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Business Calendar 2 is a fine application introduced by Appgenix Software Inc. which carries some stylish calendar features for its entire users. This is an award-winning calendar app which is beneficial for both personal and business users to manage things in an intuitive way… read more
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1. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is an official calendar application for both iPhone and Android designed by This app will save your time, and you will perform your all tasks according to your schedule. This app will provide you the opportunity to add your favorite events from you Gmail account like flight, hotel, concert, restaurant reservation, and more to your calendar instantly. This app will use reminders for you to create and view-to-dos along with your events. Google Calendar will furnish you a new style of Schedule View, and you can see your schedule at a glance with photos and maps of the places you’re going. It will give smart suggestion to the user to quickly create events for event titles, places, and people. This app lets you see your calendar in many different ways just like you can view single day events or an overview of multiple days at once. Google Calendar will help you by working with all your calendars on your phone, for example, Exchange and iCloud. Free Google Calendar application is available in more than 30 languages just like English, Arabic, Greek, Hindi, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and others.


2. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook that is otherwise known as Outlook only and formerly known as Hotmail is an email app developed and controlled by the Microsoft. This free to use email service allow the smartphone users easily create free to use an email account and even use their existing account via this email app as well. In the recent version of the app, Microsoft Outlook has integrated a lot of features, functions and even external services like Evernote, Yelp, PayPal, and much more. The features like pin, sweep, and unsubscribing will make you able to organize each section of the inbox. With this newly launched function, you will be able to focus more on the important areas and can quickly deal with the rest. Moreover, you don’t need to manually organize all section as the automatic organization system of this app will allow you to organize all things by blocking unwanted emails, pinning important emails, getting rid of unnecessary services and much more. For the convenience of the users, OneDrive is also integrated into the application.


3. Sunrise Calendar

Sunrise Calendar is a free app made for iCloud, Exchange, and Google calendar. To keep you updated with all the events of your life, Sunrise Calendar fastens you with all your most-liked apps like Facebook, Evernote, Foursquare, TripIt, Todoist and Trello. Sunrise Calendar provides you a way to manage the things you need to do and people you want to see. If you are planning your next trip or daily schedule around the world, Sunrise Calendar will help you to keep track of everything in a lovely designed calendar. Sunrise Calendar also has a new feature of Meet; it is a keyboard that will allow you to select convenient time slots in your calendar without leaving the app. Meet is the fastest way to schedule a one-to-one on the go. Sunrise Calendar automatically connected to your phone, tablet, and computer, so you can use your calendar from anywhere. Sunrise Calendar used Google Maps to locate your directions and give information about weather forecast according to your location. It is a free app made for iPhone and iPad users.


4. Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2 is a calendar app redesigned as one of the best-selling calendar apps. A lot of new features are part of this app such as reminders, a new week view, and much more! It will allow you to see events and dated reminders together in the main list. You can also add reminders directly from the Reminders list or new event screen. Fantastical 2 is the best app for those, who wants a pure replacement for the iPhone’s stock calendar app. Set dates, times, and geofences of your arrival or leave. Fantastical 2 enables you to create phrases alerts such as “remind me tomorrow at 3 PM”,”alert 1 hour before”, or “alarm 3 PM”. Fantastical 2 is the easiest way to add new events or reminders to your calendar. Without installing other apps, events, reminders, and alerts for these apps can be pushed to Fantastical 2. This app has a new feature of an extended keyboard for the creation of new events and reminders, provide numbers and symbols for dates and times.


5. aCalendar

aCalendar is a widely used and a highly trusted calendar application comes with a lot of intuitive features for its entire customers, introduced by Tapir Apps GmbH. aCalendar – Android Calendar is a highly recommended calendar app which carries an intuitive and crystal crisp design with smooth transitions between week, day, and month view. It brings full-screen widgets for all 3 main view along with the floating 7 days. aCalendar – Android Calendar comes with an intuitive number of features which includes agenda view and widget, 48 colours on each calendar, year view support, flexible recurrences, pre-event colours, moon phases, birthdays from your contacts, Google calendar management, hybrid agenda or month widget, and much more. This application also carries mini month and graphical week overview in both week and day view, and also enables the QR and NFC barcode sharing of events. Some of its additional features include public holidays support, availability of colour themes, tasks, ads-free atmosphere, and business features such as link contacts, invite attendees, private, profiles, share as ICS, and free or busy, etc. So just download aCalendar – Android Calendar and enjoy one of the best calendar app available in the store.


6. Blotter

Blotter is a widely used iOS application which presents your iCal calendar reminders, events, and other stuff right on your desktop with its classy and exquisite calendar viewer. It is a great calendar app developed by WireLoad, LLC which renders your whole week as small stuff just at your wallpaper. Blotter is awesomely discreet yet only a glance away which makes it a snap to easily add and remove new events, reminders, and other to-dos to your calendar and never lets you forget any moment which you want to celebrate. This application precisely captures your events and never let you miss any of them. Blotter efficiently keeps your existing calendar and tie directly into your Mac calendar instead of recreating it, which is probably one of the best things about this application. You can easily and instantly add or remove any to-dos, events, and other reminders right within this app and keep things snappy. This app uses small memory and processing power and lets you optionally view the next week instead of the regular one. You can quickly customize things to decide what to display and what to not, so just download Blotter to start the fun.


7. Week Calendar

Week Calendar is one of the world’s most flexible and powerful calendar app which comes with the user-friendly interface for everyone who needs to get the most out of their traditional calendar app. Week Calendar is probably one of the widely used apps for persons whose calendars gives them insufficient options and insights. It is the best solution to have a fully functional calendar on your phone. Week Calendar is an easy to use app with plenty of functions and is fully customizable to your personal wishes. WeekCal intuitively works with the iCloud, Exchange, Google Calendar, and all other calendars. This application helps you catch smart updates such as weather forecasts and traffic information. It also allows you to share your events through SMS, WhatsApp, text, WeChat, and other social podiums or messaging applications. Some of its important features include the magnificent overview of your events, to-dos, and appointments, viewing all your events at one glance, relocation of events (through drag and drop), invite participants, instant adding of events, and much more. So just download Week Calendar and enjoy an entirely adaptable and customizable calendar app right on your mobile phones just to get things done on time.


8. aCalendar+

aCalendar+ is probably the best application which gives you a lot of awesome calendar features. It is the premium version of the aCalendar application but comes with some additional features for its entire users. aCalendar+ Calendar & Tasks comes with colourful themes, simple user interface, dark background, and widget colours, some intuitive business features, removes the occasional advertisements, and much more. This application helps you enjoy the same features for its entire users who are using its previous version named aCalendar but with more features. This app helps you enjoy elegant navigation and smooth transitions, and also provides day, week, month, as well as year view. It also brings flexible and intuitive recurrences such as every three works, every Monday, Friday, or Wednesday, and every 17 days, etc. aCalendar+ Calendar & Tasks allows you to enjoy almost 48 colors per calendar, and you can even enjoy the remainders of birthdays, anniversaries, to-dos, and other events with photos just to get the right thing on the right place. It doesn’t drain much of your battery so that you can enjoy it without any heaviness. You can also get zodiac signs and moon phases for birthdays, and lot more.


9. Cal

Cal is a fine application which helps you enjoy your events, birthdays, tasks, to-dos, and others in a clean daily agenda. Cal – Google Calendar + Widget is a fine application introduced by app through which you can enjoy more productivity with the same calendar app. This application allows you to focus on some important which you never want to miss without any extra effort. Cal – Google Calendar + Widget carries a smooth, and elegant interface through which you can discover powerful functions for managing your calendars and lives in an ultimate way. You can enjoy real-time syncing with all your current calendars such as Exchange, Google Calendar, and more. It naturally merges personal life planning and business agendas in one ultimate place. This application is built so naturally and uniquely to meet changing needs. Other than these, Cal – Google Calendar + Widget also provides Android widget support, predictive text and voice entry, focus finding, navigations, visually refreshing, month and landscape view, effective remainders, and much more. So just download Cal – Google Calendar + Widget, and enjoy it fully.


10. SmartDay

SmartDay is another widely used application which integrates a calendar, notes, tasks, projects, projects, other to-dos, and much more in a single app. This application intuitively runs on your Mac and is effectively available for iOS, Android, and other devices including any browser so you can easily access your info all the time, anywhere. SmartDay is an easy to use app with millions of downloads and 50,000 hours of development and design. You can easily access all your existing tasks and calendars from the remainders and calendars apps. This intuitive calendar apps quickly allows you to add new events, tasks, and notes and you can easily access all your information with a built-in online account. This app brings everything right at your fingertips so you can enjoy organizing events, notes, and tasks into projects, automatic scheduling of tasks, all day events, shared calendars notes, and projects, task delegation, advanced searching and filtering, and way more things as well. So just download Smart Day, and organize all your to-dos, calendars, notes, and tasks intuitively using your mobile phone.


11. BusyCal

BusyCal is an intuitive and powerful tool which helps you enjoy extreme level organization of your life’s stuff. BusyCal: Calendar & Reminders is packed with elegance, innovative, and time-saving features such as customizable views, travel time, integrated to-dos, maps, weather info, moon phases, natural language input, graphics, tags, and much more. This application displays your calendar in multiple views such as daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. The best thing about BusyCal: Calendar & Reminders is its capacity to customize these views more specifically to meet your needs. You can easily choose some weeks shown per month, customize the calendar’s appurtenance, calendar colours, days shown per week, time format, and much more. There is a never-ending list of features that it provides for its users which helps them enjoy more through less. BusyCal: Calendar & Reminders helps you enjoy customizable views, integrated to-dos, info panel, natural language input, menu bar, travel time, alarms, smart filters, add graphics, weather and moon support, sync and share calendars, and much more. So just download BusyCal: Calendar & Reminders, and enjoy the best calendar manager right on the palm of your hands.


12. Jorte

Jorte brings more comfort of remembering and getting things done in an elegant way. Jorte Calendar & Organizer is a fine application having more than 30 million downloads for the providence of one of the most popular organizers and calendar app. Jorte Calendar & Organizer is a highly customizable application which helps its entire users to enjoy tons of features. It is probably the most suitable app for both personal as well as business use that will surely assist you to manage your daily schedules ultimately. This application brings a start menu where you can easily decide what to show such as tasks, diary, or the today’s event, and what to hide. Jorte Calendar & Organizer lets you choose your preferred font, and you can even use your own fonts as well because of its compatibility with lots of fonts. Its countdown features allow you to be aware of the days or hours left for any particular event on the calendar. Other than these, Jorte Calendar & Organizer also lets you have countdown feature, diary feature, cloud, various widgets, display lunar calendar, syncing with other calendars, and a lot more right on this app.


13. Calendars 5

Calendars 5 is another smart calendar app which helps its users to organize their events, to-dos, meetings, appointments, and other stuff in an elegant and the supreme way. Calendars 5 by Readdle is a satisfactory application which helps you manage tasks and iOS remainders just to help you get things done properly. You can enjoy viewing in any of its months, day, year, and week options. This application is becoming the choice of millions of users due to its classy features. Three things that you would love about this application is its extreme task management, natural language input, and first-class iPad calendar support. Calendars 5 by Readdle easy to use task manager helps everyone and has anything you need to track, complete, and organize your events. This intuitive calendar works both online as well as offline mode, and probably have all the features that you want. You can easily choose any of its subscription plan for interesting calendar, and you just have to select a price according to the selected plan. So just download Calendars 5 by Readdle, and have a supreme calendar right in your pocket.


14. CloudCal

CloudCal is a classy calendar application which helps you consolidate all your Microsoft as well as Google calendar in one view that provides you with an instant and one of the quickest overview of your availability with your Meetup, Evernote, Trello, and Eventbrite tasks and events. CloudCal Calendar Agenda Planner Organizer To Do was developed by Pselis Ltd. which lets you see the hours you are free, in an instant. You can easily share your calendars with your friends, family members, and other colleagues. It also allows you to see your availability in an instant so that you can easily get to know that whenever you’re busy and whenever you were free. CloudCal Calendar Agenda Planner Organizer To Do also let you sync it with Google Calendar, Evernote, Trello, Meetup, and much more. It brings configurable snooze level, multiple views and agendas, the invitation of contacts, location search, invite contacts to meetings, import calendars, drag and drop appointments, pen and use maps, and flexible remainders yearly, daily, monthly, minutely, and hourly. So just download Calendar Agenda Planner Organizer To Do, and bring your material with you (by attaching audio, files, and pics).


15. Tiny Calendar

Tiny Calendar is a great application which enables its users to enjoy the best solution for remembering things intuitively. Tiny Calendar – Calendar App inherits the clean and simple look of Google Calendar and makes it more accessible, reliable, and responsive on your Android mobile. It is a fine mobile calendar app which comes with a list of damn intuitive features for its entire customers. You can enjoy its multiple ways to views events which are almost 7 in numbers including day view, week calendar, week agenda view, custom view, month view, mini-month view, and agenda view. You can quickly switch views to find events or a time you are looking for. Tiny Calendar – Calendar App brings logo widget to show the current date. You can enjoy real-time synchronization with the Google Calendar every time you open Tiny Calendar or after you make any changes to events. Rather than working online, you can even enjoy it in offline mode. So just download Tiny Calendar – Calendar App, and enjoy the advanced remainder system, inviting people, accept invitations, recurring events, better calendar management, and intuitive gestures.


16. Awesome Calendar

Awesome Calendar is truly an awesome calendar app brought to you by YonaSoft Inc. which helps everyone to organize their daily life stuff intuitively. There are a lot of amazing features of Awesome Calendar through which you can enhance your productivity and do things on time. It allows intuitive syncing, writes your to-do list, creates notes, checks the weather, manages calendars, and lot more. Awesome Calendar is an all in one solution which provides natural language input, iOS remainder integration, synchronization with the Google task, rolling and carry over to-do, multiple calendar control, a grouping of to-do option, full-text searching, holiday noted for 35 countries, and much more. This single app lets you have 4 apps in one feature such as you can enjoy an intuitive calendar, notepad, weather, sticker, and task manager. You can even enjoy its year, month, day, and week views and even alters them in the way you want. So just pick Awesome Calendar and enjoy some elegant features like passcode lock, unlimited support of alarms, weather info display, sharing of events, notes, and to-dos, time zone support, elegant photo album calendar, and much more.


17. Plan

Plan (free) is an intuitive application when it comes to organizing your lives intuitively. Plan – Organize your Life app comes with a number of intuitive features through which you can monitor and plan all the stuff that matters for you in an intuitive way. There are a lot of high-quality features of this stuff scheduling app through which you can intuitively plan your days. It brings an entirely redesigned time picker which is so helpful for event details for entailing a simple experience. It allows you to view and schedule all your upcoming days, months, and weeks so that you always get to know what is next. This application never lets you short of things that really matter for you by letting you know about each of your meetings, dates, details, and all the stuff which is significant for your lives. You can now better manage your projects by adding tasks, events, and to-dos to different lists and you can even outline the steps which are needed to accomplish as soon as possible. So just download Plan – Organize your Life, and enjoy everything you want to do and everywhere you have to be, comfortably organized.


18. TimeTree

TimeTree is probably one of the best application which allows you to enjoy sharing of time with your family, friends, colleagues, loved ones, and significant others for a splendid future. TimeTree – Free Shared Calendar is a fine calendar app developed by Jubilee Works, Inc. which helps you share the calendar with your family and a group. It helps you remind things that you scheduled with a group of people and everyone that you shared with. TimeTree – Free Shared Calendar is equally significant for people whether they want it for their personal life, as well as for those who have it for their business. It is a must-have tool for some families who want to break the communication breakdowns between the spouses and is perfect for the parents who want to schedule and save their split responsibilities to drop off and pick up their kids on a shared calendar. TimeTree – Free Shared Calendar is also important for couples and business persons as well. There are a lot of extraordinary features of this calendar app through which you can enjoy calendar sharing, intuitive syncing, notifications, working with google calendar, chatting feature, to-do lists and memos, multiple calendar support, and much more.


19. CalenGoo

CalenGoo is a Calendar application and easy way to access and modify your Google Calendar with your smartphone. This Calendar has a similar view just like of Google Calendar, and event display of this app is also using the same calendar colors. Month view of CalenGoo can be zoomed and panned to get an overview of month events. This app will help the user by displaying recurring events correctly when he is offline. This app will show you tasks with a due date on the corresponding days of Calendars. You also have the facility to edit and add tasks and these changes will be synced with Google Tasks. By using CalenGoo feature, you can invite people to events, and you can see their status like accepted, declined, maybe, or no answer. This app provides you the opportunity to use this calendar with Google Calendar, by creating a free account on Google Calendar and installing CalenGoo on your smartphone.

More About Business Calendar 2

Business Calendar 2 is a fine application introduced by Appgenix Software Inc. which carries some stylish calendar features for its entire users. This is an award-winning calendar app which is beneficial for both personal and business users to manage things in an intuitive way. It helps you enjoy event planner and task management in an elegant way. This application allows you to have advanced event reminders, voice input remainders, 4 authentic views (year, month, day, and week), support for tasks and local calendars, agenda with live research, birthdays of your contacts, and month, week, day, agenda, tasks, and icon widget support. It carries handy and intuitive navigation with simple swipes between week, day, and month. You can easily choose between bars and text in month view. This application helps you quickly show as well as hide calendars with the favourite bars, and an integrated task organizer which syncs with Google Tasks. You can also enjoy its powerful voice input, customizable notifications, create meeting invites, heap map view, dedicated birthday view, share your tasks and events, ads-free atmosphere, optional ongoing notifications with event countdown, and much more.