10 Best Wifi Analyzer Apps

Whether a home, public or a business user, IT student, networking professional or any ordinary person want a stunning app that provides network analyzer for their mobile phones. These Wifi Analyzer Apps brings more productivity to your mobile phone so that you can manage networks and their related things with more precision and accuracy. There are more and more entertainment services are moving towards streaming than it is obvious to have a faster network connection on top. Everyone needs a fine app that tells them about the information about their nearby networks just to bring the ease of maintaining a connection with the most powerful, suitable, and reliable one. These apps intend to tell you about the signal strength of any network, the downloading and uploading speed, provides nearby access points, graphical support for channel strength and other information, analyse network Wi-Fi, view access points, estimated distance, information about the mobile provider and Wi-Fi-connections, and lot more. Here is a list of the most leading mobile Wifi Analyzer Apps that helps you get the detailed description of networks that you want with simple clicks.

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Wifi Analyzer- Home Wifi Alert

Wifi Analyzer- Home Wifi Alert is one of the most impressive apps that is being called an awesome router network utility. This is an efficient mobile Wi-Fi analyzer that has many IP tools for monitoring your office and home’s network signal information, wireless strength and speed, and mapping your wired or wireless devices with an ultimate graphical support.

WiFiAnalyzer (open-source)

WiFiAnalyzer (open-source) is an elegant app that helps you optimize your Wi-Fi network using this ultimate tool by examining surrounding Wi-Fi network, identified crowded channels, measuring their signal strength and lot more.

NetX – Network Discovery Tools

NetX – Network Discovery Tools is an all-in-one app that brings the ease of handling your mobile phone network concern activities. It provides so many features that help you manage the networks.

Network Analyzer Pro

Network Analyzer Pro is an elegant tool that helps you diagnose various problems regarding your Wi-Fi network, network setup and internet connectivity. It is a flamboyant mobile network analyzing app that is equipped with high-performance Wi-Fi discovery tools along with the LAN devices addresses, manufacturers, names, and others.


ConnectBot is potentially one of the best apps with an attractive user rating. It is very powerful and useful SSH client. It is a great open-source Secure Shell that lets you manage the simultaneous SSH sessions, copy or paste other clients between the other applications, create secure tunnels, etc.

WiFi Manager

WiFi Manager is a pretty straightforward mobile network device that enables its users to discover, connect, and maintain Wi-Fi networks with extreme ease. It lets you enrich and increase the quality of the channel radar and find some open networks around you.

4G WiFi Maps & Speed Test. Find Signal & Data Now.

4G WiFi Maps & Speed Test. Find Signal & Data Now. Brings a powerful, and free network signal and an amazing Wi-Fi tool. This app is comprised of some extraordinary features that enable its users to get network integration with extreme ease and efficiency.

WiFi Signal Strength

WiFi Signal Strength is a simple and intuitive tool for managing the strength of any mobile phone network connection. It is an effective smartphone network utility that allows you to manage your current Wi-Fi connection by viewing the signal strength.

Wifi Analyzer

Wifi Analyzer brings efficiency for getting the details of your Wi-Fi connection for proper integration. It delivers a fine approach to get network integration using its most sensible tools and features for its users.

Wi-Fi Analytics Tool

Wi-Fi Analytics Tool is an ultimate tool that efficiently analyzes your Wi-Fi networks. It is a great app that provides the advanced level features for well managing your network related stuff.

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