BillGuard is a finance app and means to stay on top of the money and credit activities. It is an application that comes with a highly centralized platform in the shape of a smart inbox from where they users can review each transaction, either these are by way of cash, bank accounts or cards… read more

Apps Like BillGuard for iOS

#1 Quicken


Quicken is a significant tool that tracks, manages, and controls your money on the move, right through your cell phones and tablets. The app allows its global users to manage their finance anywhere or anytime. It enables you to track the spending trends, inflow and outflow, money transactions, and various other things related to your money.

Quicken app intuitively syncs your mobile date and desktop so that you can view your accounts, balances, and transactions whenever you want. The app allows you to track your spendings and check your budget with just a single click of the button. It lets you enter the transaction that you want to spend even when you are offline. Other than these, Quicken app also allows you to grab the entire history of search, split transactions for a precise view, snap and store pics of your receipt, and do much else.


#2 Mint


Mint is a financial solution for spending smartly and saving more in a systemized manner. Mint is a personal finance and money management application by using which the users can track all types of their spending, expenses, and income. The best about this application is that it can be used even to maintain the record of transactions made through credit/debit cards or solely on a credit basis.

A safe and secure application that will make you able to quickly pull your entire financial accounts, credit card history, investment, and many others at a centralized platform of the Mint. You can check your financial position at any time. Use this application for creating those budgets that are truly reliable, genuine, and make some sense for the ultimate success of tomorrow.

#3 You Need A Budget


You Need A Budget is an exquisitely used application that helps you break the paycheck to paycheck cycle, spend less time, get out of debt, and start saving your money in a way like never before. YNAB – Budget and Personal Finance is a vital tool presented by that lets you get total control of the inflow and outflow of your money.

You Need A Budget – Budget and Personal Finance app let you save a handsome amount of money on a weekly or monthly basis, and you can even save over $6,000 in the very first year. It lets you make an instant connection with all your accounts. It makes it easy to import your transactions and be up to date with everything you have regarding your accounts.


#4 Mvelopes


Mvelopes is the name of an advanced level of cash management and planning app that furnishes its users with the arrangement of envelope planning. It is an application that will make it simple for you to aggregate sparing and decrease the spending level and afterward eventually end at absolutely paying the all. Before going for what Mvelopes can do simply check how it can do; Mvelopes contains an extended, improved perspective money management system where each exchange will be introduced in a nitty gritty view with the goal that you ought to know about you money related position constantly. At that point, there is a nitty gritty vendor data framework for keeping the record of your clients and by including just a couple subtle elements of them ought to be in a position to approach whenever. The procedure begins by taking after four straightforward strides; first, add accounts as per your prerequisite and afterward including wage and in the last spending plan. Presently you will have the capacity to control these fair by inputting your spending. The ready arrangement of Mvelopes will naturally caution you for a situation of overspending with the goal that you ought to have the capacity to settle on better choices at the spot. Be that as it may, there is one confinement on this application, and that is it is entirely taking into account the monetary allowance making in spite of the actuality it said it as a finance management app notwithstanding just making the financial plan.

#5 Monefy


Monefy is a convenient personal account and cash management app to think about where your cash passes by just using the cash tracker apparatuses of this app. Within few seconds you can track all of pay and costs. You will be permitted with the arrangement of including new records effortlessly just by including the new transactions. Monefy depends at once section framework so don’t stress over managing two distinctive head of records. You will be most likely given with the perceived and proper accounting rules. At the point when surprisingly you will introduce this application, you will be paid many classifications where you can enter the transactions as per their head of records. There is additionally a framework for including new heads and classes as per your prerequisites. The key elements that will make this tumultuous procedure capable and charming incorporate survey the spending and costs on the graph or getting the definite data as indicated by particular classification or head of record, dealing with the classes, overseeing transactions in different monetary standards, spending mode framework, and a considerable measure of the various components. Additionally, there is likewise a framework for making the reinforcement for at whatever period and afterward trading the same inside few taps. A large portion of the elements accessible in Monefy is recording overseeing and following costs. In term of salary administration, it has exceptionally restricted alternatives.

#6 CountAbout


CountAbout is a significant tool which enables its global users to enjoy online finance website that can be connected to thousands of financial institutions. CountAbout is a simple to use mobile app that contains more than 18k institutions, which helps you in managing your money whenever it is. It is a sleekly designed application that allows you to manage a categorized transactions podium containing joint checking, savings, UW savings, quicken, and more.

You can intuitively withdraw or deposit money through this elegantly designed application. It is currently accessible through a web browser, and you can even sync it with the mobile phones running Android and iOS. The app takes much care of user’s security and keeps their data private from others. Count About is a massively used friend-focus website that enables extensive customization to meet all the user needs. So just give a chance to download CountAbout app in your cell phones and make personal finance management a breeze.

#7 Personal Capital


The principle reason for a monetary and cash management app ought to be stand out and that is it must be fit for demonstrating the willing users their total assets continuously. Here is the Personal Capital that depends on the same target in spite of the way that its method for overseeing monetary records in just likes other budgetary and cash administration application. The free venture and analyzer device of Personal Capital empower the clients to see the quality of their speculation and break down their execution notwithstanding basically following them. It is an application by utilizing which you can get the point of interest of transactions on the week after week, month to month and yearly premise of the greater part of your salary, ways of managing money, and income. The users of Personal Capital can see monetary transactions as indicated by classifications, dealer and by other sifting alternatives. It depends on the standards of twofold section accounts administration where you will embed exchange in one record and it will be recorded in the other important head of records too. The inherent speculation and trade administration apparatuses out this application will give you the suggestion and will give you those techniques by utilizing which you can accomplish your budgetary objectives viably and astutely.

#8 moneyStrands


Your money related management issues are in front of you in the shape of moneyStrands. Download the application and associate the banks you require. You’ll get moment access to your record equalizations, monetary transactions, ways of managing money and spending plans. All you have to settle on more intelligent choices today. Is venturing to the far corners of the planet you’re thing? Then again would you say you are energetic about beginning another business? An objective without a due date is only a fantasy. So begin doing huge: set your sparing objectives inside MoneyStrands and keep yourself on top of things. Take complete control of the amount of cash you would be able to spend on staple goods, on feasting out, on vacations, on everything. Here’s the manner by which: set customized spending plans for any class you need and spend likewise. See precisely when your wage, costs and spending happen. Track them and arrangement ahead. The best most importantly money related information can be get to anyplace, at whatever time. There is additionally an update and ready framework where you will get informed by the moneyStrands on the off chance that you are surpassing your spending points of confinement or you are out of equalizations. To put it plainly, this application is the arrangement of every one of those devices that give the clients complete control over the income.

#9 Moneydance


Moneydance is the name of a simple and easy to use money management app that includes are those features and functions that are important for money management point of view: internet saving money and bill installment, account administration, planning and speculation following. Moneydance handles numerous monetary forms and for all intents and purposes any budgetary assignment effortlessly. Moneydance can naturally download transactions and send installments online from many budgetary establishments. It figures out how to consequently order and tidy up downloaded transactions. Use the diagramming apparatus to produce visual reports of your salary and costs. Set the diagram sort, the date range, and a particular setting for the kind of chart you crave. Pop-up inflatables show more data about the information being diagramed as you move the mouse pointer over various districts of the screen. Charts can likewise be printed or spared to PNG picture formats. The record register is utilized to enter, alter, and erase transactions from financial records. It is outwardly like a paper checkbook register, however the computation of equalizations and sorting of transactions is all done naturally. The payee auto-complete element makes it less demanding to enter and classify your transactions.

More About BillGuard

BillGuard is a finance app and means to stay on top of the money and credit activities. It is an application that comes with a highly centralized platform in the shape of a smart inbox from where they users can review each transaction, either these are by way of cash, bank accounts or cards. The user of BillGuard can view their spending habits in various shapes that are seeing according to categories and in the shape of graphs and reports as well.

The comparison of expenses for two months can also be made to view the spending ratio. If you are such a type of person who makes most of the transaction on a cash basis, then you must use this application as you will get the real-time credit score and the essential factors that are affecting it.

For the first time in finance application history, BillGuard has introduced the bank and card protection system, and by using this feature, the user will get the fraud alerts and will quickly spot suspicious charges and even billing errors. It will alert if anyone will try to get into your bank account or credit card. From entry to protection, BillGuard is one of the best financial applications whose features are beyond the financial transactions.

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