6 Apps Like Call Waiting Announcer Free

Call Waiting Announcer Free is another outstanding application when it comes to call waiting applications available in the market. This application precisely says the caller name much loudly during a call-waiting. This app vanishes the effect of lifting your phone off your ears to know that who is calling you when you are during a call-waiting. This application enables you whether to ignore the call and to lift it up right away even by snapping your fingers, whistling, or even doing a fart noise. There is no need to scan the phone number or tell your current call to hang on while you look at the cell number. This application has also added a feature of Speak phone option which never let you miss any of your important calls. Call Waiting Announcer Free also added the capability to whistle, do fart or snap to go to a call-waiting as well as send out a text message during a call waiting. It lets you send a message by having these kind of stuff after 15 seconds after the text to speech announcer finishes its execution during a call wait. So just download Call Waiting Announcer Free, and never forget to turn your ringer volume up to hear the track.

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1. FastCustomer

FastCustomer is a great application which enables its users to navigate the phone tree to whichever depart they want with a single click and then ring your phone once the agent in on the line. FastCustomer: Fast customer service is a widely used application introduced by the Fast Customer Inc.…

2. LucyPhone

LucyPhone is an elegant application which enables its users to Lose the Wait, particularly on calls. Lucy Phone is a widely used application developed by the Decogram which is made for people who probably hates waiting on hold for Customers Service. This app makes it so healthy and easy to…

3. Call Waiting Enabler

Call Waiting Enabler is another classy application in this call waiting app list which brings an easy way to use the workaround for multiple situations where the operator or the ROM incompatibility prevents the users from activating call waiting. This application allows you to have the ability to receive calls…

4. Advanced Call Settings

Advanced Call Settings is a widely used application which lets you have some ultimate advanced call setting right into your pocket. Advanced Call Settings app comes with some must have call features, introduced by Vndnguyen Inc. It is an elegant Android app which is probably a fine replacement for the…

5. Call Waiting Ringer

Call Waiting Ringer brings more features when you have a call or when you make calls. Call Waiting Ringer free (w/Caller Ring Back Tone) is a fine application introduced by The Matrix, which allows everyone to get some elegant features. This application comes with a pack of some exciting new…

6. Call Waiting Ringtones

Call Waiting Ringtones carries a lot of important and must have features for its entire customers. This application allows you to play the same music over your phone call waiting and even choose that to have it as your ringtone. Call Waiting Ringtones free brings a new way to being…

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