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Beat Maker Pro carries one of the most easiest and reasonable way to learn and master the art of beat making capabilities right using your mobile device. Beat maker pro – Create beats and make music app was presented in the market by MWM Inc… read more
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9 Apps Like Beat Maker Pro for Android

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1. Tunable

Tunable is a chromatic chord generator, tuner, metronome, tone generator, and up to the mark recorder which helps you in learning to play steadily, on the beat, and in tune, etc. Tunable – Music Practice Tools is a great tool led in the market by AffinityBlue Inc. which brings one of the most sophisticated tuner, tone generator, metronome, and recorder for everyone who has any concern with it. Tunable – Tuner and Metronome app intuitively visualize how steadily you sing and play, and a white line draws how steady the respective pitch is, as the notes are held out. The app effectively improves your ear with chord and tone generator and keeps the tempo with a simple and concise metronome. Tunable – Music Practice Tools is a great tool which brings tuner (with history display), tone and chord generator (with Sustain), Recorder (with proverb), Metronome (precise and visuals), and available in dark and light theme. Tunable – Music Practice Tools app brings colorful, gigantic tuning indicator, visual tuner with a note, the history of tuning, horizontal and vertical display, an adjustable reference tone, and more. Tunable: Tuner and Metronome app enable you to record your performances and practice intuitively and add reverb for a professional sound, and you can then share your recording through Dropbox, SoundCloud, e-mail, and more.


2. edjing Mix

edjing Mix is presenting the brand new and exciting version of the world’s famous and most downloaded DJ app voted best by Google and is reworked to make sure even the gigantic level of performance. edjing Mix – Remix Your Songs and Make Music is a fine music tool introduced in the market by MWM Inc. which brings an advanced tool for enjoying DJ music whenever you want. MWM – Best Free Music and Audio Apps for Android allows you to access millions of amazing tracks from SoundCloud, Deezer, and all your local folders and remix in an instant with more than 20 DJ features and FX. Edjing Mix: DJ music mixer app brings the same ability of software of Pro DJ with the ease of being over a device which fits in your pocket. Edjing Mix – DJ is a super portable digital music setup that helps you enjoy playing music and songs anywhere you want. Edjing Mix – Remix your songs and make music carries a massive music library, integration of SoundCloud and Deezer, create multisource playlists with songs, smart search feature, advanced sorting, and more. edjing Mix: DJ music mixer lets you access more than 16 free samples and more than 20 sample packs right on your cell phone.


3. Real Guitar Free

Real Guitar Free is a massively used application to learn and play guitar on your tablets, mobile phones, or any portable mobile device. Real Guitar Free – Chords, Tabs and Simulator Games app was introduced in the market by Gismart Inc. which enables its worldwide users to learn as well as play any of their desired songs by truing chord and solo modes. It enables all the guitar lovers to learn songs while playing cool games. It is a free to use guitar simulation tool which contains plenty of useful options as well as playing modes and is pretty much perfect for either the pro users or beginners. Real Guitar Free -Guitar Learning and Guitar Games is a significant tool for users who are looking for music instrument substitution or want to learn as well as revise chords. It lets you play guitar music simulator games in your own way, and you can also strike or strum pluck virtual strings playing riffs, chords, and even solo of any complexity. It contains high-quality sounds that are professionally recorded through the genuine and classy musical instruments which give you the possibility to play without using the amp. Real Guitar Free – Chords, Tabs and Simulator Games is a great tool for guitar learning for kids and adults alike and carries awesome free games for kids.


4. Drums – Real Drum Set Games

Drums – Real Drum Set Games is a simple to use app which contains ultra-realistic sound and feel for every beginner to the pro drummer that enables them just to make a tap and hear the kick drums, snare drums, and cymbals instantly. Drums: Real Drum Set Music Games to Play and Learn app was presented in the market by MWM Solutions, which allows its worldwide users to enjoy learning and playing drums with everything needed to move on professional drum beating level. You can go through its amazing pack of drum lessons, practice things in a professional way, play games to practice and master your drumming capabilities in an effective and reasonable way. Drums – Play Music on Drum Machine brings a fine collection of full-fledged drum kits, plenty of music styles, ultra HD music sound, exquisite pack of lessons, amazing games for fun learning, and free to use scenarios. Drums: Real Drum Set Music Games to Play and Learn app carries an awesome pack of drum lessons which allows you to learn tons of your most likely songs from all difficulty levels. Drums – Play Music on Drum Machine app allows you to learn your desired songs, practice things in your own way, and play for hours of fun.


5. Drum Set Music

Drum Set Music is a significant tool that helps you feel the beat of the drum right at your fingertips in this exquisite mobile drumming experience. Drum Set Music Games & Drums Kit Simulator app was introduced in the market by Gismart Inc. which enables its users to throw your sticks away and get behind the drum kit of your desires. It contains a collection of complete drum kit that fits right inside your pocket and helps you enjoy playing and learning drums at the same time. It is free to use drum kit simulator which holds every type of drum kit that any beginner can ever need to become a pro drummer or the master of sticks. Drum Set Music Games and Drums Kit Simulator app make sure that you have every tool you need to practice drum beating on a regular basis and get the most out of your training sessions. You can precisely choose your most likely songs, a diversity of artists and genres, and enjoy learning in group or solo mode. You can share your creativity and drum beating efforts in a way like never before. Drum Set Music Games & Drums Kit Simulator lets you get loads of drum kits including jazz, dance, ethnic drums, Japanese drums, and electric pads to choose from.


6. Ditty by Zya

Ditty by Zya is an excellent tool which sings anything you text and allows you to make awesome songs, and stupidly hilarious music videos right through your mobile device. Ditty by Zya – Music App of the Year was presented in the market by Zya Inc. which brings one of the world’s most growing and effective way to make a song. You can intuitively add awesome GIFs by snapping videos or even selecting from your camera roll. It enables its users to make hilariously awesome musical memes with GIFs, and create stuff with tons of hit songs. The app keeps on generating tons of quality, nonsense, and sometimes awesome songs and also adds songs on a weekly basis. Ditty by Zya – Music App of the Year allows you to post your Dittys on the app for a chance to be featured and you can also add friends and follow their uploaded feeds effortlessly. Ditty app carries one of the most effective and effortless ways of making new songs and hilarious videos for all the worldwide folks. Ditty by Zya – Music App of the Year app lets you produce amazing songs written by you, and helps you share your passion with the whole universe.


7. UniPad

UniPad is a brand new and exclusive form of rhythm game based over the Launchpad that concisely produces the songs by tapping the buttons right on your tablets and cell phones. UniPad – Rhythm Game app was offered in the market by Kim Ji Sub Inc. which enables you to avoid PC or other expensive instruments and be a better performer through its ultimate functionalities optimized for your performance. It enables you to enjoy creating your own project files by exploring things from a wide range of content with more than 40 base songs. It brings the features that play content automatically and help you practice. UniPad – Rhythm Game allows everyone to make their desired UniPad by coating it with the skin. You can also connect the app with the mini equipment as well as the Launchpad. It brings the options of loading unipack, strong option, and setting functionality right on your mobile screen. Uni-Pad – Rhythm Game brings colorful and sleek buttons to generate music of your choice and helps you play your desired songs whenever you want.


8. Voloco

Voloco is an ultimate music or voice processing application which intuitively merges the automatic harmony, tuning, and vocoding in a way like never before. Voloco: Auto Voice Tune and Harmony is a fine music tool introduced in the market by Resonant Cavity Inc. which lets you pick a track from your own collection of music as well as Voloco’s free library to rap or sing. The app enables you to record your rehearsals and performances in video or audio so that you can precisely share your creativity with anyone you want. Voloco enables you to create your own mix of tunes and music video selfies, and you can post it over your desire social platform including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Snapchat, etc. If the app likes your musical efforts than it will definitely share your creativity by itself to the entire world. Voloco: Auto Voice Tune + Harmony App lets you explore some of the professional quality tracks that other of its users have made with the app in the ‘Top Tracks’ section. You can pick your desired beat form your own and also select one from its library to make unique content. Voloco: Auto Voice Tune and Harmony app bring a set of top tracks, dozens of presets to choose from, an amazing library of beats, and an exclusive exporting option for its worldwide users.


9. Real Guitar – Guitar Playing

Real Guitar – Guitar Playing is one of the most classy too that helps you live the dream of learning the guitar at its peak without any prior efforts or spending money. Real Guitar – Guitar Playing Made Easy is a fine guitar app introduced in the market by Kolb Apps Inc. which has intuitively transformed the screen of your mobile or tablet into a lifelike simulation of an electric and acoustic guitar. Real Guitar – Guitar Playing lets you check out the real Guitar specifications including the studio quality audio, range of customized chords, no latency, 3 modes of play, availability of more than 1.5K loops, high fidelity guitar songs and a hell of options for generating quality music. You can play, pick, strum, and plunk to your most likely content with the most classy and full-fledged guitar app available on this planet. Apart from these, Real Guitar also brings an exciting pack of 3 types of electric or acoustic guitars, support of 16 loops to jam along, recording mode, exporting of your recording to MP3, free to use credibility, and easy to use scenario to get things done. Real Guitar – Guitar Playing Made Easy allows you to pick solos, play cods, pick jam, and enjoy the sound recording of audio in ultimate studio quality.

More About Beat Maker Pro

Beat Maker Pro carries one of the most easiest and reasonable way to learn and master the art of beat making capabilities right using your mobile device. Beat maker pro – Create beats and make music app was presented in the market by MWM Inc. which brings one of your most likely drum pad app to create music and amazing beats directly through your mobile device. Beat maker pro – Drum Pad app will precisely let you learn all the secrets to create your own songs on the move and even play tracks from all genres including EDM, hip hop, pop, trap, boost, dubstep, and various others. The app lets you tap on the pad to create sounds and make music with cool dram machine. Beatmaker Pro – Create beats and make music app allows you to grasp a collection of the tone of significant lessons to learn and play awesome songs and even perfect your skills as a music maker and beat maker. It brings loads of music genres, colorful drum pad design, rhythm feedback, and HD studio audio quality, easy to use experience, thousands of songs with lessons, and keeps on updating its sound packs every week. Beat maker pro – Drum Pad app suits both beginners and pro beat makers due to its extensive lessons that will track you step by step how to play songs.