13 Apps Like Bashful

If you want to stay distraction free from the usage of the smartphone and looking for the means of doing so then Bashful is an application that will let you set some free time for yourself. This app allows its users to set a distraction free timer and lock the screen for a particular period of time. Now in the set time you are bound not to use your smartphone. Congratulation! You have got some time for you. Now in this time, you can do many activities like completing any task, doing any assignment, or doing something else that is important to be done at the moment. For the information of the readers, as they will enable this application, all kind of notifications will be automatically muted to assist you being focused. In the case of emergency if you want to unlock the smartphone then that function is also the part of the app.

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1. Focus Lock

Do you need to focus more on work or tough exams are coming up or project date is close and you still addictive to your mobile phone? Focus Lock is the name of one of the most popular digital Adderall solutions of the distracted and time-consuming activities over the smartphone.…

2. Zero Willpower

Zero Willpower is a native blocker that blocks the distracting websites on demand of its users. For those smartphone users who are highly addictive of using the internet from their smartphone and are unable to focus more on a specific task then Zero Willpower is an application that will assist…

3. Self Control for Study

This distraction removing app allows the smartphone users to block their own access to the smartphone usage for a preset length of time. This simple working application allows the smartphone users to reduce the intemperate use of the mobile devices. It is the best means for overcoming over the habit…

4. Keep Me Out

If you are addictive to the smartphone usage and that is affecting you badly then Keep Me Out is an application to assist you. If you want to cut down smartphone usage time then Keep Me Out is the best application designed for that purpose because it will help you…

5. Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey is a free productivity application and designed for those people who want to stay focused while working on important tasks but are unable to do so because their smartphone addiction is disturbing them. This free productivity program allows its users to temporarily block all kind of distractions just…

6. AntiSocial

AntiSocial is a social networking blocking app for removing smartphone addiction. This simple app will empower you with the real means of targeting your digital distractions. It is simply an amazing app that makes it possible for its users to easily target and block all kind of distracting websites and…

7. ClearLock

If you are continuously wasting your time on visiting any specific application, then ClearLock is a must have an application that you need to install on your smartphone. This app will assist you in staying focused being more productive all the time. It is one of the simplest ways over…

8. Block Apps

Block Apps is not that kind of app blocker that you use for blocking apps from the access of others by setting a password on them. Block Apps is, in fact, an application that blocks the access to the certain apps installed into your smartphone even for you. If you…

9. Unplugged

Unplugged is a real working way for stopping phone addiction for being productive and staying focused on the important tasks. This app will assist you to step by step to end the phone addiction. If you want to stay focused or want to get more done or want to complete…

10. FocusNow

FocusNow is an amazing app that assists its users in overcoming dilly dally. The focusing functions being offered by FocusNow makes the people outstanding. This simple to use app assist its users in overcoming all kind of distractions and getting rid of bad habits of using a smartphone or any…

11. AppBlock

AppBlock is a distraction remover application that temporarily blocks the certain apps in the smartphones when the users want to get complete any specific work. In fact, people block the apps because they don’t want to get distracted at all while doing their important work. This application is capable of…

12. Forest

Android iOS
Forest is the best cure for the smartphone addiction. Forest is designed for those people who want to get a target or want to complete a task and for this purpose want to keep their smartphone away from them but cannot do so. Forest will force them to not use…

13. Freedom

The world of internet has opened the new doors of opportunities for use but at the same time is making our life complex as well. We are not focused towards our goals because it is distracting us by many means. But don’t worry now there are some apps that will…

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