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Bitcoin Wallet aims to have your Bitcoins always with you. It lets you pay with a quick scanning of QR code and even receive money or other payments reliably and instantly as a merchant. It is probably the first Bitcoin wallet app and arguably the most secure as well… read more
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13 Apps Like Bitcoin Wallet



Coinbase is one of the most recommended and no 1 application to buy and save Bitcoins litecoin, and ethereum through offering one of the most compatible and complementary services for eth, btc, and ltc on both mobile and web.

Bitcoin Checker

Bitcoin Checker is a Mobnetic invention that enhances the way of managing currencies and other stuff online. It is one of the most intuitive applications that lets its users to monitor the most recent prices of all crypto-currencies in more than 80 exchanges from all around the world.

Bitcoin Price IQ

Bitcoin Price IQ is an intuitive and a widely used crypto-currency and Bitcoin tracker that enables its users to check and analyze the latest prices of these virtual coins and hundreds of other currencies such as Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, and more.

Bitcoin Ticker Widget

Bitcoin Ticker Widget was introduced by the XBT apps that enables its users to monitor and display the current cryptocurrency, BTC, and LTC exchange rates. Bitcoin Ticker delivers an intuitive list of features that lets you set custom display options and refresh interval options.


Blockchain is a magnificent piece of stuff that exaggerates the ease of managing your online currency or usage of Bitcoins and ether simple, safe, and fun. It delivers a super secure way to manage and secure exchange of BTC to ETH or vice versa, storing funds, and control other instant transactions from all over the world.
0 Wallet Wallet is a Coin Asia product that provides one of the most effective and easy ways for transferring money online, buy load, shop online, and pay for bills without the need of any bank account.

Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet

Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet is another classy application that lets you send and receive bitcoins right through your mobile phones. You can make sure the robust security of your online payments and other currency handlings having this ultimate mobile wallet in your pocket.

zTrader Altcoin/Bitcoin Trader

zTrader Altcoin/Bitcoin Trader is another fine app that lets you manage crypto-currency with extreme comfort and advanced scenario. It is a superb application and a secure trading client for the largest ALTcoin and Bitcoin exchange.


Bitfinex offers an intuitive exchange and margin trading, manage orders, and positions. It is a superb mobile wallet application that not only provides some advanced and more handy features but also lets its users to enjoy an ultimate service for liquidity providers and crypto-currency traders.


Bitstamp is a superb application that lets you stay connected with the current market regarding your favourite crypto-currency exchange. This intuitive and superb quality application not only allows you to trade anytime but also lets you stay up to date with the real-time market data.


LibertyX lets you instantly buy bitcoins at thousands of local stores near you. It delivers an elegant and the most intelligent features that let you find a nearby store, follow the specific store instructions, and the bitcoins send immediately to your address.


Blockfolio is a superb application that helps its users to manage, monitor and control all of their cryptocurrency investments effortlessly. It is an all in one solution for cryptocurrency holders that can invest smarter and move faster.


Cryptonator is a widely used, secure, and easy to use crypto-currency wallet having more than 400,000 active accounts. It is an all in one wallet that supports many currencies including BTC, LTC, Dash, and many others.

More About Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin Wallet aims to have your Bitcoins always with you. It lets you pay with a quick scanning of QR code and even receive money or other payments reliably and instantly as a merchant. It is probably the first Bitcoin wallet app and arguably the most secure as well. It requires no registration, cloud, and web service because this wallet is peer to peer and de-centralized. Bitcoin Wallet allows the display of Bitcoins amount in mBTC, BTC, and µBTC, etc. It also enables conversions to and from national currencies. It has made it simple to sending and receiving of Bitcoin through QR-code, Bitcoin URLs, and NFC. This app also provides an address book for regularly used Bitcoin addresses. Its another wonderful feature lets you pay even when you are offline as through Bluetooth. It delivers system notifications for received Bitcoins, swapping of paper wallets, and app widget for received coins.

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