Android Sync Manager Wi-Fi Alternatives

Android Sync Manager Wi-Fi

Android Sync Manager Wi-Fi is an app that allows you to sync your Android phone with your desktop device via Wi-Fi. With Android Sync Manager you can control, sync, manage and back up your contacts, accounts, videos, audios, documents, and some other multimedia contents… read more
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27 Apps Like Android Sync Manager Wi-Fi


Droid Explorer

Droid Explorer is an app to manage and control your rooted Android device using windows explorer. It is a phone management software and a smart tool for organizing and managing the Android phone’s data on your PC.


Yappy includes SMS, Facebook Messenger with IBM Watson and Website chat insights in one interactive tool. You can use one of the world’s smartest artificial intelligence to enhance your conversation rates dramatically.


HyraxHub is a platform that lets you share clipboard with PC and transform Android phone’s notifications to desktop notifications. It provides one of the easiest ways to share clipboard containing, music, photos, links, text notes and much more from your personal computer to your Android phone or vice versa.


MoboPlay is a widely used app that let you manage Android and iOS devices from a personal computer or the files manager. MoboPlay has made multi-files manager much easier and reliable than ever to manage your device.


Handshaker provides a typical method for sharing managing and controlling files and apps between Android and Computer device easily and effortlessly. It intelligently manages files including photos, music, audio, and videos on your smartphone by type and allows you to edit these files on smartphone right from your desktop.


Xender is one of the most widespread apps and one of the best phones to phone file transfer and application sharing platform. Using this app, you can easily transfer different sort of files, apps, and other multimedia stuff from one phone to another without using any cable, with fast speed and is completely free.


Pushover is a free platform for getting a real-time notification on your iPhone, iPad, Android, and Desktop devices, launched by Pushover. This is a fast and reliable platform and a phenomenal app for sharing your multimedia content from your Android to your personal computer and vice versa.


Webkey is a platform which allows you to manage your smartphone using your personal computer. You can control your smartphone from any browser using webkey. Through this app, you can touch and type on your Android phone.


Pushjet is an app used for connecting your Android phone to your PC. Through this app, you can share different sort of media files, send or receive SMS, pay games, use apps and do lot more thing of your Android on your computer.

Vysor AirMore

Vysor AirMore is a smart app which lets you view, control and manage your Android apps, games, and other stuff on your computer. This app puts your Android smartphone on your computer and allows you to use apps, play games and control other functions of your Android phone.

Android Commander

Android Commander is a window application to control and manage your Android phone’s apps and files from PC. This is a fast, small and intuitive applications with lots of amazing features, but it wants some Phone and Computer requirements for its installation.


wifikeyboard is an Android app which allows typing on your smartphone using your computer browser, and it works as a regular input method. Through this app, you can use both terminal and type SMS and can use free Wi-Fi for low latency input.

WiFi File Transfer

WiFi File Transfer is a light-weight and reliable web server that allows you to download and upload files to or from the phone via a wireless connection. Through this file, you can transfer different multimedia content and SMS without using a USB cable.


Soduto is a MacOS application that allows you to communicate and share your information with other devices such as Linux, Android, or some other Macs. Soduto is a KDE Connect client for MacOS.


Mightytext is a platform that lets you send and receive text messages from your computer and text on your computer synced from your Android smartphone for free. You can access, control and manage your smartphone from your computer and vice versa.


MyPhoneExplorer is a method to explore your Android OS mobile from PC. MyPhoneExplorer is the best Android mobile administration app for the desktop PC that allows the Android OS people to synchronize just their contacts with Microsoft Outlook, calendars, notes, and a lot more.


ActiveSync is a platform created for Windows OS which makes the particular interaction between mobile phone and desktop computer. It provides a great and robust synchronization experience on a lot of platforms.


Mobizen is a mobile phone management application which increases the user’s mobile expertise from the browser and also a desktop computer. It is a real Android management application for controlling and also managing the Android device from desktop or web browser.


AirDroid is a useful app that will enable you to manage your Android device from the PC of any computer’s internet browser. Using this method, you can handle all of your Android device’s content from a more at ease user interface along with the reliable help of the mouse.


SideSync is a new PC mobile solution that ensures it is simple for the Android OS Tablet and Phone users to share the screen of their devices to the PC to manage them from the PC.


MyMobiler is one of best Android PC management application by utilizing which Android users can easily control their entire device by using Wi-Fi or USB cable connection. MyMobiler allows the users experience the remote monitoring and use of the mobile device as well as perform several functions from capturing screen to recording video.


Pushbullet is an application which connects the multiple devices with each other both it is linking the smartphone with smartphone or smartphone with Computer. After using the Pushbullet and also connecting the devices, users will feel the expertise in having one device only.

KDE Connect

KDE Connect is a platform that aims to give a pathway for sharing different sort of media files and other stuff from your smartphone to your desktop device or vice versa.


Monitordroid is super-fast and protected app, made for monitoring and controlling services of Android Machine. This app allows a user to monitor, control, view, and manage their Android smartphones devices from their favorite web browser without having any time and geographical limitations.

3CX DroidDesktop

3CX DroidDesktop is an application that lets you remotely access your mobile or tablet through your Android device. It can easily be managed and installed on any of your desktop devices.


dotPocket is one of the most popular and widely used platforms which lets you get the remote access to your device from anywhere, anytime. It provides the best use for controlling, viewing, and managing your Android apps from PC.


Splashtop is a fantastic platform for making your smartphone accessible through your PC. It is a platform which provides a simple, fast and secures remote computer access for teams and individuals.

More About Android Sync Manager Wi-Fi

Android Sync Manager Wi-Fi is an app that allows you to sync your Android phone with your desktop device via Wi-Fi. With Android Sync Manager you can control, sync, manage and back up your contacts, accounts, videos, audios, documents, and some other multimedia contents. It is a multilingual platform that is available in English, Chinese, Dutch, and some others. Android Sync Manager is a free software that is available on Windows XP and its former version for the users from all across the world. Its user can see the notifications including phone calls, MMS, WhatsApp, Messenger or SMS via your desktop device and also send or receive these SMS using the keyboard and the mouse. You can derive your smartphone using computer hardware (mouse and keyboard). Android Sync Manager allows its users to share different media files and other mobile stuff from mobile to desktop and vice versa. This app works great and makes you to so sharing and chatting with your friend in a protected air. Android Sync Manager lets you start your Android phone’s services on your Laptop, personal computer, or tab, at home, at school or college, or at anywhere, anytime.

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