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Calendar Widget is a calendar application, and you can select this app as a home screen widget for your Android device. You have the facility to access a list of upcoming calendar events so it will be easy for you to have a glance on your future appointments… read more
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18 Apps Like Calendar Widget for iOS

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1. BossNote

BossNote is like your personal assistant on iPhone, iPad, and the web. It is easy to organize and keep your information together on BossNote. Combined functions of Notepad, Calendar, and Cloud Storage are accessible there. It will allow you to make sketches and drawings, voice recordings, and locations, regardless of the internet connection.

You can create notes, set alarms for important events, and store photos on BossNote. It can quickly provide access to your information. This app works with both the iPhone and iPad, and it is a purely free app. In the new version of BossNote, different features are included.


2. OneStack

OneStack is one of the simplest calendars that has a clean, minimalist day view that allows you to see more events at a glance. By fantastic minimalist day view, you can add all your daily meeting, events, and task list items as simple events. After the end of the meeting, see what’s next in OneStack. Continue your work by just deleting event, when you finished your game. Organize your life by using OneStack Calendar. At the end of the day, clean your schedule, delete events and move events to the next day. If you have deleted an event by mistake, then Trash Calendar help you to get the event details back. Other features of OneStack are Calendar groups, shortcuts, and customizable landscape view. Privacy is a top priority of this app, and it does not send any calendar or contact data to the server. OneStack has trusted data security because there is the same accounts use by Apple’s native calendar app. It is a free app available in over 30 different languages.


3. See Time

See Time is one of the stunning calendar and event apps specially designed for those people that have difficulty understanding Time by digital or conventional clock methods. On this app, multiple functions can be added every day, which enables you to see all events in chronological order. Have a glance at all days in a particular month, and it will indicate days having different activities.

See Time has a convenient overview that shows all active and completed events. There a search function will help you to find distinct tasks by name. See Time has a visual way of time watch, which is ideal for your children or anybody of any age. It is not a free app, and you have to purchase this app with a price of 1.99 USD.


4. Raft

Raft is a remarkable app for couples. Add event to Raft and share it with your partner. Raft gives two different calendars to you and your partner so you can decide which event you have to share with your partner or friend. It also has the option to keep some events as a secret. Plan romantic activities with your spouse, spend more time together and keep track of who’s busy when. Raft is fun because you can add GIFs and pictures to your event. Use the option of feed to search out planning of your friends. Raft lets you personalize events with photos and emojis. Some stability improvements have been made in the new version of Raft to help you for making your plans. The raft is a free app, and it works by signing into Facebook. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


5. Economic Calendar Forex FxTeam

Economic Calendar Forex TxTeam is a simple calendar app to inform you about different market economy events. People are getting fresh financial news from the last decade by using Economic Calendar Forex FxTeam. This new iOS app will keep you active by searching the most refreshing macroeconomic statistics data like stock index futures, commodities, and goods.

The different filters can be applied to see only selected information. This app will allow you to remove or add displaying of news from the various countries, and you can also customize the importance of the story. The calendar event option is there to see more information, including description and chart, with the latest news on the events.


6. Synk

Synk is a calendar app beautifully laid out and packed with features. Synk is one of the powerful and easy to use the app. It will support you to keep track of any event of your life. Synk has built in the tracking of TV shows, concerts, sports, holidays schedules, and college events. The best feature of this app is that you will be able to connect “SynK” with Google Calendar, iPhone Calendar, Facebook Events and much more. Synk lets you share your pictures, plans, and schedules with your besties. This app is the easiest way to plan your get-together with friends and family. Give your comments and discuss events with your friends there. Synk will allow you to compare schedules with you friends and show them exactly when you will be free. You can share your whole plan with your friends or just show when you have time. It also has the feature of the subscribing calendar for sporting events such as the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and NCAA Football, as well as TV shows, college schedules, holidays, birthdays and more. It is a free app designed for iPhone and iPad.


7. Calendarium

Calendarium is a way to discover many interesting things about the day. It will combine calendar of historical events with times of Sunrise Calendar/sunset, number of weeks, day, day length and moon phase. So find historical events and share it with your friend via social media like Facebook and Twitter. It will also show you the alignment of all planets in the solar system. It will calculate some days passed from 1 Jan and days left up to 31 Dec. Calendarium will inform you about Moon phase, Day length and Geographic coordinates without any source of internet. This app will access your location only to prescribe correct information about Sunrise Calendar, sunset times and duration of the day. It is the number one reference App in 40 countries with approximately half million trusted users. Calendarium is premium app compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The new version of Calendarium has new features like pinch to zoom on planetary view and split screen supportable on new iPad.


8. Calendate

Calendate is a calendar app to personalize your calendar with icons and themes. Twenty-four different event images and ten beautiful items are included in the Calendate library to decorate your significant events. It has a feature of weather forecast where you can strengthen your planning by checking the weather of upcoming days.

This app can be connected to Facebook and other social media networks so you can share your events with friends. A list of Public Holidays for 30 different countries is also available in the app. Event addition is so easy by just picking an icon and typing the event name on it. It is a premium app compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The new version of Calendate has improved UI, and some icons are part of recurrence events.


9. PocketLife Calendar

PocketLife Calendar is a calendar app that is easy to use, and it is like a beautiful calendar in the pocket. Many advanced features and vastly superior layouts are part of PocketLife Calendar to display your calendar events. PocketLife is a universal app for iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPhone, iPad, and iPad Mini. Features like events & reminders, display multiple calendars, and custom recurring events are making this app different from others. It can share your calendars with your work colleagues, friends & family.

PocketLife has a feature by which you can import your images from your photos and use these pictures for your calendar month display. Set the colors, fonts, and pictures of your screen according to your personality. By using Passcode Protection, you can set your password for privacy. It will allow you to create an image of month view and set this image as your phone wallpaper. PocketLife is a free app designed for both iPhone and iPad.


10. iCalendar

iCalendar is the optimum calendar app for your smartphone, focusing on your productivity. The highly usable interface lets you enter events very fast, and it will help you to keep track of your productivity. This app has the combination with your iCloud, Google, Exchange, Outlook, Yahoo! Account to furnish you with the most appropriate calendaring experience. iCalendar will allow seeing your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly schedule.

A feature of color-code is there by which you can use predefined colors to make your events attractive. Searching events with the title, location, and notes on iCalendar are accessible, and it has the quickest way to navigate between dates on the market. You can add custom alerts or reminders to your events and snooze alerts. With a single touch, you can add new events, and new templates can be created for your most recurring events. iCalendar is a premium app specially designed for the iPhone and iPad.


11. Sunrise Calendar

Sunrise Calendar is a free app made for iCloud, Exchange, and Google calendar. To keep you updated with all the events of your life, Sunrise Calendar fastens you with all your most-liked apps like Facebook, Evernote, Foursquare, TripIt, Todoist and Trello. Sunrise Calendar provides you a way to manage the things you need to do and people you want to see. If you are planning your next trip or daily schedule around the world, Sunrise Calendar will help you to keep track of everything in a lovely designed calendar. Sunrise Calendar also has a new feature of Meet; it is a keyboard that will allow you to select convenient time slots in your calendar without leaving the app. Meet is the fastest way to schedule a one-to-one on the go. Sunrise Calendar automatically connected to your phone, tablet, and computer, so you can use your calendar from anywhere. Sunrise Calendar used Google Maps to locate your directions and give information about weather forecast according to your location. It is a free app made for iPhone and iPad users.


12. SaiSuke

SaiSuke is a Calendar app of schedule management for the iPhone and iPod Touch. SaiSuke has different view modes by which you can see your calendars in a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. SaiSuke database has synchronization with Google Calendar, iPhone Calendar, and iPhone Reminder so you can modify your events with the help of them. You have the ability to make your calendars look outstanding by customizing your calendar styles and font sizes. SaiSuke allows you to use the flick gesture to move to the next or previous month’s pages. SaiSuke will create a backup of event data to iCloud Storage when you enable it on iCloud. You could restore your SaiSuke data from iCloud if you lost it by mistake. To update SaiSuke, just install the new version over the existing installation. By deleting your version of SaiSuke from your iPhone or iPod Touch, you will lose your all data. It is a premium app with the price of 9.99 USD.


13. Calvetica

Calvetica is one of the fastest calendar apps for the iPhone and iPad. It has a beautiful interface for viewing and managing your schedule. It has excellent features like time zone support, multiple default alarms, Customize calendar colors, 24-hour format, and much more. It has a generous month view that allows you to see how events span days and overlap. Like other Calvetica also relies on the default calendar app for syncing with Google, Exchange, etc.

You can customize Calvetica alerts that let you set a sound that’s louder and longer than the default app alert. It has a feature to view a location on a map or to use the map for event location. Remarkable gestures are there for power users for quick work. This app will allow you to find events within a time range, like search by titles, notes, and locations. You can customize how events and task details can appear.


14. Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2 is a calendar app redesigned as one of the best-selling calendar apps. A lot of new features are part of this app such as reminders, a new week view, and much more! It will allow you to see events and dated reminders together in the main list. You can also add reminders directly from the Reminders list or new event screen. Fantastical 2 is the best app for those, who wants a pure replacement for the iPhone’s stock calendar app. Set dates, times, and geofences of your arrival or leave. Fantastical 2 enables you to create phrases alerts such as “remind me tomorrow at 3 PM”,”alert 1 hour before”, or “alarm 3 PM”. Fantastical 2 is the easiest way to add new events or reminders to your calendar. Without installing other apps, events, reminders, and alerts for these apps can be pushed to Fantastical 2. This app has a new feature of an extended keyboard for the creation of new events and reminders, provide numbers and symbols for dates and times.


15. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is an official calendar application for both iPhone and Android designed by This app will save your time, and you will perform your all tasks according to your schedule. This app will provide you the opportunity to add your favorite events from you Gmail account like flight, hotel, concert, restaurant reservation, and more to your calendar instantly. This app will use reminders for you to create and view-to-dos along with your events. Google Calendar will furnish you a new style of Schedule View, and you can see your schedule at a glance with photos and maps of the places you’re going. It will give smart suggestion to the user to quickly create events for event titles, places, and people. This app lets you see your calendar in many different ways just like you can view single day events or an overview of multiple days at once. Google Calendar will help you by working with all your calendars on your phone, for example, Exchange and iCloud. Free Google Calendar application is available in more than 30 languages just like English, Arabic, Greek, Hindi, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and others.


16. Jorta Calendar & Organizer, Diary

Jorta is one of the most popular calendar application. It is a just like a personal organizer in your pocket. It provides you lots of features to customize your calendar according to your desire. This app will sync with Google Calendar, Google Task, default calendar, and you have the facility to import your sports events, public events, and the weather forecast, etc. It will furnish you ability to view your calendar in different styles just like, Monthly view, Weekly view, Daily View, and Vertical View. Your necessary appointments will show in red, and you can also set events as complete when finished. You can adjust starting day of the week on calendar according to your choice. A feature of Diary is also present that will help the user to manage diary with photos and comments. If your friends are also using Jorta Calendar, then you can share events details with other Jorta users. This app will deliver you the ability to set in any formats like Weekly, Bi-Weekly, every year, even 1st Tuesday of each Month.


17. TODAY Calendar (Task, Reminder, Goal, Anniversary)

TODAY Calendar is calendar application to plan your life. TODAY Calendar is a new type of combined organizer for your personal schedules, and it will assist you to manage events, reminders, goals, and anniversaries. This app will furnish you the ability to view your schedule of 7 days on your smartphone screen. This app will support a different way of checking schedules with the help of notification. The user can easily create events, anniversaries, and reminders by using natural languages. This app will access you to see uncompleted schedules using a feature of Daily Review without any difficulty. TODAY Calendar is supporting to Checkbox on Reminders, Time Circle View, and List view. With the help of “Add” button, you can move directly to input screen. This app is providing the user statistics and achievement reports, due dates, and over 100 different types of icons on his home screen. This app will support you to achieve your targets and fulfill your new habits by creating new Goals.


18. CalenGoo

CalenGoo is a Calendar application and easy way to access and modify your Google Calendar with your smartphone. This Calendar has a similar view just like of Google Calendar, and event display of this app is also using the same calendar colors. Month view of CalenGoo can be zoomed and panned to get an overview of month events. This app will help the user by displaying recurring events correctly when he is offline. This app will show you tasks with a due date on the corresponding days of Calendars. You also have the facility to edit and add tasks and these changes will be synced with Google Tasks. By using CalenGoo feature, you can invite people to events, and you can see their status like accepted, declined, maybe, or no answer. This app provides you the opportunity to use this calendar with Google Calendar, by creating a free account on Google Calendar and installing CalenGoo on your smartphone.

More About Calendar Widget

Calendar Widget is a calendar application, and you can select this app as a home screen widget for your Android device. You have the facility to access a list of upcoming calendar events so it will be easy for you to have a glance on your future appointments. When you add, delete, or modify any event, then this app will automatically update your events. You have the option to customize colors of the widget background, and you can change the text size of the widget. This app will indicate for alerts and recur events with the help of notification. The user can access fully resizable widgets, and this app is supportable for Android tablets. This app has an option to show all past event of default color, and another option to hide events based on keywords in a title is also part of Calendar Widget. You have the ability to click “today” option to see current, and future events and “Refresh” button will take you to the widget header.