose as well.

BubbleUPnP for DLNA/Chromecast

The distinguishing quality of this application is that it is not meant to cast videos and movies of smartphones to the Chromecast devices only; rather it allows its users to stream all of their videos, movies, music, and images to the multiple devices available in their house.

More About All Screen

All Screen is an old name in the world of smartphone casting apps that is used to view or cast the data of smartphone on the TV that is connected to multiple devices. One of the best things about this simple to use application is that it is entirely free and bears no limitations and restrictions at all. Anytime you can start casting or viewing data by just connecting your smartphone via this application to the supported devices for viewing and streaming purpose. The list of devices supported by the All Screen contains the famous devices like Chromecast, Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, Kodi aka XBMC, Android TV, Smart TVs with UPNO or DLNA and much more. There are still many devices that are not supported by this application. This application widely accepts the data from local phone storage, Google Plus Photos, Google Drive, UPNP library, Dropbox and much more. One of the best things about this app is that it also support for the Subtitles on Roku, Chromecast, Fire TV and Fire Stick only. The playlist system of this app support for both images and videos.