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AppLike: Apps & Earn Rewards is an app that helps you to earn rewards by installing applications from PlayStore. App Like first recommends the best games and apps to its registered users against which they can earn rewards. They need to give a try to these… read more
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14 Apps Like AppLike


Cash Gift – Free Gift Cards

Cash Gift – Free Gift Cards is an application for the Android devices only that offers the opportunities of earning free PayPal cash and gift cards of the leading brands in the world.


The name of the app titled AppTrailers is showing the picture and introduction. This reward, cash and gift cards earning app basically deals with few tasks that are backed by free rewards.

Mobile Performance Meter

Mobile Performance Meter is an intuitive application that helps its users to get free gift cards. After clicking the join now, you can automatically earn meter points just for using your phone as usual.


AppRedeem is an application where you watch the trailers of the applications, try new apps, play games and do some other tasks and in return get the chance to earn real benefits in the shape of gift cards and free access to the paid apps.


RewardBox is a brand new service with the only option of earning gift cards for free. However, the indirect opportunities linked with this app are that the gift cards earned can be used for multiple purposes like buying paid apps for free, making online shopping, exchanging against game credits and much more.

Gift Lotus

The first thing that needs to be clear about this application is that it directly doesn’t offer paid apps for free. Rather it offers the free gift cards and vouchers for the apps stores where you can get free access to the paid apps.


Points2Shop is one of the leading sources of earning over the internet that offers the internet users with the system of earning points for getting free rewards. This platform is being used by millions of people globally who came here and set the goal or product that they want to get, collect the points and get that product.


CashPirate is a real time money and gift cards offering application where the people get rewards for trying free games, free apps, completing surveys and offers and watching videos for free.


Enjoying apps for free and then getting the chance to earn free rewards, cash, gift cards and access to paid apps for free is not a simple deal to bypass. FreeMyApps is an application for the smartphone users where they can discover the new apps and can play the games for free just to earn free gift cards, access to paid apps and much more.


TryMyApps is the best way to making money online and also getting the chance to enjoy paid apps for free as well. Well, this app is not directly offering the paid apps for free rather it offer you the means for having these paid apps into your smartphones for free.


FeaturePoints is an entertaining and earning app that will give you the chance to earn paid apps for free and rewards on doing entertaining activities in free time. First of all this app will list down the free apps that you need to download and install on either iOS or Android device and use them for at least one minute.


AppBounty will offer you two main activities; first exploring a broad range of cool apps and secondly earning a lot of rewards, gift cards, and even cash as well. At the moment, AppBounty is offering its free apps downloading and reward earning scheme for fifteen countries only.


AppNana is one of the best facilitation centers for those smartphone users who are always seeking for the means of getting paid apps and gift cards for free. There is no limitation on any application as AppNana claims to offer any paid app for free and offers its members to earn gift cards, game cards and even game cards worth $10 million.

Cash for Apps

Cash for Apps is one of the fastest ways over the internet for getting free paid apps in-app purchases and gift cards that are also for free. You only need to download the new apps into your smartphone and in return you will get paid apps for free directly from in-app purchases and heaps of other gift cards.

More About AppLike

AppLike: Apps & Earn Rewards is an app that helps you to earn rewards by installing applications from PlayStore. App Like first recommends the best games and apps to its registered users against which they can earn rewards. They need to give a try to these. It is advantageous in two means. First of all it enlists the all apps of the Play Store and you don’t need to separately go visiting Play Store for your favorite store. and secondly AppLike gives you the rewards whenever you download any game or app from its platform. But keep in mind after downloading any game or app you must give it one try. For each game or app that you will try you will get Coins that can be used for earning gift cards and other kind of rewards. Another way to earn coins is by inviting your friends to App Like. The gift cards can be used for multiple purposes like online shopping and in-app purchases.

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