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13 Apps Like Archos Video Player Free

Archos Video Player Free is not an ordinary video player at all. This critically acclaimed video player is basically used for playing videos from desktop PCs, server, NAS, UPnP and SMB in addition to playing from the smartphones. It also support for playing of videos from external USB storage devices as well. With the usage of this media player application, you will be able to get your videos integrated into a unified collection so that you can play them as a playlist or media library. In case if you will use this app while enabling the WiFi connection, it will automatically retrieval the descriptions of TV shows and movies along with poster and backdrop as well. Integrated subtitle downloading is also the part of this application. Archos Video Player Free is simply one of the best media player applications that is also designed for seamless hardware acceleration and video decoding of almost all types of video formats and devices.

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1. HD MX Player

First of all HD MX Player has no connection with MX Player at all. it is total a different and independent media player application for the Android devices. One of the biggest qualities of this media player is that it offers a great support for playing HD video files without…

2. MPlayer Android

MPlayer Android is a multiplatform and free and open source media player that supports for playing video files of all types from all kind of streaming devices and protocols. This simple to use video playing app is basically designed for those users who want to enjoy seamless playing of their…

3. VL Video Player IPTV

If you are looking for best in the class video player application for your smartphones and tablet devices then VL Video Player IPTV is an app that must be given at least one chance. The things that make this application simply special one are that it support for all kind…

4. Video Player Perfect (HD)

This powerful and beautiful video player aims to be perfectly used for the purpose of playing HD videos and movies. It can be called as perfect media player on the grounds it supports for all leading video formats. As it deploys the hardware acceleration system so you will enjoy smooth…

5. 3GP/MP4/AVI HD Video Player

As the title of this media player is containing all those formats that a general user need to play from their smartphone. This video player aims to offer all kind of support and playing features and functions to its users at a centralized place. In addition to formats mentioned in…

6. HD Video Player – Media Player

It is smallest video player in term of size but featured rich and innovative when it comes to offering high class features and functions to the users. This powerful media player application offers the playing of audio and video files over the smartphones in a seamless environment. Playing videos in…

7. Video Player All Format

Just like its name, this video player is best for playing videos and movies of all formats. The distinguish feature of this video player application is that it supports for even Ultra HD and 4k media files as well and play them with high definition. It is simply one of…

8. KMPlayer

KMPlayer is a media player that will allow you to experience and enjoy the videos on your smartphones like never before with any other kind of media player. This video player is specialized in playing all kind of videos and movies then either it is any movie, TV show, downloaded…

9. VedMate Video Audio Player HD

VedMate Video Audio Player HD is simply a best in the class video and movies players’ application that support for playing the multimedia files in the HD quality. The first main thing about this player is that it will never show you the result of poor quality subject to the…

10. GOM Player

GOM Player is an easy, convenient and free media player with the same features, functions and reputation as it is offering to its desktop users. GOM Player has gain the popularity because of its support for wide range of audio and codecs. It doesn’t rely on the codecs database of…

11. VLC for Android

VLC for Android is a multipurpose media player for the Android devices containing a completed database of multiple tools like filters, equalizer and sound setting options. This free media player allow the smartphone users to play all weird audio and video formats within few taps. It is open source and…

12. MoboPlayer

The specialty of this simple yet advanced media player is that it will allow you to play your video files of any kind without converting them at all. If any video or movie is located on your PC and you have recently transferred it to the smartphone for watching there,…

13. MX Player

MX Player is a widely used multifunctional media player for the Android devices that has got a lot of popularity among the Android users because of playing all kind of media files. The user interface of this media players is so enhanced awesome that you will realize as it has…

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