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Bad Piggies

Bad Piggies is a game that combines both puzzles and platforms, which have to control the dreaded green pigs, the infamous enemies Angry Birds, this time, have become the protagonists of the adventure. The goal is to build a contraption that pigs can reach different positions on the map, with objects that you provided at the beginning of each level… read more
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17 Apps Like Bad Piggies


1. A Monster Ate My Homework

The objective of A Monster Ate My Homework is to spare homework from being eaten by creatures by thumping them off a stage in a couple of shots as could reasonably be expected. On the off chance that players coincidentally hit their homework off of the edge, they will lose stars and get a lower score. The prior levels in the amusement introduce moderately fundamental difficulties, however as players’ advancement, they should confront creatures increasingly, stacked higher and in more perplexing examples. Since the entertainment is necessary for configuration, contains no hostile substance, and does not require understanding it is considered reasonable for players ages 5 and up. This diversion does as numerous such things right: it has exact mechanics, bunches of replay esteem, it’s easy to use, despite everything it has space for development with the extra levels that’ll be discharged not far off. The main drawback is that there’s no social perspective. Things like an online leaderboard or contending with your companions are components that have turned out to be progressive de rigour among recreations today, so a few players may feel left needing something in that office. In any case, who’s to say the absence of social or online play is a terrible thing? A fun diversion is a fun amusement, and truly, it’ll be astounding if a social segment is something you wind up needing here since the tedious, one-player fun can remain all alone.


2. Angry Birds

Angry Birds is a diversion where you need to toss a progression of flying creatures against various strongholds and structures made by little pigs. The goal is to bring down every one of the pigs and cause however much pulverization as could reasonably be expected all the while. You can toss the fowls as though you were utilizing a launch. Truth be told, the gameplay is reminiscent of a more seasoned class in which you needed to separate strongholds with stones. (Yes, it existed before Angry Birds.) You’ll need to point well, figuring the quality of the shot and after that discharging the winged creature. With some assistance from gravity, it will tumble down on the structure and bring down a portion of the foe pigs. In Angry Birds, you have diverse sorts of flying creatures to toss. The typical red one doesn’t have anything unique. However the dark winged creature will detonate, the green fledgling can return like a boomerang, among numerous others. Furious Birds offers many diverse levels in which you need to utilize your cerebrum and capacities. The scoring depends on a three-star framework that keeps you needing to play the same levels until you get each of the three stars. Furious Birds is a basic amusement, and it is fun and has heaps of appeal. It’s nothing unexpected that it started a standout amongst essential computer game adventures for cell phones. It has a gameplay that is superbly suited for short and fast diversions.


3. Crush The Castle

The idea in Crush the Castle basic: you’re given a fortification containing a determination of knights, rulers, and rulers, and your ultimate point is to wreck the stronghold and butcher the occupants with a couple of shots from your fearsome trebuchet as could be expected under the circumstances. Terminating your medieval war machine is similarly clear – one tap impels the development of the launch and other causes the original shot to discharge. Contingent upon when you make your second tap, your rocket will have an alternate rate, direction, and consequent landing spot. There are around 100 places to handle spread over a few distinct areas. These structures all change in multifaceted nature; some are actually decimated with an arbitrary shot while others require a particularly focused on blow in a critical zone of shortcoming before they will disintegrate to tidy. The material science motor behind the on-screen activity is impeccable, offering a steady and dependable arrangement of guidelines which turn out to be a delight to play with. You start the amusement with a constrained determination of trebuchet ammunition however as you advance through the different districts you open other, more powerful shots. The best thing is that you can utilize this crisply acquired ammo to come back to past levels and get better scores. Decorations are recompensed for what a small number of shots it takes to slaughter the majority of the château’s detainees and to genuinely overcome the diversion you’ll need to go for a gold grant on all levels.


4. Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Space is the recently released of a standout amongst the most prominent games in Android history, in which you will dispatch the most charming flying creatures in the realm of video games all from space and all that it involves. The highlight of the amusement is that our adored winged creatures will fly through space rather than through the air, and now you will be cautious with the changing degrees of gravity and gravity fields at every level. Before propelling the birds, you will need to watch and be mindful to how they carry on in the vacuum. The game has 60 distinct levels in which, as usual, you will need to attempt to get three stars. Only one star is sufficient to continue progressing, yet because of this framework, you will dependably have a test in front of you. Angry Birds Space, past the marginally changed mechanics, incorporates different curiosities like the first. To begin, you will have available to you new assortments of fowls with their comparing powers. In any case, you will likewise have super powers that you will ready to use voluntarily. The diversion’s visuals have also remarkably enhanced in contrast with the past renditions of the adventure. Presently, the stages are more lovely and more nitty gritty, the material science considerably more astounding. Angry Birds Space is a standout amongst the best time recreations that you can discover in Google Play. Moreover, it is entirely free and gets upgraded continually, giving you no reason not to get it now.


5. Angry Birds Friends

Angry Birds Friends is the most recent portion of the Angry Birds establishment (out May 2013), that leaves aside the topical way of the latest amusements (Space, Star Wars), and comes back to a more common setting. The thing that makes Angry Birds Friends an advantageous expansion to the arrangement is not flying creatures with lightsabers or cunning gravitational impacts, but rather the opportunity to challenge your companions on Facebook in a progression of consistent competitions demonstrating sure who is the best-winged animal chucker among you. Angry Birds Friends, not at all like prior adaptations of the diversion, incorporates catalysts that can be utilized before propelling the winged animals. Because of which you can have a more compelling centering framework, and all the more useful slingshot, or significantly fatter feathered creatures … Another expansion to “Companions” is that you win coins by finishing competitions, which you can then use to purchase the catalysts said before. Generally, these catalysts will be the distinction between winning or losing in competitions. Angry Birds Friends is, as most recreations in the arrangement, an incredibly exciting title, adding a few new levels to the Angry Birds universe and, apparently, including all the more consistently as by holding regular competitions.


6. Angry Birds Seasons

Angry Birds Seasons is the primary continuation of the great Angry Birds, a standout amongst the most downloaded recreations ever, and a positive reference inside the universe of touchscreen-gadget computer games. On Angry Birds Seasons you’ll discover massive amounts of new levels that come adjusted to the season you’re in. In this way, for instance, when it’s Christmas you’ll explore levels with a Christmas topic, and when it’s Halloween you’ll locate a spooky subject, in the mid-year, you’ll get a late spring topic, et cetera. Aside from this current seasons merry go round; Angry Birds Seasons keeps up the greater part of the components that have made this such an active adventure. Gameplay is the very same: you need to dispatch your winged creatures (the same old flying creatures) against the detestable pigs trying to thump them out and get three stars. Angry Birds Seasons offers business as usual, which is not terrible thinking of it as still has a strong gameplay that will amuse a large number of devotees of the first. Another phenomenal diversion in the most downloaded establishment ever.


7. Paper Monsters

Paper Monsters is a 2D platformer made in a delightfully created 3D world. As paper-themed amusements are a dime twelve, this one is a flat out emerge and one of the best of the best in its class. Point by point design, necessary diversion play and smooth controls all make for an excellent and drawing in amusement time. In Paper Monsters, the saint is a little paper robot advancing through the ways of collectible catches and paper cuts while hopping on beasts and bombs. Traps serve as the point framework and are characterized into silver or gold. Gold ones are clearly more profitable, hence rare and hard to reach. Paper cuts offer extra focuses when gathered all through the diversion. As one achieves a particular part of a level, a territory is labeled with a pinwheel, showing a bounce off point ought to the saint bite the dust and needs to begin once again. This is actually flawless, since one doesn’t need to start at the absolute starting point, squandering valuable time and vitality. There are four universes, displayed as sections, with four levels for each. Completing all levels opens a small scale diversion area. Paper Monsters is an incredible amusement that is enlivening and outwardly compensating. At its cost, it presents to you a considerable measure of quality where different diversions miss the mark. It has all that one would need from a platformer, notwithstanding for fledglings who lean toward an easygoing gaming environment and more propelled players who are searching for an all the more fascinating go up against the platformer classification.


8. Apple Bin

As each sensible individual knows, apples are by a long shot the best of all organic products. They’re fresh, flavorful, bravo and ideal for terminating out of guns at boards of wood or wormholes. Apple Bin, another allowed to-play diversion discharged for Android, concentrates on the last mentioned. In the same way as other mainstream versatile diversions released as of late, Apple Bin is a material science-based riddle amusement with straightforward, instinctive touch-based controls. Utilizing your fast apple gun you must dispatch a blast of apples into a close-by container. Tragically it’s not as simple as it sounds. Wooden boards, containers, gateways, and even gravity itself stand in your direction, diverting you from your way. Apple Bin highlights spotless and brilliant illustrations, addictive gameplay that is anything but difficult to get all wrapped up in a diversion that’s hard to return down. There are more than 90 exceptional levels, unlockable sounds and skins, and even a completely fledged soundtrack to guarantee you’re entertained for quite a long time. That, as well as more levels, substance and different treats are being included continuously.


9. Fling Monster

Fling Monster is a splendid Arcade Style Physics-based Slingshot Adventure and Tapping computer game by Team Honcho. The diversion offers a stunning amusement play that superbly mirrors the attributes of both Angry Birds and Flappy Bird and permits you to draw in yourself into an astounding fight between the Monsters and the attacking Astronauts. Set on the Planet X, the diversion errands you to prevent the attacking Astronauts from reaping the Energy Crystals, the sole and efficient vitality asset for the Planet X. Slingshot your way through crowds of adversary space explorers, decimate their resistances and appreciate ruling damnation on the enemies with the assistance of 10 sorts of various Monsters and their impacting capacities. Stuffed with marvelous Boss Fights, epic experiences with the foe Astronauts, heaps of cool weapons and ammunition, impacting fasten responses to annihilate the foes, 6 amazingly lovely world to investigate and 140 levels of immaculate amazingness, simple swipe and tap controls, and incredible Physics-based gameplay, Fling Monster is a great diversion to play and appreciate.


10. Catapult King

Catapult King is a game where you have to destroy castles, walls and other medieval buildings throwing huge rocks thrown from our catapult. The main novelty is that we will from a first-person perspective. Thus, the mechanics are relatively similar to the classic Angry Birds, but with a series of twists that make it completely unique. For example, instead of a two – dimensional perspective, Catapult King can contemplate the scene in three dimensions and launch our missiles in the first person, placing just behind the catapult. The game features more than sixty levels where you have to break lots of structures. By doing so we will make money, which we use to improve our catapult and even buy magic with which to carry out particular spectacular launch. Catapult King has great visuals with a design quite funny characters and graphics to match the best Android game. Yes, it is best enjoyed in terminals with support for HD graphics. Catapult King is a very entertaining game, with one of those so straightforward and addictive mechanics that will be impossible lie just a game. Ideal for play anytime and anywhere.


11. Siege Hero

Siege Hero is an addictive material science based devastation diversion created by War Spark. The foe mansion is under attack and you are the attacker. Bring down whole structures by tossing stones and spare the villagers from the Vikings. Be the Hero of Siege! Propelled by Armor Game’s internationally prominent amusement Crush the Castle and Angry Birds arrangement recreations. Siege Hero engages the player to toss rocks, oil, fire and a ton of other damaging things on the structures raised by different legends or rulers. The amusement highlights one hundred and fifty levels of fantastic diversion play portraying four verifiably estimated periods of the time permitting the player to battle against Knights, Samurais and Vikings and so on. With an astounding similarity to Crush the Castle and Angry Birds and a considerable measure of different recreations like that, Siege Hero turns out to be one of the best Physics-based Puzzle amusements. You’ll most likely appreciate playing it. This cool entertainment is accessible on iOS, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Android.


12. Blosics HD FREE

Blosics HD FREE is a game very similar to the classic Angry Birds puzzles, in which your goal, as in the game of Rovio, will be to bring down our goals (which in this case are mere blocks instead of green pigs) throwing one series of objects (balls instead of birds). Otherwise the game mechanics is very similar. That is, we have to play with the physical and the ‘special powers’ of each ball (there are 13 different) to get down all the blocks with the fewest possible shots. The game consists of four episodes full of different phases, which will lead you as different as the mountain scenery, space or under water. Grace is that depending on where you are, physical react in one way or another, so you have to know adapt to the environment. Blosics HD FREE is a puzzle game fun and very well done, that in many ways surpasses the title that tries to imitate (Angry Birds). Generally provides a more substantial experience, and it’s better than it does in a completely free.


13. Bloons TD Battles

Bloons TD Battles is a game emerged following the successful Bloons Monkey City that comes down to battles against a powerful general. That is, in Bloons Monkey City the aim was to build a city and for this you must conquer the territory based on your defense towers. In Bloons TD Battles have at your disposal all of our adorable monkeys combat with all the same features as the original, but with the advantage that the battles will focus exclusively on our level defeat. The fun in this game is still high, thanks in part to the additions that incorporates this new and lie mainly that you can send balloons murderers your opponents and enjoy watching is not able to handle everything you send to you . The game mechanics is summarized in a split screen; same initial money, equal life, identical for each board and accurate balloons. Thus, the only difference between victory or defeat will only your ability to manage the best strategy. Place all your monkey warriors across the battlefield and save some money to send attacks on your enemies. Choose from the power of each package as very high rounds need not send too to make him suffer. The attack is based on sending extra balloons that the opponent must destroy before they slip through your field. If you do, you will lose many lives as balls have entered. Enjoy your soldiers to grow and improve your skills while you challenge to exploit the May issue of possible dirigibles. If you are a fan of Bloons Monkey City will be easier to find balance in the frantic battle point, but practice will help you overcome anything, impossible as it may seem.


14. Fragger

Fragger is a fun game where you have to kill all the terrorists of each screen with the help of a lot of grenades and other missile weapons, in what amounts to a relatively similar to Angry Birds mechanics. The game has over three hundred levels divided into twelve different worlds with increasing difficulty that we will be getting more and more difficult as we improve our style. And with world ranking tables we can compare our results with other players around the world. Both the graphics and the game’s soundtrack accompany perfectly to a style of gameplay, slightly similar to Angry Birds, in which the important thing is not so much hit squarely enemies and use the scenario to our benefit to try to kill them all with the fewest shots possible. Fragger is an entertaining title without more with which we can pass the dead times throwing grenades, bombs and other elements of mass destruction without complications. Straightforward and straightforward entertainment.


15. Angry Frogs

Angry Frogs is an incredible mind challenging-based puzzle game by the developers of angry birds. This amazing game is produced and distributed by Emanuele Padula and is accessible for Android and iOS devices. The entertainment highlights some genuine insane frogs that tend to murder all the frightful snakes. With ten thousand levels of stunning gameplay this video game furnishes with an impressive gaming knowledge. The player must dispatch the frogs utilizing a slingshot and accident them into the fort of the snakes to obliterate them. Game play of Angry Frogs significantly takes after to the gameplay of Angry Birds and that is the reason this game offers a splendidly addictive and entirely energizing nature. . On the off chance that you need to attempt some new recreations with flawlessly made mental abilities and mechanics, you should look at this games as well. Angry Frogs would inspire you very much.


16. Pandas vs Ninjas

Inspire prepared to fight the detestable Ninjas in the following energizing portion of Pandas versus Ninjas 2 by Ximad! The Evil Ninjas – you can tell they’re abhorrent on the grounds that they generally wear dark and have tricky eyes – have chosen to assume control over the world! Since Ninjas have a tendency to be quite sluggish and assuming control over the world requires lots of work, they concocted an astute arrangement of zombifying the whole populace of Earth using one, however an exceptionally goliath and an extremely supernatural Crystal. This Crystal turns the excellent, nurturing daylight into – do I even need to say it? – a dark beam of life taking vitality, which transforms individuals into zombies who will comply with the insidious ninjas’ each word. Be that as it may, the best way to get this Crystal sufficiently close to the sun, so this dark light will include the whole earth, will require a way through the Pandas concealed valley. What’s more, as we as a whole know, Pandas detest the Evil Ninjas as much as anyone else… on the other hand young lady… somebody like you for example. Break those fingers, locate a comfortable seat and help the honorable Pandas prevent the shrewd ninjas from assuming control over the world!


17. Angry Birds Stella

Angry Birds Stella is the tenth arrival of the establishment most downloaded computer game ever, and interestingly incorporates a female hero, Stella. As regular in the Angry arrangement Birds, the Stella is not the only one in this new enterprise. The organization does they are your companions, Dahlia, Poppy, Willow and Luca, who, with his different forces to help her will to win. Truth be told, the Stella itself – dissimilar to the first red Angry Bird – has an incredibly valuable power that will permit you to assault full flight objects straightforwardly. Leaving aside the new characters and aptitudes, the gameplay in Angry Birds Stella is mostly indistinguishable to whatever is left of the adventure. The mission of each of the 120 levels is dependably the same: shoot down the green pigs and accomplish the most extreme focuses as you can amid the procedure. The arrangement Angry Birds dependably had great design, however, if there should be an occurrence of Angry Birds Stella, it is particularly fantastic. From the sets to the little protests break, everything is stunning and composed with careful consideration. Irate Birds Stella is, similar to the various titles of Rovio, a top-notch amusement and exceptionally very much cleaned. While truly it has next to no creative in the Angry Birds establishment group, on the off chance that somebody is not harmed (and Angry Birds is not), then there is no compelling reason to change anything.

More About Bad Piggies

Bad Piggies is a game that combines both puzzles and platforms, which have to control the dreaded green pigs, the infamous enemies Angry Birds, this time, have become the protagonists of the adventure. The goal is to build a contraption that pigs can reach different positions on the map, with objects that you provided at the beginning of each level. With these devices and your imagination, you can build cars, airplanes, and many craziest vehicles. Once yu have created your means of transport with more than thirty objects that the game puts at your disposal to do so, when pilot it comes, something that usually do not come out very well and end up with the vehicle destroyed and your pigs into the air. The game consists of sixty different levels where you have to use all your ingenuity and skill to complete the many goals we will arise. Moreover, once the three stars get at all levels, unlock additional thirty phases. As if this were not enough, to finish all the missions and collect all the skulls you can access a form sandbox allow us to do what we want in a scenario without predetermined goals. Bad Piggies is an outstanding game that, among other things, is more stimulating than his brother Angry Birds. Sure to make the most of Bad Piggies need to think of ourselves every move more.