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Blackmart Alpha

People called in the alternative of the Google Play Store, and it deserved to be said at one of the best alternatives of the Google Play Store for downloading Android apps. Blackmart Alpha is the name of an independent app store for downloading Android applications… read more
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39 Apps Like Blackmart Alpha



Mobogenie called itself one of the largest Android Apps Store over the internet. Mobogenie is the combination of its apps and apps that it gets from the Google Play Store. So, that means it is not an independent platform for getting the Android apps but still you can get from the best possible apps for your Android smartphones and tablets.


AppsDrop is the supplier of value based Android apps. The games and apps that are accessible at AppsDrop are free from all sorts of blunders. Its method of working is totally diverse.


Aptoide is an app store market where a user can download all Android applications and use them free of cost. When you launch it, the homepage will display all relevant products chosen by editors, ranging from games to essential applications.


AppValley is a fine place where users of smartphones, as well as tablets, can approach and get hacked or tweaked applications. It is an AppValley VIP App Store which enhances the ease of getting mobile phone internal stuff with ease.


Kuaiyong is a software that provides you facility to install paid apps on any iOS device without any cost. After the release of Apple iOS version 9.2, vShare, AppAddict and Kuaiyong applications are the most favorite apps downloaded by a huge number of users.


AppBrain is the name of an independent Android app market over the internet that makes the Android smartphone and tablet users able to find and install the best Android apps available over the internet.


F-Droid is said to be one of the largest repositories of Android apps over the internet. It is a free and open source platform that offers a large number of apps for Android smartphones and tablets.

Amazon Appstore

Amazon Appstore is a place from where you can get apps and games for your Android smartphones and tablets. Amazon Appstore offers the access to apps, games, TV shows and apps for the Android devices only.


ACMarket is an elegant place for all the worldwide individuals that enable its users to download cracked android games as well as apps for free and fast. It is a widely used and reliable platform where users can enjoy downloading multiple games and applications for their Android smartphones for free.


This independent Android app store apps to offer the free and open source apps and games. Fossdroid is basically being backed by the F-Droid and to some extent it seems to be the project of F-Droid as well.


GetJar is an independent mobile development platform that deals with free apps, games, and themes APK. It is said to be one of the largest and app stores over the internet, currently listing almost one million apps with three million downloads in a day.


Moborobo is basically an Android manager but offers the apps for Android smartphones as well. Moborobo is widely available for Android smartphones and Windows PC. Use Moborobo and download free games and apps to your smartphone through PC network.

App Tracker

App Tracker is the finest tool introduced by Nolan Lawson that helps you control and manage your mobile phone applications in the most handy and smart way. This super handy shows a list of four applications icons sorted by recently used, rarely used, mostly used, recently used, recently updated and the flavour of the week, etc.


Appzuma is the supplier of hand-picked Android apps. Appzuma is a phenomenal commercial center for Android clients with a great deal of free games and apps for all Android supporting handsets.


TweakBox is a stunning app installer application that enables its users to easily access a huge number of applications. It is easy to use app that let you open this app, go to your preferred category of applications, and install the apps you want.

Android Pit

Android Pit is a best in the class source of information for getting Android apps, tips and even news and views. You can say it the both replacement of Google Play Store and Android data center as well.


Mobomarket is a free Android games and apps market over the internet that is said to be one of the largest Android apps markets. Mobomarket is an independent Android app market with full app manager features and offers android games, android market, android apps and much more.


AppAddict is a cool application tool because it is a desktop repository that doubles as an actual mobile application. Third-party app stores are not app stores, but these are websites, and you can use them on your PC through the browser.


iPASTORE allows you to browse, download and install apps directly from on your device for free and you can use it as the best alternative of vShare. It is a platform that works on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch directly.


Appcake is the one of the most fantastic third-party iOS repositories, and it has accrued a very loyal user base. It is helpful to have a large user community because it is a third-party app store.


25PP is one the amazing app store like Installous, AppCake, and vShare but in something different way. Some new apps are part of this app store which are not available on any other app store.


Zestia is one of the most updated, easy to use, and probably the best non-jailbreak iOS app assistant out there in the market. You can download Zestia Step app for free to get the advanced, private, secure, and sleek app assistant for the iOS devices.


iNuclearApp is an excellent and one of the high rated virtual iPhone application that can be jailbroken and is downloaded for free. INuclearApp is a gorgeous tool which merely brings an entirely new and an ultimate way for you to run the iOS in Android and iOS.


This platform hosts almost one million apps and games for Android mobile operating environment. Most of the apps available here are free to download and share with others. Apps, games, wallpapers and much more stuff for your Android operating environment is arranged here in a well-organized list.


SlideMe is an independent Android apps market from where you can download free and paid Android apps. SlideMe is said to be one of the best replacements of Google Play Store because it also offers a broad range of free and paid Android apps that are being provided by the apps developers across the globe.


iTongPush is one of the best websites for downloading and installing IPA app just like vShare, PandaApp, and iFunBox. iTongPush provides almost all apps given on AppStore and other well-known app providing websites.


Mevvy is a searching channel to find free apps. The primary advantage to using Mevvy is that it is multifunctional, and it can be utilized by iOS, Blackberry, Windows OS, and Mac OS X to get some amazing apps for free.


Zeusmos is a PC-free code-signing solution that allows you to share and install apps without any of the red tapes. It is a multi-useful application for both Android and iOS, and it let you install apps on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices quickly.


HipStore is an app store that is available for both Android, iOS devices and provides you the opportunity to download some premium apps for iOS, Android with any price. Many iOS users love to download paid apps for free without any jailbreaking process then HipStore comes to download paid apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPad Touch devices for free.


vShare is an app store available for both iPhone and Android smartphones. When you got an iDevice, this app store is installed on it officially, and you can get any application through this store.


TutuApp is one of the best stable, compatible, free of jailbreak application that helps you get the most convenient way to download tons of application. It is the true iOS helper that brings incredible ease and simplicity as you could imagine for downloading tons of applications.


iNoJB is an intuitive and gigantically used cydia no jailbreak or a no jailbreak app installer available for the iOS devices. INOJB – IOS CYDIA NO JAILBREAK app store makes it so easy for installing cydia no jailbreak without any PC.


Cydia is an effective and globally renewed alternative or similar app to the Apple’s App Store for all the jailbroken devices and is including all the iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches, and so on, designed and available to use by the Jay Freeman.


Emus4u is one of the best and the most sophisticated alternative to the jailbreaking which carries loads of amazing functionalities for catching all your off-market applications with extreme ease and real comfort.


AppEven is an up to the mark third-party app store which enables its users to download and install all the off-market and unavailable apps which are not present over the traditional apps store of iOS devices.

Asterix Installer

Asterix Installer is one of the most authentic and easy to use third-party installer client for the Android as well as iOS devices. Asterix Installer – Unleash the Potential of your Device app allows its worldwide users to get access to your favorite applications, games, themes, tweaks, and much more, all for free.

Mojo Installer

Mojo Installer is an exceptional, decentralized, free to use third-party software distribution system introduced in the market for all the iOS devices running stock over the iOS 7, iOS 9 and the up.

Google Play Store

Google Play Store is the official and the largest source of information and download center for Android apps. Google Play Store deals in all kind of apps from free to pay and trial to test apps.


iFunBox is a software that you can install to your computer and it is available for both Mac and PC. This software allows you to get the file hierarchy of a linked (aka, physically connected to your computer by the charging cable) iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

More About Blackmart Alpha

People called in the alternative of the Google Play Store, and it deserved to be said at one of the best alternatives of the Google Play Store for downloading Android apps. Blackmart Alpha is the name of an independent app store for downloading Android applications. The best about Blackmart Alpha is that most of the apps available here are free to download. You will find here those apps that are otherwise available at Google Play Store against prices. Blackmart Alpha deals in the apps and games of the smartphones and tablets using Android operating systems. Right from the platform of Blackmart Alpha you can download as many apps and games as you want without even creating any account or going for prior registration at all. The market of Blackmart Alpha is very simple and offers many features and functions to make its users able to download many more apps. On the independent app market of Blackmart Alpha, all apps are available for free download. The best of these apps are that there is no test or trial system at all.