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Ask a Famous is a place to share your experiment and knowledge and better understand the world. This is another astonishing stuff for getting your answers form an effective community of people from around the world. Using this app, you can ask any of your desired questions to any of your most likely and famous user, donate to the charities that they have selected, and receive answers to enjoy a fully-integrated and amazing platform… read more
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14 Apps Like Ask a Famous for iOS

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1. ASKfm

ASKfm is an anonymous question and answer based social application where the people first need to create a profile and after that, they can throw any question to get the opinions of others. In the same style, the users of this application can read the questions of others as well to extend their point of views. This social networking app aims to make this service safer and being used for positive and motivation purpose only for people across the globe. This application is the best means for finding more and knows more about your friends by seeing what type of questions they are asking and what is their opinion giving style. One of the best things about ASKfm is that it allows its users to choose whether they want to post anonymously or not. The need not required to show their identity during the discussion. If they are not bothered about the privacy, then they can show all of their identity as well. In an easy to use and entertaining way, you can learn about other people and even yourself as well.


2. Amino: Communities and Chats

Amino: Communities and Chats is a social media app and is a fine network of communities that enables you to explore, discover, and obsess stuff. It has a precise and authentic mobile communication for all of its users. It lets you go deep and geek out so that you can easily enjoy chat, polls, blogs, favorites, and much more. It enables a fine platform that unite you with people, and you can meet compatible or like minded people from all around the globe. It has a marvelous range of exciting stuff to do under one podium. You can easily discover and search tons of communities related to your passion. It lets you chat with like minded individuals, watch videos, share your favorites and experience, and read blog already available here. You can even post your own polls and blogs as well. Using this app, you can get the latest news, information and other recent updates about your favorites. It also makes your profile so famous by customizing it and growing your followings.


3. Whisper

Whisper is a secret telling and secret discovering application. Whisper is about sharing your secrets, experiences, and way of thinking with others and in the same manners knowing about the personal life and secrets holds by others too. The apps like Whisper are getting popularity in today world because most of the time we become unable to tell those things openly that are pinching us. These are hard to be told in front of others. The apps like Whisper give the people chance to tell and express openly about oneself by staying anonymous. Every day millions of people come to this platform to express their selves openly and honestly. They connect with others people too to hear their interests and thoughts to form the groups. They get the chance to discover the real world around them that is full of mysteries and suspense. Whisper is a real storytelling platform for the real people.


4. Jodel

Jodel is a community-based application of the read people who come at this application regularly to share their point of views on published topics. They post their own threads as well and invite for the discussions from the other users of this application. This application is called to be recommended one for those people who want to remain up to date with what is happening around them in real time. In addition to commenting over what is shared by the others, the users can vote on the threads or posts as well in the form of liking or disliking someone point of view. The other thing that worth to be mention here is that Jodel also permit its users to share the event, news, discussions, jokes and even their personal funny experiences with others as well. This social media application is more than Facebook, Twitter or likewise other applications as its way of working is different from them. You don’t need to go with the default posts of this application as you can search for the news and material of your local area as well by changing the location to current location.


5. Yakko

Yakko is a social media app that helps you chat with a huge community of people from around the world without revealing your personality in front of others. It enables you to chat anonymously, and you do not have to sign up on this platform, and no registration is required for using it. Just download and go, it’s that simple. You can anonymously post, comment, and interact with people of your university or some campus. It is totally unidentified, and you can enjoy it fully without any hazard. Yakko delivers a real-time notification approach when someone reacts to your post. You can see pinned posts by the administrator, search through the list of university, report posts with a long press, and enjoy lot more. You can share your inner feeling with people. You can easily approach and comment others posts and start a conversation with others.


6. Swiflie

Swiflie is the platform of real people only who are considered to be the champions of their field and asks others to share their point of views freely on any topic. The problem associated with this application that according to over point of view is the real advantage of using this app is that every post or content that will be shared by the others will be temporary and will be removed after the lapse of time. This ensures that no one will claim anything against you. One of the best things about Swiflie is that it allows its users to remain anonymous while posting something new in the publishing area. The users can also choose to remain highlighted if they want to do so. Everything that you will share at this platform will continue to be under your control all the time. In case your post got too many dislikes, it will be removed automatically. If you want to keep the post alive, then get more and more likes to extend the life of a post.


7. Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange is a fine looking app that helps the users resolve their complexities with extreme ease. It is packed with a network of more than 100 questions and answer communities on almost every piece of stuff as from software programming to gaming, photography to cooking, and a lot more. Using Stack Exchange app, you can effortlessly track your interests under one place with a precise and combined feed view as well. It provides instant notification approach and details when you receive a comment or an answer. It also enables you to search for questions and browse any by tagging approach, and you can flawlessly ask, answer, vote, and comment on any of the questions. It is basically the official app for Stack Exchange sites capturing Stack Overflow, Server Fault, Super User, Arqade, and Ask Ubuntu, etc. You can effectively ask or answer any question, and the best answer will be voted on the top.


8. Medium

Medium is an app based reading and publishing platform where the people from different parts of the world interact with each other’s and the stories that matters most to them. Every day Medium comes with thousands of stories that are free to read. It also allows its users to share their own stories and writing material with others as well. This ad free and open publishing platform for writers allow them to share their ideas with others. If talk about the general readers then here they can always explore the unique perspective ideas and smart ideas that they will not find anywhere else. All of their favorite topics, publications and writers will be available at a centralized place. Medium divides its functions into three main sections like read, write and react. We have already talked about reading and writing. Reacting is something new that is for reacting over a message or recommending it to the followers. It is also possible to hold the conversation between two people.


9. Reddit

Reddit brings a precise and effective individuals and community podium which delivers the latest digital trends, breaking news, and ideas, etc. Its motive is to let people discover places where they can be their sincere selves and empower the community of Reddit to flourish. It lets you Share, Vote, and Discuses. Reddit allows anyone to create a community on nearly any topic conceivable. The worldwide Reddit community votes, on which discussions and stories are importantly categorized by casting of down-votes and up-votes. It definitely raises the most interesting, mesmerizing, impactful, funniest, or simple awesome stories to the top. Reddit also allows Redditors to comment on any post on this platform. Using this amazing app, you can easily approach the freshest content on the internet and concisely discover the hottest, and trending stuff and get the best of what really attract or interests you.


10. Socratic

Socratic is a marvelously great app that has reduced the efforts of your homework by getting things done through a snap. This is a fabulous app for the people who want to solve their questions with simple, straightforward, and step-by-step instructions. This app includes a massive amount to downloads over Android and iOS platforms. It is an easy to use app which not only finds the answers to the questions but also shows how it does. Socratic is a five-star homework app that helps users to get the answer to their questions from a variety of fields including English, Math, Science, Physics, Chemistry, History, Accounting, Computer and lot more. It lets you take a pic of your problem, and their effective Artificial Intelligence approach instantly figures out the questions and tells you which concept you need to understand to answer it. Its efficient team of instructors creates jargon-free content and combines the cutting edge PC vision technology to precisely predict the concepts that help you solve your complexities. So this app helps you get the answers your questions and learn the most famous and most convenient methodologies, easily and in a fun way.


11. TalkLife- You’re Not Alone

TalkLife- You’re Not Alone is a fine app and an amazing place where you can talk to people who get you. It is one of the most secure social media networks to get and give help. You can deliver your opinions and think to others and talk about life suggestions in a supportive and save context. You can bring help for others by providing them the tips for the survival and give them advice from your own experience. There are thousands of people used this app to get some amazing information on a huge number of topics. It lets you open up your personality as well as post anonymously, and it will make sure the privacy concerns for you and let you do anything just that way. It has made some tough and incredible situations of life so simple and catchy so that you can easily get answers and opinions regarding your own matter.


12. Quora

Quora is a real-time questioning and answering platform that lets you get precise and quality answers to your frequently asked questions. There is a huge amount of people use this app for making an effective experience. This app allows you ask questions and gets precise and helpful answers. There are a huge number of features that lets you stay informed on your related questions and a vast collection of other fields. People use this amazing questioning and answering app to freely ask questions about any of their subject share their knowledge with other individuals, and reads other high-quality stuff that is relevant and personalized to them. Using this app, you can browse quality content, follow your favorite topics, learn from credible people, answer questions, and share your knowledge with people.


13. Project Toe: Help Someone

Project Toe: Help Someone lets you catch some important decisions regarding your own problems. This is an effective, simple, and anonymous app that helps people express what they probably feel in front of a supportive community of more than 70,000 people. This app lets you feel free to talk about your daily life handlings and life-related problems. There is a huge community of expertise that resolves your matter in damn convenient, effective, and fun like manner. Project Toe: Help Someone lets you sign up with email, create your own profile, create or join a support group, and openly chat with people going through similar life struggles. It has a massive amount of peer support groups that are probably more than 3000 in numbers that include Stress, Drugs, Addictions, Abuse, Rape, Anxiety, Depression, Sadness, Loneliness, Career, Diseases, Teens, Divorce, Relationships, Loss of a loved one, Parenting, and lot more. Using this app, you can easily express your problems in front of people who understand you and exchange ideas and opinions with people.


14. Vent – Express Yourself Freely

Vent – Express yourself freely lets you express yourself openly and honestly in front of a massive community of people who use this app on a daily basis. This app helps you exchange what you think and have your opinion on some matter and problem. You can direct your problems in front of others to get the useful and helpful opinions from other users from all over the world. It is a stunning platform just like a social diary that helps you express your inner thinking freely and capture others effectively. It allows you to put your true self in front of others with its attractive range of emotions and colors. You can react to other people posts using some special and unique response buttons that it provides. Vent – Express yourself freely provides an amazing support of 24 hours so that you can instantly get the reviews and replays. It lets you make friends and chat with people in a group as well as privately to share similar experiences and interests.

More About Ask a Famous

Ask a Famous is a place to share your experiment and knowledge and better understand the world. This is another astonishing stuff for getting your answers form an effective community of people from around the world. Using this app, you can ask any of your desired questions to any of your most likely and famous user, donate to the charities that they have selected, and receive answers to enjoy a fully-integrated and amazing platform. It lets you log-in here through Twitter to ask questions from the famous persons and make your donations to their cause. You can share your questions as well as answers with a community of your friends. It is a fine platform that connects gorgeous people for arguing and giving answers to some questions raises from the users from all over the world.