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BOTIM is an excellent tool that helps its users to make free voice and video calls to all your friends from all across the world right using your mobile phone. BOTIM – Unblocked Video Call and Voice Call bought in the market by Algento Cloud Computing Limited Inc… read more
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22 Apps Like BOTIM


1. Lipsi

Lipsi is a great anonymous messaging app that brings a platform that attracts the boldest who want to get their self out of their comfort zones. Lipsi – anonymous messaging app bought in the market by Lipsi Ltd Inc. which lets you convey honest thoughts in the form of real feedback to various stuff posted over the social media applications. Lipsi is one of the most exclusive anonymous messaging apps which gives you a chance to meet new and some great people in the school, real buddies in the café, and some bibliomaniacs in your campus, etc. You can intuitively post your stuff such as Lipsi links over the Instagram to receive anonymous (sometimes honest feedback), and you can even personalize your profile and discover your friends online. Lipsi – anonymous messaging app enables you to search people in its gigantic database, and you can also erase the chat history between any two devices as well. This easy to use anonymous feedback and chatting application also allow its users to block other users at any time they want. So just download Lipsi – anonymous messaging app from the store to enjoy a well-controlled app for giving honest feedbacks and real thoughts to people you know.



SLOWLY enables its users to meet pen friends using their smart mobile devices to match with people that share your passion, write letters, and collect stamps from all across the world. SLOWLY – Meet Pen Friends Free is a superb app introduced in the market by Why Interactive Inc. for speaking your own mind by putting one letter at a time. This application enables its entire users to get one of the most traditional pen friends to experience on their smartphones. SLOWLY – Meet Pen Friends is a not a typical dating or social networking app and is designed for people who yearn for meaningful conversations and chatting with other people in the era of instant messaging. Slowly app is connecting people from all across the world at a pretty slower but better pace introducing one letter at a time. Some of its exquisite features include the mailing time depends on where you and your friends are live, collect and unlock hidden stamps, and its matches are based on common languages and interests. It also carries the features of the nickname and an avatar as well. So just download SLOWLY – Meet Pen Friends app on your phone to speak your mind and connect to the whole world for free.


3. Houseparty

Houseparty is a great tool for talking to the people you care about in one of the unique and easy ways. Houseparty – Social networking App is a finest tool introduced in the market by Life On Air Inc. which lets you enjoy a platform where you can connect with your pals as well as their best friends. It is an exquisite face to face social networking application where you can connect with the most lovely people of your lives and the most lovely people of their (your friend’s) lives as well. It makes connecting people effortless while alerting you when your friends are in the house and ready to chat so that you can just right into the conversations and start enjoying. House Party – Social networking with people you care about lets your friends know that you have joined the conversation (whenever you open the app) so that they can join you as well. It lets you leave a Facemail when you cannot reach your friends, invoice your friends to joining the conversation, pass a note without ever leaving a conversation. So just download Houseparty – Social networking app in your phone and enjoy the next big thing to hanging out in person and see your friends more often over here.



BAND brings a safe hub for a group of people working on their business deals, sharing their ideas and efforts, dealing with a project, or doing any sort of stuff in a highly organized way. BAND – Social Sharing App for all Groups bought in the market by NEVER Corp Inc. which builds a perfect group communication application with features like the community board, polls, shared calendar, private chat, to-do list management, and so much more. This intuitive application allows sports teams to keep track of game days as well as tram participates with the calendar, share team photos and videos, and send instant notifications about the canceled participations, all in one place. BAND – Social Sharing App for all Groups lets every group member to share files and keep everyone in the loop with the excellent community board. This application enables school and faith groups to organize their activities with event RSVPs and weekly notices and plan all their school events effortlessly with the group calendar. You can precisely manage all your group dealing over Band app. So just download BAND – Social Sharing App for all Groups app in your phone and stay connected with your colleagues, family, project members, and friends and share anything you want.


5. Whisper Confessions

Whisper Confessions is an excellent tool for anonymous confessions, gossips, chatting, secret revealing, and the like with other people. Whisper Confessions – Be Honest is an excellent social app introduced in the market by My circle for craigslist local postings, jobs, rents Inc. which makes it easy to say whatever you want and just lighted the weight of your devastating things. Apart from confessing any wired, cool, annoying, frustrating, and awkward thing of your life, it also lets you enjoy confessions from other people using the same app as well. This application helps you read gossips, give secret advice, and read secrets of others as well. Whisper Confessions – Be Honest lets you write the gossip or confession message and write the SMS number or the email of the person that you want to confess right through this app, and it will send your SMS and email to that person anonymously with a code. It is entirely free to use the anonymous messaging app without any membership, give confessions, and also read public confessions, secrets, gossips, around you. So give a chance to download Whisper Confessions – Be Honest app in your phone and whisper or confess to someone by hiding yourself.


6. ShareChat

ShareChat is one of the best and the widely used social media application which enables its worldwide users to enjoy communication with their friends, avail daily news, share jokes, and so much more within seconds. Share Chat – WAStickerApp, Status, Videos, and Friends is a tremendously used application bought in the market by Share Chat Inc. which lets you use more than 14 languages in India to chat with their friends from all across the world. You can precisely post anything you want and also share, like, comment, or download any content available here. This application brings everything you need from sports, fashion, quotes, pics, politics, news, entertainment, information, and the various thing that you want to have on a daily basis. ShareChat – WA Sticker App, Status, Videos and Friends brings a superb collection of jokes, memes, trolls, latest WhatsApp jokes, WhatsApp statuses, music video clips, and various other things in almost 14 Indian languages. Other than these, Share Chat app also lets you create love stickers, get famous by broadcasting your talent, make new friends, meet several strangers, share your passion, download high-quality wallpapers and images, check your horoscope daily, and check everything regarding the news as well. So just download ShareChat – WA Sticker App, Status, Videos, and Friends app in your phone and enjoy social linking ultimately.


7. SafeUM

SafeUM is a damn comprehensive tool for secure conversations that strongly encrypts instant text messages, video or voice calls, group communications, and various other things to keep you in touch with your beloved people. Secure messenger SafeUM bought in the market by SafeUM Communications ehf. Which brings the app with the best security and communication features for everything you want for social linking. Secure messenger SafeUM carries the features of encrypted group chats, registration without a SIM card, using only login and password, cross-platform support, registration with SIM card for convenient use of contact list, 24/7 technical support, account access control, chat history can be disabled, and various other features. It also contains the history of account authorization, displayed messages number limitation, support of using three accounts simultaneously over one device, as well as free encrypted audio and video calls inside SafeUM network. Secure messenger Safe UM is one of the best solutions for both business and private secure communications. These excellent features help you share each of your desired stuff in your conversations without any fear of being hacked by someone. So just download Secure messenger SafeUM app in your phone and enjoy super secure conversations with your friends, colleagues, group fellows, girlfriend, and anyone you want to talk.


8. Anti

Anti is an excellent tool that helps its entire users to discover your secret identity in the anonymous chat rooms and meet a collection of more than 1,600,000 people from around the world to enjoy chatting. Anonymous Chat Rooms for meeting new people – Anti bought in the market by AntiChat by Nick Halavins (Nikita) Inc. which have all the troubles with sharing thoughts, secret crushes, adult jokes, confessions, emotions, feelings, and conversations. This application does all these things anonymously without the eye-popping reactions of your friends, family members, colleagues, life partners, real crushes, and other people that links with your life. Anonymous Chat Rooms for meeting new people – Anti enables its users to explore thousands of group chat rooms by their own interests, and be recognized. You can precisely grow your karma and collection loads of gifts from your friends. You can choose the avatar that you love and then also upgrade or boost your avatar a well. You can also go incognito with the Anti Chat rooms as well for having a truly secret and anonymous group chat messenger that helps you make anonymous friends online, mask your identity, and meet exciting people with slating secrets. So just download Anonymous Chat Rooms for meeting new people – Anti app to get blasting secret of people in the whole world.


9. Stupid Chat

Stupid Chat is a gigantically used social linking app used by millions of people from all over the world which enjoy making limitless, anonymous friends on the move. StupidApp – Make friends. Meet New People 2018 is a fabulous application developed by StupidApp Inc. which helps you play engaging games and find anonymous people to enjoy do chatting and having real fun. This application enables users to discover and connect with anonymous users worth chatting with and get to know their secrets, feelings, thoughts, and other anonymous things even better. Stupid App – Make friends. Meet New People app enables its entire users to take part in the daily quiz contest schedule two times a day and get to know how erudite and sharp you are. It provides you with a leader board that lets you know who is topping the leader board and where you stand at that moment. This application helps you reach handsome hunks, beautiful chicks, and smart people by simply opening the app and using the map and chat feature. So just download StupidApp – Make friends. Meet New People app in your mobile devices to play the excelling game and meet new people from around the world.


10. Flizle

Flizle is a classy tool that helps you share your profile over the social media and receive anonymous messages or do chat with people around you as well as over the whole world. Flizle – Anonymous Chatting with people around your app bought in the market by Flizle Inc. that enables everyone to send as well as receive anonymous feedback to catch the truth. It enables its users to share your personal profile link online and discover what your family, colleagues, buddies, mates, and friends really think. Flizle – Anonymous Chatting app allows you to share your opinions anonymously as well as you can reveal yourself as well because anonymity is an option here. This is a great tool that helps you get and receive opinions of people from all across the world over each of your desired stuff regarding your favorite movies, pics, music, audio, video, memes, GIFs, and anything you want. Flizle – Anonymous Chatting with people around your app helps you create as well as join global, anonymous communities to share your own secrets along with getting inner thoughts of other people as well. So just download Flizle – Anonymous Chatting app from the store and start conversations from people around you and also get feedback on your desired stuff.


11. Confessout

Confessout is a widely superb tool for anonymous chatting with people from all over the world, introduced in the market by Himalaya Saxena Inc. Confessout – Anonymous messaging on Steroids app helps everyone in receiving constructive, honest opinions, feedback and thoughts while maintaining privacy. This application makes it easy to send messages without revealing any personal data to anyone and also receive a reply from anyone. Apart from receiving messages Confessout: Send and Reply Anonymously also made it possible to send a replay to the message set by anyone. Confess out – Anonymous messaging on Steroids is a great tool for sending messages without revealing who you are and this app does not disclose the identity of the logged-in senders. Confessout: Send and Reply Anonymously receive messages from anyone with a damn twist by don’t let you know who the sender is. It is also not responsible if someone sends you any kind of vulgar messages, starts lose talking, harass you, or the like. Once you receive messages, Confess out – Anonymous messaging on Steroids lets you replay them also but still, you can’t know the real identity of the receiver. So just download Confessout: Send and Reply Anonymously app in your phone to enjoy a tool for sending, receiving, and replying conversations without revealing one’s identity.


12. Tellonym

Tellonym is another excellent tool that helps people in getting honest opinions, thoughts, and behaviors of people on interesting things. Tellonym – Get Tons of Anonymous, Honest messages is an excellent tool introduced by Callosum Software Inc. which brings one of the most honest platforms on the internet to get to know what people think of you and your uploaded material. It is one of the most exquisite apps that lets you see what your friends think of you, answer anonymous questions and even ask others the things you have never ever dared before. You can share your link with friends and let them put their thoughts on them. Tellonym – Get Tons of Anonymous, Honest messages also let your friends send you anonymous messages that can be seen only by you. You can get answers over your own profile and even make your decisions over multiple questions on your friend’s profiles as well. Tellonym – Anonymous messaging helps you intuitively follow your beloved ones to see everything they post. So just download Tellonym – Anonymous, Honest messages app in your cell phone to get tons of honest opinions, ask thing you never dared form and discover new stuff about your friends as well.


13. Uolo Notes

Uolo Notes is an excellent platform where teachers and parent help people by exchanging quick notes regarding their progress, well-being, school events, and more. Uolo Notes – Instant Messaging App is a great tool introduced in the market by Uolo Tech Inc. which enables you to manage and share notes, images, and checklists of your desired stuff. This application enables teachers to use notes to engage parents as well as students in their daily activities. You can instantly share reminders, images, and small notes with parents to keep them up to date with their kid’s progress as well as activities. Some of its excellent features include the support of instant note sharing, image sharing support, events RSVP as well as live tracking, a checklist to keep track of daily activities, groups, broadcast lists support, social, and various others. Uolo Notes – Instant Messaging App is also consistently working on some features such as reminders, file attachments, and various others as well to provide everything under one platform. It enables parents to get notified about their kid’s activities through this instant sharing platform. So just download Uolo Notes – Instant Messaging App from the store and enjoy things in your own way.


14. Sayat

Sayat is an amazing application which helps you get sincere, honest, and clear opinions, thoughts, over your desired stuff. is an exquisite application introduced in the market by SayAt.Me Inc. which enables its users to get honest opinions on your desired uploaded stuff. This application lets you get your personal feedback wall URL as well as spread it over social media platforms. This app does not reveal the identity whenever you give your opinions on the stuff of people and never let them know who you are. You can post whatever you want to get the most honest opinions from people you know, or even you don’t. lets you have best and neutral opinions, and you can then share it over the Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and various other platforms that you like the most. It lets you have opinions on things that you are curious. Sayat Me app gives you a chance to say whatever you want through your opinions to the people you know. So just download app in your phone and ask anything you want and also find out what people really think about your most likely stuff.


15. wit

wit is a marvelous tool for K-pop community and for every K-pop fan through which they can make a connection with their fans and other people in the way like never before. Wit – All about Kpop bought in the market by Playlist Corporation Inc. which lets you post unlimited blogs and see the reactions of their fans in an exquisite way. This application is all about K-pop and be connected with Kpop fans without any post. This application enables its users to be connected with all your fans and make unlimited fiends from all over the world and share your pics as well as videos of K-pop artists. Wit – All about Kpop lets you write your own fans fiction easily and read various fan fictions right through your mobile phones. It lets you share updates and information of the k-pop family and artists. It lets you stay connected with the community for sharing your personal opinions, feelings, and other stuff. You can follow people you like the most and do chat with them for the real time. So just download Wit – All about Kpop app in your mobile phone and enjoy things in your own way.


16. Tablet Messenger

Tablet Messenger is an unlimited messenger app for mobile device’s as well as tablet users that makes it easy to synchronize your messages in a bundled app and provides numerous settings. Tablet Messenger: App for your Messenger bought in the market by which lets you have so many features and settings to enjoy messenger in the way like never before. It lets you remove, add and mute individual messengers and manage them in the way you want. Through its extremely adjustment options, users can change the size of the font, and zoom into images or text as well. Tablet Messenger: App for your Messenger makes it easy to send and receive voice and text messages and it will precisely notify you about everything it face. You can receive messages with notifications even if you are not linked to the app directly and it is running in the background as well. Some of its supported messenger includes WhatsApp, Telegram, G-Mail, Wire, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, GMX,, WeChat, T-Online, Twitter, VK, and various others. It lets you secure the messenger along with all the messages that it contains with a password. So just download Tablet Messenger: App for your Messenger app and login here to enjoy all these features for free.


17. ThisCrush

ThisCrush lets you download the app and start getting some cute, memorable, and exquisite messages from your friends, buddies, and other people anonymously. ThisCrush anonymous questions: Find out who likes you is a fine application used by tons of people Manuela Minati Inc. which lets you get marvelous opinions and the theory of people about you without revealing anything. You can also become one of the most popular uses of ThisCrush app by making your efforts even more and more. ThisCrush anonymous questions: Find out who likes you lets you share your opinions, portray your feelings, post a crush, and do a lot more having this app in your mobile devices. It lets you have a marvellous way to discover if anyone like-likes you or just get some nice messages after a long day. This Crush anonymous questions app lets you create your new account and enjoy cuteness in the way you want. You can also subscribe for the premium account as well to see unlimited posts, and comments and its subscription is in the form of $ 2.99 USD on a weekly basis and can be renewed as well. So just download this excellent anonymous messaging app named ThisCrush anonymous questions: Find out who likes you and enjoy reading what other people think about you.


18. Utternik

Utternik brings a brand new way to give your review on anything you want without revealing your personal identity. Utternik: Opinion Rewards, Reviews, Ratings, and More bought in the market by Utternik Inc. which lets you say whatever you are thinking in a brand new and exciting way unlike anything out there in the entire universe today. Utternik is simple fun and engaging platform that lets you just tap, value and share your favorite stories and instantly get feedback from your buddies, friends, family, and the entire world as well. It carries loads of unique and extraordinary things such as having all your opinion about what you really want to talk about over a single platform without any need to go to numerous sites. Utternik: Opinion Rewards, Reviews, Ratings and More is not just about social media, but is an excellent and a brand new platform offering an entirely new concept based around a proprietary value system. This application actually adds value to your words making your voice seriously meaningful, and you can also add value to almost anything from favorite stories to your favorite restaurants. So just download Utternik: Opinion Rewards, Reviews, Ratings, and More app and enjoy an opinion based platform built for new generations who either feel lazy or have a little time to read and write long comments.


19. TelePlus

TelePlus is one of the most elegant applications which enables its users to have the smartest unofficial Telegram Messenger client which merely focuses on the speed and security. Teleplus – Unofficial Telegram is a powerful, completely free and simple to use application and you can use it as a second tool for your other telegram app. this application features channels, emoticons, bots, stickers, and various other stuff by default and do not require any fee and keeps on adding hundreds of stickers. This application support VoIP telephony and of such excellent quality. This application has superbly categorized the menus and chats and also separated all your chats, channels, groups, and bots intuitively. Teleplus – Unofficial Telegram is one of the fastest messengers which takes up a little bit of space and do not clog the memory. Other than these, Tele plus brings the features of a selection of the maximum size of sent images, bookmark and file management, support themes (change the outlook of the app), keeps on updating tons of emoticon, and you can add Persia language to this app along with the support of almost 26 languages. So just download Teleplus – Unofficial Telegram app in your mobile device and get one of the most fastest, secure, and excellent messenger for sharing whatever you want with anyone you need.


20. my circle for craigslist local

my circle for craigslist local is an excellent tool which enables its worldwide users to indulge into a never-ending joy of getting stuff from people lives near them. My circle for craigslist local Postings, Jobs, and Rents bought in the market by My circle Inc. which enables is worldwide users to see all the recent postings of your neighbors and all the people lives near them. It enable you to search all the recent as well as previous postings that your neighbor did without any membership or any other issue. This app helps users in getting data with a distance of almost 10 kilometers and let them stay in touch with all the posts, alerts, news, functions, that their neighbors posted. My circle for craigslist local Postings, Jobs, and Rents does not use any memberships, and all its users are truly anonymous. It has extreme security with an SSL security certificate and does not store or gather your personal information from other users as well. It is a superb shorter span data gathering tool which helps you see jobs, check used stuff, discover things for sale, personal postings, and various other things in your neighbors. So just download My circle for craigslist local Postings, Jobs, and Rents app in your mobile to enjoy creating a sharing portal to search within a circle of a defined radius.


21. Bale

Bale is a newly developed messenger having tons of superb features and lets you have the comfort of experiencing an ultimate way of using messenger, introduced in the market by Elenoon Apps. Bale – Ultimate Messenger App carries almost all the features of a super secure, instant, and efficient messenger contains. It includes the features of sending messages, texts, videos, messages, voice notes, and various other things instantly. You can also create new groups and channels, search for groups, and discover people as well as knowing your contact’s time of last seen. Bale – Ultimate Messenger App lets you stay logged in so that you never miss any message photo, forwarding messages, voices, and more from people you care about. It brings the feature of group chatting, through which you can not only enjoy adding so many groups but also creates your own groups to build a community of particular people you want. Bale messenger enables users to shoot videos and photos whenever they want right using the app and send them with just a single click. So just download Bale – Ultimate Messenger App to bring your conversations to life by enjoying sending photos, videos, and voice, etc. and chat with the mix of tons of hilarious stickers with your beloved ones.


22. WiBee Talk

WiBee Talk enables its users to create a club and share their interests with people they love, developed in the market by WooriBank Inc. WiBee Talk – Anonymous Chatting App application enables you to send unlimited pop messages to people they want without leaving any traces behind. Users can also send whispers by tapping on the name of their desired person in group chats. This whisper can only be read by the targeted person, and the other people in the same chat room with have no idea what’s going on (that you sent a whisper). From its Message Recall feature, users can retract messages sent by mistake just before your friend approach or view the message. WiBee Talk – Anonymous Chatting App lets you speak in groups as well as you can enjoy talking one on one. It puts your heart into the capsule which can only be seen once it is being opened. This application enables its users to have more fun chat with tons of free stickers, and you can also give your feedback right through this app. So just download WiBee Talk – Anonymous Chatting App in your phone o enjoy the features of Pop Message, Whisper, Capsule message, message recall, and various other features for free.

More About BOTIM

BOTIM is an excellent tool that helps its users to make free voice and video calls to all your friends from all across the world right using your mobile phone. BOTIM – Unblocked Video Call and Voice Call bought in the market by Algento Cloud Computing Limited Inc. which helps you get free voice calling as well as video chatting over 2G, 3G, 4G, and over the Wi-Fi network connection. It has superbly encrypted all your calls and chats and lets you enjoy limitless conversations with your friends and family members. You can precisely share your photos, voice messages, videos, files, and other stuff with your friends, colleagues, family members, and others. BOTIM – Unblocked Video Call and Voice Call made it possible to enjoy group chats with an amount of almost 500 people so that you can add all your friends and do chat with them over one single platform. This excellent and free group chatting app lets you express yourself with a built-in emoji dashboard. So just download BOTIM – Unblocked Video Call and Voice Call app in your phone to get a simple, secure, and fast way for making video and voice calls to limitless people you care about.

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