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15 Apps Like BaDoink Video Downloader

BaDoink Video Downloader is a widely used video downloading application that works flawlessly on your Android smartphones. This app is very vital for a smooth and fast video downloading on your smartphones. It lets you download songs and other videos from the web that you want to listen. It efficiently downloads the videos, and you can even watch it afterword even when you are offline. This video downloading client lets you download and play videos from a huge number of your favourite video sites. BaDoink Video Downloader lets you download the videos in an excellent resolution and watch them forever. It enables you to stream videos wirelessly to the Xbox, Smart TV, PlayStation, and on any DLNA enabled devices. It also supports the option to bookmark your favourite sites and enables robust password protection to your downloaded videos, browsing history, and your bookmarks as well. It is an easy to use video downloader that helps you download videos from almost every site and quickly see them anytime you want in its cool video player.

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1. VidMate – HD video downloader

VidMate – HD video downloader is a well-known app that helps its user to get free video downloading experience right on your smartphones. It is an all in one app that brings an extraordinary video downloading experience for the users who intends to download videos on a regular basis. This…

2. All Tube Video Downloader

Yes, it is true that All Tube Video Downloader is an all in one video downloader to download videos from any video streaming and sharing website. This simple video downloader offers the super-fast downloading system to the smartphone users. According to All Tube Video Downloader, it is capable of downloading…

3. FVD – Free Video Downloader

FVD – Free Video Downloader is a free video downloader for all versions of the Android devices. Whatever Android enabled device you are using, FVD – Free Video Downloader will offer the full compatibility with that smartphone and even tablet as well. This all in one video downloading utility will…

4. TrumpTube

This video downloader at the moment available for the Android users only. If you are looking for the means of downloading cool videos from the YouTube or other websites and can’t do so because no supported video downloader installed into your device then you must install TrumpTube. This free video…

5. YourTube Video Downloader

YourTube Video Downloader is the newly launched video downloader. Install this advanced video downloader and it will present you the safest and fastest way of downloading videos from the leading video streaming and sharing websites. The best about YourTube Video Downloader is that it will even provide you with the…

6. Allvids Video Downloader

Just like its name, this video downloader is really an all videos video downloading application that can download videos from all kind of websites. The best about Allvids Video Downloader is that it is even capable of downloading videos from the leading social media platforms as well. You can use…

7. IDM+ Download Manager

IDM+ Download Manager is a fully featured download manager that will allow you to download any file from the internet right from your smartphone. Just like most of the video downloading applications, IDM+ Download Manager is containing an integrated web browser that lets the users to directly search for the…

8. DownTube Free Video Downloader

DownTube Free Video Downloader is a two in one application. It is the pack of video downloader and download manager. At the moment, DownTube Free Video Downloader is only available for the Android devices and allows the Android users to download their favorite videos from their favorite sites. The videos…

9. Mediasclip Video Downloader

Mediasclip Video Downloader is the name of a super-fast video downloading the application for the Android devices. The best about Mediasclip Video Downloader is that it is not only a video downloader. There are other functionalities of this application is that. First of all, there is integrated web browser that…

10. Media Clip Video Downloader

Media Clip Video Downloader is based on three steps video downloading system. The specialty of Media Clip Video Downloader is that it has its own dedicated web browser as well from where you can search for your favorite videos. After finding the right one you can simply download that video…

11. Download Accelerator Plus

First of all, it is important to clear about Download Accelerator Plus is that it is not means to serve as video downloader only. It also boosts the downloading speed of the video being downloaded. For the same reason, it is called as Download Accelerator Plus. If you are still…

12. GetThemAll Any File Downloader

GetThemAll Any File Downloader is an app for the Android devices only allowing its users to download any kind of file from thousands of supported websites. This video downloader with interactive design can easily download all kind of files either it is any video, audio, image, document or any other…

13. HD Video Downloader

With millions of downloads from the Google Play Store, HD Video Downloader is the top of the chart video downloader for downloading videos from almost any website in addition to downloading from the YouTube. Downloading videos in AVI, MP3, 3GP, MOV, FLV, WMV and several other formats is not a…

14. Video Downloader HD

Video Downloader HD is a super fast video downloader for downloading YouTube videos in HD print if these are available in the said print. Video Downloader HD is a simple and free video downloading application that can download music as well. One of the best things about Video Downloader HD…

15. iTube

iTube is the name of one of the most popular video downloaders for the iOS and Android devices. it was first developed for downloading YouTube videos only, but now it can download the videos and another kind of content from almost all multimedia material containing websites. What makes iTube special…

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