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Bomi Player offers an easy to use graphical user interface for playing videos and other music. It offers a great set of subtitles that really make sense. It is a free multimedia player app designed to offer every function you might need of such a software in an intuitive and convenient way… read more
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31 Apps Like Bomi Player



Zapper provides a real-time fast, secure and quick way of scanning barcodes and QR codes of different formats. It lets you done quick, easy and secure payments and join the merchant tribes and enjoy amazing benefits inside this app.

MX Player

MX Player is a widely used multifunctional media player for the Android devices that has got a lot of popularity among the Android users because of playing all kind of media files.


VLC MEDIA PLAYER is a massively used Media Player which is free, portable, streaming Media Server and a platform independent software. It is used to play most of the multimedia files as well as Audio CD’s, DVD’s VCD’s and various streaming protocols.

GOM Player

GOM Player is an easy, convenient and free media player with the same features, functions and reputation as it is offering to its desktop users. GOM Player has gain the popularity because of its support for wide range of audio and codecs.


SMPlayer is a versatile and unique media player. It is one of the most popular and widely used multi-format media players. SMPlayer is free and is an open source across the platform.


MPlayerX is a very simply designed but attractive media player for all time, developed in a beautiful and powerful way. An enormous amount of people uses this app due to its amazing interface.


KMPlayer is a media player that will allow you to experience and enjoy the videos on your smartphones like never before with any other kind of media player. This video player is specialized in playing all kind of videos and movies then either it is any movie, TV show, downloaded video, homemade video, mobile phone video or video of any other kind.


Winamp is a great media player for Windows, iOS, and Android. It has been sold as a freemium package. It supports extensibility with some amazing and unique plug-ins and skins. It is a venerable video player established in the mid-90s.

FLV Player

FLV Player is a simple app that lets you watch in FLV format from your card inserted in your device. So if you are looking for an alternative to mainstream playback package like Windows Media player, then this is a free FLV media player is a great choice to interact.

Media Player Classic Home Cinema

Media Player Classic Home Cinema is a Media Player who is more relevant to Windows Media Player. It has a designed look most relevant to WMP version 6.4. Media Player Classic Home Cinema is a great program for DVD playback that doesn’t occupy much space over your personal computer.

BS player

BS player is one of the best and the most popular media player in Android market. There is no replacement for this media player. Every mobile user love to watch this app on their smartphones tabs and other phones.


Movist is a very powerful multimedia player in the MAC and some other platforms. It is one the popularized multimedia software among the android and windows users. It has a simple structure.

PotPlayer Daum

PotPlayer Daum is a multimedia player which enables you to use media players innovatively and simply. This app lets you download this multimedia player in both 32-bit as well as 64-bit formats, and you can easily use it over Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, XP and on some other mobile platforms.


Banshee is an app that plays music and videos and keeps you with internet radio and podcasts. Using this app, you can discover some amazing music and podcasts that keep your portables devices like mobile phones, loaded with marvelous stuff to watch and listen.


Miro is a beautiful, free, and open-source music and video player. This app works with your current library. It is quite easy to switch from iTunes to Miro player without any copying, just point this app to your video and music folders, and those libraries will appear.


MPC-BE is a functional and lightweight media player which plays music and video files easily and efficiently. Media Player Classic-BE is an open source and free video and audio player for Windows.


UMPlayer is a light, eye-catching, and powerful media player that is mainly based on MPlayer. It is a multi-format player that opens almost every known video as well as audio format and is very light on system resource.

QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player is an Apple’s propriety video format and is an official player for it. It is an easy to use app integrated with OS X. QuickTime Player is extremely slick to use for pointing sometimes hiding features that you would imagine to be readily available such as creating playlists etc.


aTunes is an open source audio player having MPlayer as its playback engine. It supports sMP3, Ogg Vorbis, and some other formats. There are many features of this app as it lets its users organize music, edit tags, and rip audio CD’ quickly, easily and efficiently.

Splash Player

Splash Player is a multimedia player serving the users for a long time with its stunning video quality. It has an advanced engine and video conversation, optimized for a social media platform.


SPlayer offers neat, safe, reliable multimedia player with high performance. There is a huge community of people using this app on their smartphones and other devices. Many of its features include ease of use, simplicity, multilingual, HQ with efficiency and much more.

Smooth Video player

Smooth Video player is a fantastic player on Android smartphones. It is one of the best video players who can support all sort of video and music formats including  WMV, RMVB, AVI, MP4, MOV, TS, MPG, MKV, 3GP, M4V, FLV, etc.

Light Alloy Media Player

Light Alloy Media Player is an amazing stuff in the contest of multimedia players. It is a multilingual platform that lets you use some of the languages of your own native areas.

Archos Video Player

Archos Video Player is a free multimedia player that offers an uncompromised video experience for its users using it on Tablets, Android TV, and mobile devices. This is a great app that lets you play videos from your server, computer, and NAS and also play videos from external USB storage.


PowerDVD is a must-have companion for home entertainment systems and PCs. It is packed with some unique music, photos and movies feature for making a great immersive, and sound experience. It is an efficient app for the people looking to get a cinema feel in their house, and this app has a world class technology essential to maximize the potential of your HDR and 4K TVs.


Kodi is a well-known production of XBMC Foundation which efficiently delivers the finest entertainment hub for digital media home theatre PCs (HTPCs). It is an award-winning utility with an open source and free cross-platform which uses a 10-foot user interface ultra-designed for the media player for the living room along with the integration of remote control.

Wondershare Player

Wondershare Player is great stuff that lets you play music in almost all available audio and video formats. It is an amazing player that enables you to discover online videos and recommend you the hot and most trending videos from different enterprising sites.


The specialty of this simple yet advanced media player is that it will allow you to play your video files of any kind without converting them at all. If any video or movie is located on your PC and you have recently transferred it to the smartphone for watching there, then MoboPlayer will allow you to play the file without even converting it at all instantly.

Video Player Ultimate

Video Player Ultimate is one of the most powerful videos player in the marketplace. It perfectly supports almost all audio and video formats. Once you copy it on your device, it automatically searches all the videos and music available, supports multilingual formats, and automatic synchronization.

ALLPlayer Video Player

ALLPlayer Video Player is a Multilingual multimedia player for your portable and non-portable devices. It is one of the most popular media players that allows you to watch videos in almost all available formats by using hardware and software decoding.

HD Video Player

HD Video Player is a fully featured media player for Android and other devices which enable you to play videos and music in almost all formats. You can watch MP4, MWP, FLV, MPEG, MPG, AVI, m4v, F4V, TS, TP, MOV, RM, AVI, ASF, MVF, M3U and almost all of the video formats that your videos files might be.

More About Bomi Player

Bomi Player offers an easy to use graphical user interface for playing videos and other music. It offers a great set of subtitles that really make sense. It is a free multimedia player app designed to offer every function you might need of such a software in an intuitive and convenient way. It does not offers so many innovations but offers an amazing amount of ease and convenience. It have simple but nice features. It can play many video and audio formats and you can easily watch videos using this app. the options and controls right on this app is easy to control and find, so that you can easily watch videos and can play, pause, stop and add another video easily. This app lets you make a playlist of your favorite songs. You can listen to your songs with a one to all in a sequence or also play them after shuffling. It provides an accurate enhanced subtitles featuring which is so handy. Bomi Player app is able to play almost all type of media formats and files that you might get from mpv’ to wav’s.

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