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BiTaksi makes it so comfortable and quick to request for a taxi (with a single tap) and watch (as it comes to you) in Istanbul and Ankara. Bi Taksi is a widely used tool introduced by BiTaksi Mobile Teknoloji AS Inc… read more
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23 Apps Like BiTaksi



MileUp is a superb app through which you can automatically earn real-time points just for driving. For every mile you drive using MileUp app, you can earn 2 points intuitively. Mile Up app was introduced in the market by Agero, Inc.

99 – Private Driver and Taxi

99 – Private Driver and Taxi is one of the biggest Brazilian e-hailing services whose mission is to transform people lives and revolutionize mobility. 99 – Private Driver and Taxi is a great product of 99 technology LTDA Inc.


Drivy lets you get a car for a few hours or even for a few days. Drivy – Cars around you, ready to go helps all its users to effortlessly find a car, book it from anywhere, and enjoy its ride through your journey.

Taxsee Driver

Taxsee Driver is a classy service for those who want to make money, cover the car maintained cost, start their own business in transportation, etc. Taxsee Driver bought in the market by Technologiya Inc.

Driver Pulse

Driver Pulse is a classy and one of the most initial tenstreet’s app for drivers having cell phones and tablets. Driver Pulse by Tenstreet is probably a software company working on bringing carriers as well as drivers altogether.


PickMe is an intuitive tool through which mobile phone users of Sri Lanka can enjoy one of the most sophisticated transportation hailing platform for the Western Province. PickMe (Sri Lanka) is a highly efficient app introduced by PickMe Inc.


MyCar enables all the drivers to catch you in minutes and get you wherever you want as quickly as possible. MyCar is a fine looking tool introduced by Platform Apps Inc.

Uber Fleet

Uber Fleet is a super-management app for Uber partners which provides them with the tools to operate their business more effectively and efficiently. Uber Fleet comes into the market for the easy for managing all the stuff for Uber partners, introduced by Uber Technologies, Inc.

One Way Cab

One Way Cab is one of the Indians most leading and spreading one-way taxi service provider at more reasonable rates as compared to the traditional two-way fare within a city. One Way Cab never let you pay for two-way fair when you are travelling just one-way.

TripView Lite

TripView Lite is another intuitive application which displays Melbourne and Sidney public transport timeable data right on your mobile phone. TripView Lite features a summary view presenting your next services with an entire timbale viewer.


Maxim makes it so convenient to order for a taxi right through your mobile phone if you want to go to somewhere for any of your official and domestic work. Maxim — order a taxi is a great app introduced by Mobil Telecom LLC which brings one of the most elegant and probably the best way to call for a ride and get one.

Clever Taxi

Clever Taxi carries one of the most smooth, easy, and fastest way to get a car for a ride. Clever Taxi is one of the best taxi apps in Romania which helps you call the cap to various companies in more than 20 major cities.

Kaiian taxi

Kaiian taxi is an fine taxi app working in Arab which brings an intuitive application and a freedom to move across your desired places through it. This application makes it so easy for calling a cab and lets you make your journey in the quickest and easiest way.


Etaximo is one of the most emerging taxi apps which helps you enjoy all your rides and trips without any problem. Etaximo – Taxi Of Choice is a stunning app bought to you by Etaximo Inc.


iTaksi is an intuitive online taxi service which ensures both passengers as well as taxi drivers feel comfortable and safe while on trips, developed by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB). ITaksi is a superb app through which you can easily calculate the estimated fare for your trip in advance, and it does not imply any hidden charges to ensure better quality service.

TAXI Booking

TAXI Booking makes it easy to book a cab or a taxi for any of your trip in the city. TAXI Booking – CAB Booking App is a great looking and an emerging app in India introduced by Educom Apps Inc.


TAXImet makes it so convenient to start, stop and pause the ride and get to know the exact distance, wait, speed, and more specifically the fare. TAXImet – Taximeter is a gorgeous tool introduced by Innovemind Inc.

Taxi Control

Taxi Control is a fine taxi app introduced by the Energy Tech Inc. which has precisely transformed your mobile phones and tablets into a real-time precise meter GPS for your vehicle.


Raxi seamlessly connects passengers with the nearby drivers. It is a social mobile searching app through which you can easily get nearby drivers. This app is beneficial for both, whether you are a passenger looking to get a ride, or a driver looking to give a ride.

ViaVan Driver

ViaVan Driver is one of the most gorgeous ride-sharing service which is revolutionizing the transportation day by day. ViaVan Driver bought in the market by Via Transpiration Inc. which guaranteed earning and premium for shared rides.

Bounce Driver

Bounce Driver bought in the market by Altruistic Inc. which brings almost everything you need to fast track your business in one app. Bounce Driver & Partner brings a collection of almost 6 different ways to earn compensation while the company pays out nearly 90 percent of the base fare revenues to the partners.

Taxi Fare GPS

Taxi Fare GPS enables its entire users to easily estimate the cost of the taxi without the internet connection requirements. In the most initial time of its development Taxi Fare GPS is available for the cities Medellin, Bogota, Colombia, Cali, various areas of New York in the United States, and some others.

Taksi Taxi

Taksi Taxi is another fine app introduced in the market by Murat Aydin Inc. which helps everyone to calculate the taxi fee (in Turkish Liras) as well as the distance in kilometers between two coordinates for Turkey.

More About BiTaksi

BiTaksi makes it so comfortable and quick to request for a taxi (with a single tap) and watch (as it comes to you) in Istanbul and Ankara. Bi Taksi is a widely used tool introduced by BiTaksi Mobile Teknoloji AS Inc. which helps everyone to discover the nearest taxi around and directs it to you intuitively. This application helps you get a fast, safe, and easy ride experience for any of your nearby places by choosing the most flexible payment method as well. BiTaksi helps you get the entire description of the driver by letting you discover to have the driver’s name, ratings, reviews, photo, license plate, and even the ETA on a live map. It brings with multiple methods for your payment including cash, credit BKM Express, and credit card, etc. and you can easily choose what best fits you. Through this extraordinary riding app, users can go cashless, get the ride history, calculate the fare, share their ETA, watch their taxi arrive, pay with cash or card, rate the driver, give and get reviews, and much more. So just download BiTaksi app, and enjoy riding even with top quality drivers and vehicles.

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