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There are different types of music platforms available on the internet for people to enjoy the type music they want. Similarly, there is a wide range of radio channels which help people stay in touch with their favorite programs. Audioboom is a different application from all others since it only deals with the podcasts… read more
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32 Apps Like Audioboom



mflow is music provider website that offers a free streaming and a platform to download music tracks headquartered in the UK. Through this platform, you can discover music file, send it to your friends and family members and also receive recommendation back from them.


Blitzr is a versatile application which lets the users to listen to a big range of songs from their favorite singers and stream radio channels of their choice just by downloading the application.


SoundClick is an online music community which has a big presence on the internet when it comes to music and radio. It has more than five million users and around 6 million songs which are available for everyone to listen.

Cross DJ Pro

There are many music streaming applications available on the stores and all of them have similar options with a few changes such as listening to music and playing your favorite radio programs but some apps are different from them.

Music FX

Music FX is not the usual music streaming application; it is different from the others in a way that it allows people to add various kinds of effects in the songs which are present in their phone.


Shazam is a great app with which you can find the name of any song playing at any particular time. The only thing you must have your iPhone or Android phone and Windows phone close to the source of the song and also wait more that 5-6 seconds for it too until finish processing.


Spotify is a useful application that will enable you to download all of your music from a computer directly to your mobile phone. With this particular small app, you can listen to 1000s of albums and various music, choose the music you need, and create your personal playlists that you can listen to without having a web connection.


MixCloud is a restricted online music application which focuses on radio channels and that too from the United Kingdom. That said, the channels are not only from Britain but radio programs from all over the world are streamed including American channels.


Deezer is the best app that allows you to listen to greater than 20 million songs using your mobile phone for free. Deezer was one of the very first websites to provide music buffering with under its previous name ‘Blogmusik’ that started to obtain importance among those searching for easy access to free music on the internet.


Pandora is an app that allows you to listen to lots of unique songs and also groups for totally free. You just need to open a free account, select the kind of music that you want and let Pandora do its magic.


SoundCloud is a good app that lets you record any sound with your Mobile phone and also share it within a few moments utilizing any social network, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.


Bandcamp is an application where not only can people listen to their favorite music but also share their own work if they think they have the talent. This app allows you to promote your work and gain valuable feedback from the people.

Music Free

Music Free is an application where people can not only listen the songs of their choice but can download the songs on their phones as well. The main benefit of this application is that it is free of cost and people do not have to pay anything for listening their favorite music and to download stuff on their cellphones.


PlaYo is a platform where people can listen to their favorite songs without any issues through internet. If you want to have the latest songs, keep in touch with the new trends and want your favorite singer’s songs this is the right place for you since there are many features which can be useful while using this app.

Mixer Box

Mixer Box is an application which is different from other music applications since it does not have a database of its own when it comes to sharing music and listening to latest songs but it does allow you to stream songs from other applications such as YouTube, Soundcloud and other similar platforms.


There are many applications which give the option of listening songs, these songs are mostly in English language which make it rather one dimensional. Are there any apps which have a variety of music available on them?


SoundHound is one of the greatest apps for music lovers of its category since it is perfect for recognizing almost any song that you simply play it without the problems. Have you ever had a song stuck in your mind that is making you crazy, and also you can’t even remember what it’s called?

Music Cloud

Music Cloud is an application which plays a similar role as compared to soundcloud. People can stream their favorite songs here with the help it, most of the music is uploaded by the users and they set the limits if a song can be downloaded or not.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music is a service which provides music and songs in different formats, and owned by It is a pioneer to provide DRM-free streaming music. Except offering songs on the store, Amazon Music lets you search, upload and download songs in the cloud from Amazon Music cloud player application.

TuneIN Radio

TuneIn Radio is a little application that will permit you to listen to more than sixty thousand several radio stations all through the world, even worldwide stations in dialects that you perhaps don’t have a clue, and even neighborhood stations that you know and love and listen to each day.
0 is a great platform that no only offers the personalized radio streams but also a music recommendation system through its AutoScobbler feature. This service provides approximately 7 million tracks and hosts more than 40 million members across 190 countries.


We7 is a free, advertisement supported music streaming platform which allows its users to access millions of music tracks. It offers more than 4 million music tracks available for streaming in Ireland and UK particularly.

MOG FreePlay

MOG FreePlay is a freemium version of its originated subscription-requires application. Like other music provider platform, it is also a music streaming site with ads. If you are a new MOG FreePlay user, then it will blocks ads for you for the rest of 60 days.


Grooveshark is a fine place where you can get a well-convenient access to a hilarious range of music in an easy way. This app lets you enjoy any of your favorite music or the music that you love at any time of the day.


Tidal is a high definition music streaming app that covers music from the whole world and lets you listen to them anytime you want. It is probably the world’s first music service that provides music with high definition music videos in high fidelity sound quality and curated editorials by some great music journalist, experts, and artists.


Stereomood quite differs in functionality from other music streaming platforms as it suggests music based on your event or mood. If you ‘I Feel Sad’ then it offers playlists full of designated sad songs and offers songs according to your mood.


Rdio is a desktop application which lets you listen, manage and socialize with music. It is currently available in Canada and US. It is a slick music service platform that works within the web browser for various platforms including Mac etc.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is the official Google app for enjoying music from its traditional service directly on Android phones, via streaming, and also without storing music into the device’s memory.

iTunes Music Store

iTunes Music Store is a tremendously huge collection of music website with more than 43 million high-quality, DRM-free songs and developed by Apple. It has become one of the world’s best music vendor.

Music Spotify

Music Spotify is a music provider and video streaming service launched on 7 October 2008. It is one of the huge music provider platforms from all over the world. It gives you an instant access to millions of amazing songs for latest to the old music galleries.


Songza app is perfect for listening to the music of top songs experts around the world. The very best about Songza is that the music that’s available in the database of Songza is completely free along with other dual best feature on it is which there is no advertisement system in the Songza.

Apple Music

Apple Music is a non-stop music playing service developed by Apple Inc. individuals can select songs and other music to stream to their smartphone or computer device on-demand, or they can listen to existing curated music playlists.

More About Audioboom

There are different types of music platforms available on the internet for people to enjoy the type music they want. Similarly, there is a wide range of radio channels which help people stay in touch with their favorite programs. Audioboom is a different application from all others since it only deals with the podcasts. Many of the famous news networks, companies and even universities use this app to share their podcasts with people around the world these companies include BBC, Yahoo and NBC along with many others. The user can sign up and create their profile where they can keep track of all the stuff which is of interest. There are many options once you have signed up, the user can listen to their favorite podcasts in a short time. They just have to search for them and the relevant option will show in the results. People can also create their own playlists where they can keep track of the latest programs which are shared by programmers. There is also an option of saving the stuff to listen at a later time while you can also share your own podcasts with the world by just recording your voice and creating your channel. The best feature still is the option of downloading the stuff so you do not have to be dependent on the internet and can also hear everything in the offline mode. In short, there is a broad range of things available ranging from sports, showbiz and politics; safe to say it has something for everyone.

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