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Bestie is, in fact, a camera editing application that will get itself synchronized with the camera of your mobile phone and after that will allow you to edit your selfies and even standard images rightly from this photo editing application. This is the best selfie can camera editing application ever developed for getting the real beauty of any image… read more
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30 Apps Like Bestie



LUCiD is an all in one photo editing application that allows the both beginners and competitive people to unlock their full potential of editing their photos as they want. This photo editing application was designed with only one aim and that is to help all kind of photos to look without doing too much work.


TouchRetouch is a highly creative image editing application designed to deal with unwanted content in the images. It offers the fast, simple, flexible and easy to use image editing to its users so that you can access all those tools and functions that you need to turn your images into entirely clear stories quickly.


Mextures is a multifunctional image editing application that permits the smartphone users to enjoy the unlimited number of layers on their images. This will make it easy for you to adjust the size, position and even crop the image as well.


Photogene is listed among the leading photo editing application available for the smartphone users. With the usage of this photo editing application, it will become easy and simple for you to edit, improve and even decorate and share the edited photos with others as well.


Enlight is an image editing application for the iOS devices only. The features integrated into this powerful editing application aims to offer the simple and easy to use photo editing functions to the smartphone users.

Filterstorm Neue

This photo editing application is used for advanced image editing. The masking and advanced editing tools being offered by the Filterstorm Neue support for the selective editing. That means you don’t need to edit the entire image as the selective image editing of this app will allow you to select the specific part of the image.

You Makeup Photo Editor

As the name of this photo editing application is showing this application must be for retouching the facial issues. However, this photo editing application can be used for editing entire image as well.

PIP Camera

PIP Camera is in fact a selfie editing application that works as a professional photo editor as well. This photo editor will redefine the photo taking and photo editing process for you.


PortraitPro is an excellent photo editing application that offers the fast and intuitive photo editing tools to its users. Once installed and you have uploaded your image this application will automatically detect the face, age and even gender of the image so that the application can decide what have to do with the image.


Rather than working as a standard photo editing application this app basically used for getting the fashionable look in the photos of all kind. According to this application the photo editing tools that the users use for editing their photos are basically being controlled by the real people.


VSCO is in fact the community of the creators and professional photographers that come here to share their creative work with others. They explore what others are sharing to get the new ideas and inspiration.


BeautyPlus called itself the easy photo editing application because of offering those editing tools that are easy on hand and ensure the creation of beautiful images as well. Recently BeautyPlus has got new features named AnimeCam that lets the smartphone users to transform their regular photos into animated collages and express their creativity with their friends over the social media platforms.


AirBrush is an all-purpose photo editor containing comprehensive photo editing facilities. In addition to being simple and easy to use photo editing application the tools being offered by the AirBrush are also easy to use.

Fused Photo Editor

Fused Photo Editor is an application that has made the photography fused together very simple for the smartphone users. This photo editor additionally contains a double exposure video blender as well that will empower you to deal with your videos as well.

Font Candy

Font Candy is a photo caption and typography editing application that puts its users in the chair of a high-class designer and after that allow them to generate the custom designs for their photos.

Photo Grid

Photo Grid is a three in one photo editing application. The single pack of Photo Grid is containing the functions of photo editing, collage making and even video editing as well.

Photo Candy Editor

Photo Candy Editor is the popular photo editing application that is basically the part of the Candy Camera with the availability as a standalone photo editing application. The simple working style of Photo Candy Editor will allow you at add professional looking patterns and shapes of unique style to create unique photos.


With the availability of hundreds of layouts, effects, and drawing tools, Lidow is one of the most demanded photo editing apps for editing photos of all types. With the assistance of this application you can equally edit the newly captured photos and can deal with old photos as well.

Photo Editor Collage Maker Pro

If you are using those photos editing apps that allow you to get full control over color mixing then you are using the accomplished photo editing app. In case you are still facing difficulties while finding these kinds of photo editing apps then Photo Editor Collage Maker Pro is an application containing that feature as its basic function.


Picsart is one of the largest photo editing applications with the additional qualities of making collage photos and even editing short length videos as well. In fact, it is also known by the name of Picsart Photo Studio and Collage making application for the Android and iOS devices only.

A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess is an elegant application introduced by two sisters Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman that own this app together. Both of them amazingly published a women’s lifestyle company focused on creating happiness for its users every day through a homemade lifestyle.

Rhonna Designs

Rhonna Designs is an exquisite application for people who love to add personality to their photo edits. It is a fully featured application through which users can enjoy amazing tools right on their mobile phones.


MYSTIC is another amazing editor that helps you create some attractive photos with the collaboration of your creative mind and its outstanding features. It is a widely used application through which users from all over the world can bring their editing level to the top of the game.


Obaby is an ultimate application that helps you to tell your beautiful, lovely and gorgeous baby stories with handcraft artwork on the awesome photos. The artwork includes an extensive range of classic baby sayings, special moments from adoption and pregnancy, milestones, and all the stuff that is attached to these babies.

Over Edit & Add Text to Photos

Over Edit & Add Text to Photos is an amazing photo editing experience that helps you boost your photos with more creativity and liveliness. It is a widely used fast and easy photo editor through which users can enjoy way many interesting photo editing features that help you extemporize your images with more stunning stuff.


iDarkroom is a Maple Studio production which provides a number of amazing features for its worldwide users. It is an amazing app that lets you bring an outstanding photo editing experience.


Juxtaposer app enables its users to combine more than one pics into a fun and creative photomontages effortlessly and instantly. Juxtaposer: Easily create photomontages app bought in the market by Pocket Pixels Inc.


Whitagram brings one of the most convenient ways to use the original size pics with the white background. Whitagram is a great tool introduced by Sangmook Lee Inc. which enables its users to enjoy producing portrait and landscape photos and upload them over their desired social media app.


InstaMag is loved by tons of worldwide people who want to merge more than one pic of their occasions, parties, get-togethers, outing, and any other meetings in one pic (collage) and share it over their social media platforms.

Framatic Pro

Framatic Pro lets you combine multiple pics into a beautifully framed photos with borders in a way like never before, just to let you share and save your story and moment to your most likely social media platforms.

More About Bestie

Bestie is, in fact, a camera editing application that will get itself synchronized with the camera of your mobile phone and after that will allow you to edit your selfies and even standard images rightly from this photo editing application. This is the best selfie can camera editing application ever developed for getting the real beauty of any image. It is based on the practical editing principle so that you can even edit those images that have been taken during the night time. The tools for editing being offered by the Bestie are flawless selfie photo beautifier, availability of hot stickers for all kind of pictures, photo airbrushing and much more. This photo editing application will give you full command and control on all of the editing section of the images. For the information of the readers, rather than offering too much editing tools and functions, this photo editing application is packed with the various photo effects and filters. Bestie is simply one of the best photo editing apps for the smartphones.

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