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C25K is another widely used app which is serving great as a running trainer, introduced by Zen Labs Fitness. C25K® – 5K Running Trainer has a tremendously great fan following due to its occupation in the list of some gorgeous and highest-rated health and fitness apps… read more
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14 Apps Like C25K for Android

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1. Strava Running and Cycling GPS

Strava Running and Cycling GPS is one of the most amazing apps for runners and cyclists for recording their activities, compete with their community, comparing their performances over time, and sharing the stories, photos, and highlights of their activities with friends. There are millions of individuals that are using this robust app for tracking their rides and runs for free. Strava Running and Cycling GPS delivers an activity tracking that lets you get key stats as calories burned, elevation gained, pace, speed, and distances along with an instructive map of your activity. You can participate in monthly challenges to impulse yourself further. You can easily connect with your friends, fellow athletes, and social trainers to view each other progress, and activities or encourage them with comments and kudos. This app lets you showcase the best moments of your ride or run, shoot and dig deep for a top time, get heart rate monitor, and share activity details on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Strava Running and Cycling GPS enable some of its passionate trainers to go premium and use some extraordinary and ultimate features for overcoming their health motives.


2. RunGo

RunGo is another elegant application which comes with some damn efficient features for its entire users to run harder and in an appropriate way. RunGo – Voice Guided Running is a superb virtual running partner who brings turn by turn instructions and guidance for tons of running routes, city tours, and races. This application precisely creates your own routes anywhere and also lets you have voice guide. It features a library of running route, advanced voice navigation in only English language, and way many intuitive things which precisely lets you get more out of it. RunGo – Voice Guided Running is an amazing route creator which helps you navigate better and proper. Apart from its online working, you can even enjoy RunGo – Voice Guided Running in offline mode a well once the routes are downloaded. This application precisely tracks and log all your runs and lets you have distance, time, calorie stat and elevation intuitively. It also carries speech feedback of pace and distance. This app is available in the market, so just download RunGo – Voice Guided Running, and just run.


3. Sports Tracker

Sports Tracker is another highly recommended, sophisticated, and widely used application for running, cycling, and more. Sports Tracker Running Cycling is great stuff developed by Amer Sports Digital, which enables everyone in this universe to enjoy using free app for all your sports. This application allows you to track your training using powerful GPS and maps and you can intuitively analyze your calories burned, average speed and altitude, and everything in between. Sports Tracker Running Cycling allows you to track the progress as you work to achieve all your goals. It lets you track and analyze your workout preferences, efficiently monitor your fitness progress, provide GPS maps, distance and time calculators, and also lets you provide voice feedback during training. Sports Tracker Running Cycling is an all in one sports solution for getting all the stuff that lets you comes closer towards your fitness goals. Some of its cool features include the tracking of calorie burned, cycling speed, average training speed, and you can even follow friends to get motivation from them or might compete with them as well. So just download Sports Tracker Running Cycling, and enjoy every of your concerned sport in a highly compassionate way.


4. Runtastic Running PRO

Runtastic Running PRO is an excellent fitness tracking application that will keep an eye on your daily life movements. The multiple fitness tracking activities of this app like tracking time, distance, speed, calories taken and burned, elevation and much more will assist you in staying healthy and fit all the time. Get ready to be in perfect shape with this multiple fitness tracking application that is going to tracking each and everything. For those users who are also holding Apple Watch as well are hereby given good news that this app is even optimized for the Apple Watch as well. The features and functions that go in favour of usage of this fitness tracking app are GPS tracking system, measurement of all kind of activities directly or indirectly related to fitness, map view, charts of multiple activities, training history, adding activities manually, synchronizing the activities, sharing of results over the social media platforms and much more.


5. RunKeeper

RunKeeper is an application that has been made on account of lively wellness fans by giving them the likelihood of seeing a point by point measurements of their pace, separation, and times for each time they run or run. Furthermore, it’s anything but difficult to get insights of runs and races, and look at your advancement as you go. The application incorporates an extremely nitty gritty history of the considerable number of exercises you do, advising you when you achieve new individual bests and developments. The measure project progress in achieving particular objectives and targets, and also makes preparing plans for you to achieve your personal donning targets. By and large, RunKeeper gives you a chance to transform any movement into a course so you can do it later on. The best part is that you’ll have the capacity to distribute everything on various informal organizations, for example, Facebook, and Twitter, to impart your accomplishments to every one of your companions and possibly persuade some regarding them into joining in. RunKeeper is an impressive preparing instrument that not just gives you a chance to have a registry of every one of your exercises, additionally gives you the opportunity to share an action that is typically very individual.


6. Endomondo

Endomondo is an application to check your fitness goals. It will keep track of your cycling ride, runs, walks and more than 40 other sports with the help of fitness tracker. Endomondo will calculate duration, distance, speed, calories, and much more. Then it will make a summary of all these information. The user can analyze his performance like split times for each workout. This app will keep tracking of your heart rate with the help of Bluetooth and BTLE heart rate monitors. It will access you to use your favorite devices to track like Garmin, Pebble, and Apple Watch. You can listen to an audio coach that will guide you towards your distance or calorie goal and easily win prizes with challenges. This app will allow you to send or receive real-time audio pep talks from friends and check the news feed to see friend’s workouts. The user can add pictures, tag his friends, use countdown, and much more.


7. Running Distance Tracker +

Running Distance Tracker + is another extremely awesome app for runners who want to get things in a more precise and elegant manner. This app was developed by Fitness22 which brings a must have running tool for people of every age and for almost all levels. This application precisely tracks your pace, distance, calories, paths, and more. Running Distance Tracker Plus is known as one of the most accurate running tools which help you get access to a music library as well as voice feedback guiding you to achieve your targeted distance in a shorter span. This applications also maintains the history of all your improvements and runs over the time and shows you a complete log of your running activities. It carries one of the most accurate distances or time tracker, and you can also enjoy its average and current pace tracking. Other than these, Running Distance Tracker + also provides running GPS (with running routes and map support), voice feedback support, music access, calorie spent, the running history tracking on a monthly average. So just download Running Distance Tracker Plus, and enjoy the taste of running and all its concerned activities in an effective and more reasonable way.


8. Weight Loss Running by Verv

Weight Loss Running by Verv is an elegant application for runners which let them make this fact in a more reliable and convenient way. This application is introduced by the Red Rock Apps, which let everyone to get the fruitful running features right in their smartphones. Weight Loss Running by Verv is one of the most efficient and probably a complex approach to losing weight. This application causes the burning of calories three times more than a normal app would. This app comes with an elegant and unique weight loss plan, a mic of effective internal running, sprints, jogging, and walking, etc. Weight Loss Running by Verv is a highly decorated app to achieve all your fitness goals intuitively. Apart from advanced and intermediate runners, even beginners can also enjoy it at the peak. It is the best approach whether you are looking for burning calories, weight loss plans, or improving health. Other than these, Weight Loss Running by Verv also lets you have effective features for running at weight loss, Run 5K, Run 10k, half Marathon, and Marathon. So just download Weight Loss Running by Verv, and get your extra weight lost out of your life using damn intuitive and fun features.


9. Nike+ Run Club

Nike+ Run Club is the perfect companion when it comes to running apps, and one of the perfect running partner. Whether you’ve just started running or a professional athlete, you can have all the compulsory stuff that is needed for running and its concerned scenario. Nike+ Run Club lets you be an athlete or a great healthy person by a motivation of millions of runners from all across the world. It also lets you have expert opinions and guidance on the points where you feel confused or don’t know what to do. This application allows you to track and store all your records and runs. Its audio guided running workouts let you enjoy running with the Nike Athlete and Coaches. Nike+ Run Club also provides personalized coaching plans to schedule and track your progress. Other than these, you can also get motivated through trophies and badges, and celebrate all your achievements over here. It also enables you to compare and compete with your buddies on Leaderboards, and in run cheers from friends. So just download Nike+ Run Club to enjoy tracking and storing your runs and records, and enjoy running in an ultimate way.


10. MapMyRun

MapMyRun is another intuitive running app which helps you track and map your daily workouts through having it in your mobile phone. This application allows you to get feedback and stats as well to enrich your performance. Run with Map My Run was introduced by MapMyFitness, Inc. which helps you discover the best running routes, save, and share your most favourites, and even get inspired to reach new running goals with a massive community of more than 40 million runners. Whether you are a beginner as well as a seasoned runner to log your first mile, you will intuitively discover tools and features to stay on track and get motivated along the path. Some of the highlighted features of Run with Map My Run app includes review your workout performance, keep up with friends, discover a new place to run with routes, get immensely awesome motivated, and lot more. This applications also comes with a Premium version as well to get highly reputed running features. Run with Map My Run also lets you discover new paths for running to get unique things on your way. So just download Run with Map My Run, and run.


11. Pumatrac

Pumatrac straightforwardly gives you more strength as well as further conducts to fell in love with training. This application brings personal coaching with the bespoke workout content that knows what you need and motivates you to do it. This application lets you have highly calculated and probably the most efficient time for running. Pumatrac comes with a list of some intuitive features that help you get involved in things in the way like never before. Some of Pumatrac’s cool and outstanding features include tools for scheduling workouts, grant access to exclusive events, tools for tracking progress, support from a community of like-minded athletes and you have everything you acquire to create multiple routines tailored to the ways you move. It provides customized running and training content, workout with Puma Global Athletes, and get the list of right workouts for your coming days. You just have to pick any of your desired goal such as running, weight losing, or fitness concern activities, and get things done in the way like never before. So just download Pumatrac, and enjoy the intuitive running experience with a touch of motivation from athletes, boxers, yogis, and other field professionals.


12. Rock My Run

Rock My Run carries more charm of workouts and motivations from your workout music to achieve all your health-related goals. RockMyRun – Best Workout Music is a famous running app developed by the Rock My World Inc. This application helps you get thousands of mixes that sync with your body for the real-time. It is a must have and an ultimate tool for those who are racing, training, and hitting the pavement. This app recommends you on the base of your performance, and its music is scientifically proven to increase your motivation up to 35 percent. RockMyRun – Best Workout Music carries a whole lot of workouts that enables you to forget to skip but to enjoy all its workouts. This app helps you get the specially selected, highly curated, and seamlessly blended together songs for creating a unique workout experience that you surely never have had in your life. You can easily adjust the settings and tempo of the playlists and mixes to match your goals and all the achievements. So just download RockMyRun – Best Workout Music, and enjoy ultimate running and music features.


13. Runner’s World My Run Plan

Runner’s World My Run Plan precisely motivates you to work out in the way like never before. Runner’s World My Run Plan is a great production of Focus N Fly Inc. which brings an all in one app to let you have everything for your daily dose of workout including running, hiking, cycling, walking, and others. This application uses a patented algorithm which is proved to enrich your fitness motives and improve race time. Runner’s World My Run Plan comes with some subscription options, and you can invest more to get more. This application will build appropriate speed and mileage and get you to the starting line feeling fit, ready, and fresh to run your best. Other than these, Runner’s World My Run Plan also lets you get help from some highly efficient and experienced coaches with the questions on training, racing, injuries, nutrition, preventions, and anyone that you have ever faced. Runner’s World My Run Plan app also lets you sync it with your popular training watches and activity trackers including Strava, Runkeeper, Fitbit, Germin, and more. So just download Runner’s World My Run Plan, and improve your strengths and nerves in an ultimate way.


14. RaceRunner

RaceRunner enables runners to compete against other compassionate runners from all around the globe in real-time races. No matter if you have just started running or even you are a runner enthusiast, RaceRunner – GPS Real-Time Run lets you have the fun of competition to your daily run. This is probably one of the best apps which lets you enjoy the race in real-time against the other people of the world. It has so many positive impacts that help you get more strength and passion towards your goals. This application enables its users to compete against each other from your everyday routine and test their endurance for the real-time. You can even create your own race and invite your running partners or friends from anywhere in the world to start a run battle. This application always knows the pace and distance of your competitors through intuitive voice notifications. You can properly track your activities through your profile of this platform. RaceRunner – GPS Real-Time Run allows you to track your overall pace and distance to see the improvements and show off the medals you earned. So just download RaceRunner – GPS Real-Time Run, and start a new running competition to enjoy it fully.

More About C25K

C25K is another widely used app which is serving great as a running trainer, introduced by Zen Labs Fitness. C25K® – 5K Running Trainer has a tremendously great fan following due to its occupation in the list of some gorgeous and highest-rated health and fitness apps. This applications brings real-time inspirational transformations and possess more than 100,000 likes and thousands of success photos. Its damn awesome community inspires one another. C25K – 5K Running Trainer is the must-have running tool for beginners from couch potatoes to the 5-kilometre distance runners in almost 8 weeks. More specifically, it is efficiently designed for the inexperienced runners who just begin running. This easy to use and intuitively designed running app allows you to track your calories and distance for each workout, and get a collection of brand new songs and albums just to improve motivation by 35 percent more. C25K® – 5K Running Trainer carries immensely great features for every genre of runner, and is an easy to use tool for beginners. Other than these, Couch to 5K also integrated with social media and some other running apps as well. So just download C25K® – 5K Running Trainer, and begin the new charm of running effectively.