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B612 is another picture app specially created for selfies that allow you to apply lots of filters to your images before sharing them using your preferred social networks. B612 has greater than 50 different filters. You may choose some of these just by sliding your finger across the bottom of the screen, where you can visit a small preview of how it will look… read more
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9 Apps Like B612 for iOS

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1. BestMe Selfie Camera

BestMe Selfie Camera is a camera application specially designed to take the most excellent selfies. Easy, by providing more substantial filters and lots of other options to create collages of several pictures. The app consists of precisely 125 different filters, both traditional black and white and also color, along with individual ones for mirror effects and more.

With so many options, you can find one that surprises you or suits your feeling. Besides the filters, BestMe Selfie Camera has lots of different photo choices. You can take a picture in three different formats (traditional Instagram square, 4:3 ratio, and full screen) and also create collages, including from two to nine photos.


2. Candy Camera

Candy Camera is the best photo application that lets you give a touch of style to your pictures because it provides you with a large selection of filters, frames, and sticker options. The most exciting thing about Candy Camera is that you can see, in real-time, this app has some of many different filters that it provides will look without needing to take the photo.

You just need to slide your finger across the screen to flip through the various available filters. Once you’ve made the picture, of course, you will have many more possibilities accessible to you. You’ll find all sorts of stickers to decorate the photos, along with different frames and post-processing filters. Candy Camera is a good app.


3. Camera360 Ultimate

Camera360 Ultimate is the best image editing application that lets you set all kinds of various effects to your favorite pictures. The app includes a very comfortable and user-friendly interface, from where you have access to every one of its features, along with the smooth touch of the screen. Whether it is applying a small blur or setting your picture in a curious scene, a bit will suffice. The options offered by the app are limitless.

You can use dozens of color filters to provide your pictures with different factors, blurs, levels, unusual frames, and even some very fun surprises. After you have finished with your photos, you can share it via Facebook using the touch of the screen or save it easily into your iPhone’s or Android memory. Camera360 Ultimate is one of the best photo editing apps for smartphones because not only does it include a vast array of features, but it is also straightforward to use.


4. LINE Camera

LINE Camera is the best application for the iPhone and Android camera that, in place of using filters along with other effects to your photos, will help you to add a lot of stickers and fun sketches. After taking a picture from the LINE Camera, you can include all kinds of new details to the image. You can add most of the classic LINE stickers, unique stamps, and also Instagram-style filters allow it a special touch.

On the whole, you will have greater than 800 different stickers, One hundred different frames, 20 filters, and 156 brushes to provide you with exactly the result of your desire. You may also add textual content right onto the image. Once you have completed working on your photo, you can naturally share it directly with social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter. LINE Camera is a very fun application that will offer you a different focus when you are taking pictures. Now they’ll all be much more fun.


5. FotoRus

FotoRus is a picture modifying application that consists of lots of different tools for working on your photos. You may make collages using several images, apply dozens of unique filters, appropriate the shades of any picture, and create spectacular arrangements in a matter of seconds. FotoRus most striking tool is, without a doubt, the one which enables you to create fun photographic compositions.

You can insert any image into a bottle, a drop of water, glass, or a heart-shaped necklace: just select the picture you need to use and adjust it inside the ‘frame.’ Another new tool in FotoRus is the collage creator. This app allows you to can combine several photos into one composition and select from more than a dozen different formats into which you can insert between two and nine photos. You may also apply all sorts of effects and filters to each picture.


6. Photo Collage Instamag

Photo Collage – InstaMag is another application that permits you to create unique arrangements using the photos on your mobile device. You can create two main types of collages: pages from manga comics and magazine addresses. You develop each of them in the same way: you decide on between two and nine different photos from your device and arrange them any way you need on the page. You can move any photo to a different place by dragging it to a new position.

Additionally, you may also move each photo around inside of its box to find the layout that you like best. After you have completed arranging your page, you just need to save the result on your device and also share the picture on social networks if you choose to do so. InstaMag – Photo Collage is a candid photo modifying application that enables you to create lovely, original compositions in a matter of seconds.


7. Huji

Huji is probably the best application that makes your memories and moments as precious as the feeling of watching a movie on some of your best old memories. Huji Cam brings way many exciting features that enhance the beauty of your moments with capturing the best moments. It has the determination of those days to leave your damn precious moments as vibrant and vivid photographs. It is a new photography application that lets you make amazing things with your pics and photographs. Huji : Effects Cam enables you to create photos with tons of cool effects using nothing but just your mobile phone’s camera or the pics that you have on your social media account. It delivers lots of options like adding colour, saturation, emojis, and a lot of other stuff to decorate your pics with real beauty. Huji: Effects Cam lets you create fantastic photo grid using its collage options to produce high-quality photo collages at any of your desired moment. It allows its users to add a variety of filters and text of your choice to your analog photos. Huji also lets you unleash your creativity with an exciting range of stickers. So just download Huji and enjoy simple and easy to use photography app on your mobile phone and have photography fun.


8. Cymera

Cymera – Camera and Photo Editor is a picture application that can be used to give your photos a fresher, more dynamic look, thanks to the wide selection of filters and lenses that it provides. Some of the options that you can select before you even bring your photo include seven various kinds of lenses, a timer to help you join the shot, and an image stabilizer if you’re having difficulty getting a clear shot.

Once you have taken your photo, there’s even more fun to be had. More than 20 different filters allow you to give your work a creative touch, not to mention some photo-editing factors that enable you to adjust brilliance, improve colors, reduce red-eye, and much more. Cymera – Camera and Photo Editor is a great app. unfortunately, it does not have its embedded social networking, and even though you can still share your pictures on Facebook and Twitter.


9. Fotor

Fotor Photo Effect Studio is a useful photo cropping and editing application that allows you to not only utilize filters and frames for your pictures but additionally modify colors and insert funny stickers on any image. Fotor has greater than 50 different filters and effects you can apply to your images, changing their look with a single tap. You may also use more than just one effect, combining them with spectacular results. Among the features that stand out on Fotor Photo, you will find the tilt-shift, to play with depth of field.

Thanks to this selection, you can blur your image and build spectacular miniature-looking landscapes. Another new function lets you pixelate any section of the image using your fingertip. The effect resembles the censorship pixelation applied to images in the news. Fotor Photo Effect Studio is an excellent photo editing app with a lot of exciting features. It also has a very easy-to-use user interface.

More About B612

B612 is another picture app specially created for selfies that allow you to apply lots of filters to your images before sharing them using your preferred social networks. B612 has greater than 50 different filters. You may choose some of these just by sliding your finger across the bottom of the screen, where you can visit a small preview of how it will look.

You may also just slide your finger over the image to use a random filter. Besides applying filters, B612 enables you to make collages using your pictures. You may make them with just a regular selfie or a composition up to nine images, as well as vertical pieces of 2 or 3 photos. B612 also includes a timer, thanks to which you can take selfies from a distance, along with tilt-shift, to enjoy the depth of field.