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Bluetooth App Sender

Bluetooth App Sender is a great application which enables its users to share any of their applications right from one mobile to another mobile. This application was introduced by DecVersion, which elegantly uses your mobile’s Bluetooth to share applications from one phone to the next… read more
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14 Apps Like Bluetooth App Sender


1. Bluetooth File Transfer

Bluetooth File Transfer is another intuitive application through which users from all over the world can enjoy exchanging photos, videos, and other stuff from one device to another. You can easily send and receive files and send contacts through Bluetooth File Transfer. It brings a custom security manager for incoming Bluetooth connection which only enables the trusted and authorized device to connect if you want a connection. And on the other hand, if you refused to get the connection, then no access is granted on your servers. It keeps all your personal data files, and privacy protects against hackers. You can easily share a single file or an entire path through Bluetooth File Transfer. Other than these, this app also provides desktop folder shortcuts, power saving management, multi-lingual support, Multi-selection, no root requirement, File sort, and calculate MD5 and CRC32, etc. Bluetooth File Transfer provides a professional, clean, and fast user interface which supports legacy 2.0 and AES encryption of Zip files and keeps your private document secure using a long pass to protect it. So just download Bluetooth File Transfer, and enjoy file sharing in one of the fast and secure atmosphere.


2. SHAREit

SHAREit is an intensely used application which Android users love to share stuff from one phone to the next. SHAREit – Transfer & Share is a third party application which allows its users to get one the best and the fastest application to share stuff. This application brings the fastest cross-platform transfer speed and free online feeds such as movies, music, wallpapers, videos, GIFs, and more. SHAREit – Transfer & Share also added powerful media player as well which helps you enjoy your own music and videos. It brings 200 times faster than Bluetooth, and the highest speed probably goes up to 20 M/s. It never let you lose the quality of the stuff that you transfer to your mobile phones via this application. SHAREit – Transfer & Share allows you to transfer all types of files including photos, music, videos, installed apps, and any other files. You can also enjoy infinite online videos through which you can enjoy HD and selective videos, offline watching, and continuously updated stuff. Other than these, you can get excellent video player, find trending music, elegant music player, GIFs, Wallpapers, and Stickers right from this application. So just download this highly recommended application named SHAREit – Transfer & Share, and enjoy file sharing in an ultimate way.


3. Bluetooth Remote PC

Bluetooth Remote PC is another intuitive application through which users from all over the world get access to their computer through your Android device. Bluetooth Remote PC grant access to services such as a keyboard, multimedia, presentation, mouse, power system commands, terminal and even display the desktop. You just have to download Bluetooth Remote PC server 2.0 to your commuter, turn on the wireless adapter and pair the personal computer through Bluetooth or get the IP address. Then you have to run the server by opening the server and checking the status in the notification area and run the mobile application. After choosing a connection with your personal computer or laptop, discover your PC from the paired device list or type the Wi-Fi address. Some of its highlighted features include Mouse, Keyboard (typing or keyboard shortcuts), Multimedia support (Apple iTunes, KMPlayer, PowerDVD, VLC media player, windows media player), remote terminal, remote desktop, presentation, and more. So just download Bluetooth Remote PC and enjoy data and files sharing over your portable and non-portable devices.


4. Bluetooth Auto Connect

Bluetooth Auto Connect is a great utility for your Bluetooth connection problems. This intuitive application automatically tries to connect to your device when it is turned on, or when your mobile Bluetooth device screen goes on. You just have to connect and pair with your Bluetooth device manually and then just turn on and off the Bluetooth and it will precisely auto connects. Some of its general features include an Auto connection with all devices, specify many global profiles, control Bluetooth stat for docked and other events, disable some devices, retry after, shortcut support and turn Bluetooth off after you have done. Some of the events that it contains include the Bluetooth on, Screen on, Power and dock internet, device connected and disconnected, etc. Other than these, media audio(A2DP), cell audio (HSP), Health (HDP), phone book (PBAP), an Input device (HID), and networking (PAN) are the profiles discussed here. You can also enjoy its advanced settings, tasker and locale plugin, suitable for some newly arrived mobile devices, no configuration required, and run as a service, etc. So just download Bluetooth Auto Connect and enjoy its awesome features for the real-time.


5. Bluetooth Headset Battery

Bluetooth Headset Battery is another classy application when we talk about Bluetooth applications. It is a fine looking widget which brings a revolutionary creative way to measure how much battery is left on your Bluetooth remote device. This intuitive and widely used application efficiently works with almost all Bluetooth devices that can easily be paired with the Android devices. You can even use Bluetooth Headset Battery app with Bluetooth headsets and Bluetooth headphones. This intuitive application enables its users to measure how long a Bluetooth device has been connected. While on the other hand, if you configure the extreme running time of the battery, then the Bluetooth Headset Battery can tell you how much battery time your headset left behind. This application measures the connection time of Bluetooth devices, tells you how much the battery is left, can display warning notification and a small battery power indicator. While when the Bluetooth device discount, it automatically stops the counter. It is tested successfully with a wide range of headphones and headsets and can monitor multiple Bluetooth headsets. You can easily pick Bluetooth Headset Battery and enjoy its entire features for free.


6. Bluetooth GPS

Bluetooth GPS enables its users to connect to external Bluetooth compatible GPS device in a significant way. More specifically, Mock GPS providers let other application to work with the device intuitively. Bluetooth GPS is a widely used application having over a million of downloads where you need to have an external Bluetooth GPS hardware device to get its work. Bluetooth GPS requires GSA, GGA, RMC or the ZDA+VTG, and GSV to work properly. You just have to select GPS device and connect, and this app appropriately provides the Date and time, Lat/Lon, Altitude, Course over Ground, UTM, and Speed in kilometre per hour precisely. Bluetooth GPS allows you to enable or disable the Mock GPS provider right through a single tap. Its frontend is not just a front end, in fact, it is there for controlling and configuration purposes, and delivering some intuitive information as well. So just do not expect that it has a diversity of features, but provides the details and in any desired format. This version of Bluetooth GPS allows you to start as well as stop the service from other applications by broadcast intends or by sending the services. So just download this intuitive application named Bluetooth GPS, and get to know all of its features.


7. BlueFi Phone

BlueFi Phone is a fine application present in the store for the Android users which allows full duplex voice communication and chat. Blue Fi Phone is a fine app produced by Ichiban Soft, which brings a classy application which allows two-way communication and chatting accomplished through the Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi hotspot mode, or a secure Bluetooth connection. This app is appropriate for some specific places where it is necessary to convey a message from one person to the next in a particular span. BlueFi Phone app is a perfect utility for close end communications and does not use your airtime minutes. This application is working tremendously great for Wi-Fi users while the app does not provide its services with a Starbucks hotspot. This intuitive Bluetooth communication app allows associating of a phone to a precise contact as well. BlueFi Phone app uses encrypted Bluetooth channel to transmit voice data. Other than these, it features contact list, ping a contact (tap contact icon for further options), customizable settings, get a notification when someone pings you, and a lot more. Keep in mind that a particular BlueFi entry can be associated with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices at the same time.


8. BTmono

BTmono is a pretty much straightforward application which streams audio to your device’s Bluetooth mono headset. BT mono is a fine application introduced by Bedoig, which comes in both free as well as in premium versions. Its free version provides some complementary features for its worldwide users, while on the other hand, its premium version comes with some classy looking features and you can easily upgrade its free to the premium version if you would like to support development. Its premium version includes support of a widget to instant access, auto restart feature after the phone call, and you can even customize your Android colour as well. It automatically enables (or disable) Bluetooth on app launch, and you just have to make sure that your headset is actually connected before enabling it. BT mono also provides a media voice control right within the app, and you can even adjust the Bluetooth in-call volume using your mobile phones or your headset’s physical volume buttons. It also provides ongoing notification of status bar while the program is running, ICS support including the use of the Holo theme, limited Skype support, and much more.


9. Share Apps

Share Apps is a widely used application with some exclusive features for its worldwide users. Share Apps brings an entirely different scenario of sharing different application via different platforms. This app is a fine product of Tattobr, which enables its users to enjoy the sharing of Google Play Links of your apps and your apps APK files (installer files) or both with Share Apps and Backup. When you swipe from left to right, a status bar comes with several options including, my saved apps, show system apps, sorting and sharing options, and more. You just have to select the sharing method, while you want to share Google Play link, App’s Apk file or both. It also allows you to compress the APK files as “.zip” file before its sharing. It enables you to select multiple applications at once and enjoy sharing over the Bluetooth, Drive, Google+, Inbox, Keep, Gmail, Email, and some other ways of sharing. It also lets you share the Google Play links over your WhatsApp to any of your friends. Share Apps also facilitates its users to enjoy having the backups of their already downloaded applications and precisely store them in your internal storage as well as in the SD card. So just download Share Apps, and enjoy sharing in an entirely new way.


10. Auto Bluetooth

Auto Bluetooth is an elegant application which comes with some intelligent features, introduced by Solar Wooden Robot. AutoBluetooth is a great application which automatically turns on the Bluetooth based upon your settings such as Incoming and outgoing call, Phone charging, Miracast disconnected, Android wear notification, and On a timer as well. Auto Bluetooth also turns off your Bluetooth regarding settings such as When the call ends, When the Bluetooth connection is lost, Miracast connected, and Do not disable Bluetooth mode, etc. This application also brings the capability to auto answer calls and specify particular Bluetooth devices to speed up connection. This application is so significant when you are driving a car, where you have forgotten to turn your Bluetooth for the in-car connection. Auto Bluetooth is a battery friendly application which does not drain your battery, hence you can turn your Bluetooth on for all the time. This app is s useful when you are working any particular work where your hands are so much busy. So just download Auto Bluetooth, and enjoy its effortless features.


11. A2DP Connect

A2DP Connect is another easy to use application through which users from all over the world can have a widget to connect to a Bluetooth A2DP streaming receiver without any navigation through all the settings menus. You can easily place the widget of A2DP Connect right on your mobile screen and get all the features instantly by clicking on it. It is a great application developed by JimRoal, through which users can enjoy a reliable and intuitive connection. Once you place this elegant widget on your home screen, you can easily approach to a configuration activity through which you can select that which of the Bluetooth device would want to associate with the widget. A2DP Connect enables simple tap to the widget to connect to the A2DP device near you and click again to disconnect, it’s that simple. This fine looking and straightforward widget only connect or disconnect the A2DP profile, while on the other hand, A2DP Connect will not connect as well as disconnect any other Bluetooth profiles. You can easily download A2DP Connect, and enjoy the precise connection with A2DP profiles right from your phone.


12. BlueVPN

BlueVPN is a great application which comes with a series of some elegant features for Android mobile phone holders. Blue VPN precisely open a VPN connection via the USB channel or the Bluetooth and enables to navigate the internet without any Wi-Fi or a built-in 3G module. This application is developed by the Mirko Solazzi, whose efforts makes this application works smoothly and reliably. BlueVPN only requires Android tablet or smartphone with BlueDUN installed and running, USB stick with PSTN or 3G modem, and a GPRS phone with DUN (Dial-Up Networking) support. This app does not use any rooting and is compatible with Android 4.0 to onwards versions such as 5.1, 4.1, 4.3, and 5.0, but does not work with Kit Kat version (4.4). It only works if your device can manage VPN connections, along with the presence of TUN.KO module. This module depends on the hardware and must be compiled for this application. This application works fine with the Gmail, Email, Google plus, Google Goggles, Kindle app, SoundHound, Web Navigation, Google Earth, Youtube and some other social media apps, but does not work with Google Play, Skype, Zedge, and Tune In apps.


13. Headset Answer

Headset Answer is a fine application furnished by Magdelphi, working immensely great by providing some great features. Headset auto answer is an easy to use app for Bluetooth headsets. This app has makes it so easy for us to manage our mobile phones while having some of our duties including driving and more. When you are using this application, your mobile phone entirely transformed into a portable radio and telephone employee autonomously answer incoming phones of a certain group. Almost all of us have the phone number to which we respond currently. There are such situations where the responses to some particular phone numbers would be easier in the automatic mode. It is a fine application which is significant while you are driving. If you are driving and just receive a call from your relatives, any close friends or your dad, program Headset auto answer, after a particular time, will the connection with the person who pays the bill (the subscriber). So just download Headset auto answer, and enjoy its whole features for free.


14. Bluetooth File Explorer

Bluetooth File Explorer is a stunning application which allows its users to enjoy the sharing (sending and receiving) of files over your mobile’s Bluetooth. It is a fine application introduced by FruitMoble which allows its users to have local file manage, Bluetooth file manager and a Bluetooth file transfer application, all in one app. Bluetooth File Explorer allows you to browse different devices through Bluetooth and you can easily create or delete files on the remote device. Bluetooth File Explorer is a fine utility which allows you to transfer your applications and files with no root, no ads, and no internet permission. This application provides a straightforward approach for sharing installed applications with your family members and friends. Some of its elegant set of features includes the support of sending and receiving files over Bluetooth, view shred files or folders, transfer and install apps, create or delete folders, view a log of all FTP transactions, and a local browser to view and share files on your device through email or other options. So just download Bluetooth File Explorer to easily share your files and applications over your mobile’s Bluetooth.

More About Bluetooth App Sender

Bluetooth App Sender is a great application which enables its users to share any of their applications right from one mobile to another mobile. This application was introduced by DecVersion, which elegantly uses your mobile’s Bluetooth to share applications from one phone to the next. Bluetooth App Sender brings a pretty straightforward way to send or receive applications present in your mobile phone. You just have to intuitively select any of your desired application which you want to transfer and share them with simple taps. It brings a simple to use and convenient way to transfer all the UR files. Bluetooth App Sender allows you to transfer (send or receive) your locally installed applications with other devices over your device’s Bluetooth. You just have to pick any of your application from the list and click on the send button to share it with the intended device. The target device easily receives the app over the Bluetooth without any internet or 3G connection and for free. So just download Bluetooth App Sender, and enjoy sharing of your mobile phones apps with one click.