11 Apps Like AnySoftKeyboard

AnySoftKeyboard keyboard is a powerful, lightweight and versatile Android, which can be customized at will. By default the application comes with five different visual styles, but can download many more. The best AnySoftKeyboard in any case, are not your aesthetic customization options, but all others. And the application allows you to configure many gestural shortcuts and dictionaries. So you’ll just enter the app options, and take a look at the huge amount of possibilities. As expected, the application has support for many additional languages. In addition, you can apply and download dictionary for any language that put the keyboard. Another interesting option is that you can adapt the keyboard layout to the size of your device, so it will be equally comfortable writing from a tablet from a mobile phone. AnySoftKeyboard is an excellent keyboard for Android, which takes up very little memory, offers many features and is highly customizable. A very good alternative to any keyboard that you are using.

1SwiftKey Keyboard
Good alternative app?

SwiftKey is a simple keyboard application that, once installed, will help you to write much faster from your Android terminal, intelligently correcting any errors we commit … something quite familiar in touch screens. In a way, SwiftKey will learn the words and phrases that you use to try to anticipate…

2Brilliant Keyboard
Good alternative app?

Brilliant Keyboard is a keyboard giving an application that provides a more precise writing, looks better and offers the unique motion when contrasted with the default keyboard of the cell phones. It makes it simple for the clients to sort any word efficiently due to the prescient writing highlight of…

3Fleksy Keyboard
Good alternative app?

Fleksy Keyboard is a keyboard for Android that consolidates a strong, broad scope of elements with a gorgeous outline, making it a standout amongst the most finish keyboards that you can discover on this working framework. Among the most exceptional components of Fleksy Keyboard are its necessary signal alternate routes.…

4Swype Keyboard
Good alternative app?

Swype Keyboard is a keyboard for Android that will allow you to replace the traditional keyboard of your terminal Google, one that can customize and adapt to all your needs. Swype Keyboard includes several features that make that perfectly suits the writing of each user. The most notable are predicting…

5Flash Keyboard
Good alternative app?

The supplier of just about four hundred emojis and the shocking stickers for the talk, Flash Keyboard is an application that gives the clients the exceptionally customized components and capacities to change their conventional keyboard with a well searching and dashing keyboard for nothing. This quick keyboard is a multi-lingual…

6Google Keyboard
Good alternative app?

Google Keyboard is another style keyboard by the Google that is for those Android clients who need to get an approach to sort speedier in a simple to utilize environment. The one of a kind component of this keyboard is the controlling the writing even with voice and signal. Use…

7TouchPal Keyboard
Good alternative app?

TouchPal Keyboard is a keyboard for Android gadgets that permits you to utilize a progression of alternate ways that empower you to compose a great deal all the more rapidly. Like the dominant part of other option keyboards accessible for Android, TouchPal Keyboard incorporates an atomized, enhanced word corrector that…

8Pimp My Keyboard
Good alternative app?

Pimp My Keyboard is an arrangement of the mechanical keyboard to upgrade the components and elements of your default keyboard. It is an application that essentially gives the cell phone clients the outlining instruments and different features and capacities to improve the style and looking at their conventional keyboards that…

9Go Keyboard
Good alternative app?

GO Keyboard is an application that replaces the conventional keyboard on Android with a more up to date one that is less demanding to utilize and has more elements. This can enhance how you write and function. Among the numerous features in GO Keyboard, you can discover support for a…

10Ginger Keyboard
Good alternative app?

Ginger Keyboard is a custom keyboard for Android that offers much a bigger number of elements than most other comparable applications, for example, an incorporated word reference, an interpreter, and even a thesaurus. The best thing about Ginger Keyboard is, regardless, exactly how well its pledge expectation apparatus functions. On…

Good alternative app?

Themeboard is a first since forever uncommon keyboard that contains the two essential elements first to give the cell phone clients an extraordinary style of keyboard and them permitting it different planning devices and representations to rapidly make his own particular keyboard subjects too. It is a fresh out of…

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