13 Apps Like Amaze File Manager

Amaze File Manager is an open source, smooth and lightweight file manager application for the Android devices. This simple to use app is based on the material design and you will surely like its working style too. Just like most of the smartphone file managers apps, Amaze File Manager also support for the standard functions like cut, copy, delete, compress and extracting the files. It is a means for accessing the files and data easier than before. The best about Amaze File Manager is that it will make it easy for you to work on more than two tabs at once. The latest version of this application is containing an advanced app manager as well for opening, backing up or directly uninstalling any application. Moreover, it heavily focuses on the security of the files by offering AES encryption and decryption to the smartphone users. Amaze File Manager is containing all those functions that a smartphone user really need.

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1. MK Explorer

MK Explorer is a simple file manager based on the advanced material design. It, of course, the best file manager and file explorer available from the Google Play Store. The best about MK Explorer is that it offers the two windows view system so that the users can get the…

2. Fs File Manager

Fs File Manager is a free and safe file manager that is capable of managing files easily and efficiently. This file manager is packed with several additional functions as well like clearing the junk files from the device, sharing the data between multiple devices; file locking system with advanced encryption…

3. OI File Manager

This open source file manager allows the smartphones and tablets users to easily manage the content of their internal and external storage easily from their Android based terminals. This file manager and file explorer allow them to create directories inside the device so that the movement of data can be…

4. File Manager

This simple file manager allows the smartphone users to easily access and manages their multimedia files stored in the smartphones and even from the removable storage cards as well. It assists them in managing all of their data in a more systemized way. With this, the smartphone users can handle…

5. ASUS File Manager

ASUS File Manager was basically developed for the ASUS smartphones, but now it is available for the all other Android supporting smartphones and tablets as well. This file manager that is also containing the functionalities of file explorer as well is used for managing and handling all kinds of files…

6. Moto File Manager

Managing a simple smartphone containing limited number of files and data is not a difficult task at all. However, managing those smartphones containing a great amount of files and data is not so easy and simple. Here comes the need of an efficient files explorer and manager named Moto File…

7. X-plore File Manager

With the availability of a broad range of functions on the Android’s files system, X-plore File Manager is a dual pane offering file explorer and file manager. This advanced and efficient file manager offers those great amounts of file management tools to the smartphone users that make it easy for…

8. File Explorer and Manager

File Explorer and Manager is a multifunctional file explorer and manager for exploring, sharing and managing the data of the device. This simple file manager app allows the smartphone users to easily manage, share and browse the all of the files and folders located on the SD card, and even…

9. Solid Explorer File Manager

Solid Explorer File Manager is a material design containing smartphone file manager with the capabilities of managing the all cloud storage services, root access and extending the way of working of the smartphones. This easy to use file explorer and file manager allow the Android devices users to smartly manage…

10. ASTRO File Manager

ASTRO File Manager is listed among those limited file managers that are offering a lot of files management functions to the smartphone users. These functions are about browsing, organizing, compressing and even sharing the files and documents across cloud and local storage spaces. Within few taps, you can start exploring…

11. File Manager HD

File Manager HD is a fully featured file management application for the Android devices. File Manager HD is available in multiple international languages so that the smartphone and tablets users can take good care of their devices in the way they understand better. This file manager offers all those management…

12. EX File Explorer File Manager

EX File Explorer File Manager is an efficient way of managing the files and data stored on your smartphones and tablets. The main advantage of using EX File Explorer File Manager is that it will give you the working style of style of just like the Windows Explorer of the…

13. ES File Explorer

Managing the Android devices through its internal management system is still not an easy task at all because of the involvement of too many complexities. ES File Explorer is one of the best files managers available over the Google Play Store for managing all files listed in the smartphone more…

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