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Camera Effects is another best photo app that lets you apply different post-processing results for your pictures, and that is much like what Instagram or Aviary allow you to do. The Camera Effects user interface is very easy and also intuitive… read more
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12 Apps Like Camera Effects



B612 is another pictures app specially created for selfies that allow you to apply lots of filters to your images before sharing them using your preferred social networks. B612 has greater than 50 different filters.

Camera360 Ultimate

Camera360 Ultimate is a best image editing application that lets you set all kinds of various effects to your favorite pictures. The app includes a very comfortable and user-friendly interface, from where you have access to each and every one of its features, along with the smooth touch of the screen.

LINE Camera

LINE Camera is the best application for the iPhone and Android camera that, in place of using filters along with other effects to your photos, will help you to add a lot of stickers and fun sketches.


Cymera – Camera and Photo Editor is a picture application that can be used to give your photos a fresher, more dynamic look, thanks to the wide selection of filters and lenses that it provides.


Fotor Photo Effect Studio is a useful photo cropping and editing application that allows you to not only utilize filters and frames for your pictures but additionally modify colors and insert funny stickers on any picture.

BestMe Selfie Camera

BestMe Selfie Camera is a camera application specially designed to take the greatest selfies. Easy, by providing larger than a hundred different filters and lots of other options to create collages of several pictures.

Google Camera

Google Camera is the official camera app developed by Google for Android devices, and that is an alternative to the camera app which comes by default. The very first thing will strike you about Google Camera is something wrong.


FotoRus is a picture modifying application that consists of lots of different tools for working on your photos. You may make collages using several images, apply dozens of unique filters, appropriate the shades of any photo, and create spectacular arrangements in a matter of seconds.

Photo Grid – InstaMag

Photo Grid – InstaMag is another application that permits you to create unique arrangements using the photos on your mobile device. You can create two main types of collages: pages from a manga comics and magazine addresses.

Open Camera

Open Camera is a camera application which, instead of attempting to offer lots of filters and also special effects for your pictures, provides a powerful camera you need to use at any time.

Candy Camera

Candy Camera is the best photo application that lets you give a touch of style to your pictures because it provides you with a large selection of filter, frame, and sticker options.


Huji is probably the best application that makes your memories and moments as precious as the feeling of watching a movie on some of your best old memories. Huji Cam brings way many exciting features that enhance the beauty of your moments with capturing the best moments.

More About Camera Effects

Camera Effects is another best photo app that lets you apply different post-processing results for your pictures, and that is much like what Instagram or Aviary allow you to do. The Camera Effects user interface is very easy and also intuitive. You just need to tap the button to consider a photo and will also automatically take you to the editing window, where you can use the effects, add watermarks, save the image and share it. Camera Effects offers greater than 20 different effects, ranging from black and white to movement effects, including various changes in the color tones. Besides, you’ll have a good handful of watermarks that can be used to decorate elegantly your photos. You can share your photos on social networks such as Twitter or Facebook directly from the editing window of Camera Effects. Camera Effects is an app that enables you to give your photos a touch of elegance in a matter of seconds. You can modify photos without taking too much time to do so.

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