Camera FV-5

This is a professional photos are editing app that offers the manual control system to its users so that they can edit their photos in the means that like. This camera app is particularly designed for the professional and enthusiast photographers… read more

Apps Like Camera FV-5

#1 Camera Plus Pro


Camera Plus Pro is a camera app for smartphones packed with the professional like features. This simple and easy to use camera application is designed to offer the smartphone users the both photo and video capture. It is packed with the most professional image editing features and seamless sharing over the social media platforms in the end. This application will simply beyond regular point and shoot images. The best about this app is that it contains the both automatic and manual control system that makes it one of the best photos editing apps. Being faster and powerful are the qualities that make this app recommended for all kind of photos editing. The features that make Camera Plus Pro popular one are independent video and photo capture controls, live photo filters, multiple choices of resolution, editing the photos like a professional, fast capturing mode and much more.


#2 DSLR Camera Pro


DSLR Camera Pro tries to give the experience of real DSLR camera. This quality camera app comes with both manual and automatic camera controls options including exposure compensation, ISO, white balancing, like RGB histogram and much more. On the top, it contains the unique photo editing stuff like two stage shutter button function to get the more focus and using the volume buttons as a shutter key. The number of settings will give you a number of options to deal with your images. It simply provides you the pure photography. The major features behind the popularity of this app are moveable viewfinder, live histogram system, exposure compensation, flash mode, light metering mode, autofocus mode, drive mode, color effects, usage of volume keys as shutter buttons, editing photos like professional photographer, easy to use tools, user friendly interface, front facing camera support, gridding system and much more.

#3 Microsoft Pix Camera


Microsoft Pix Camera is a next generation camera and photo editing app for the smartphones and tablets. It is called to be one of the easiest camera and photo editing apps that allow the smartphone users to take better photos. The automatic image enhancement feature of this app will automatically capture the beautified images. The users can also go for further editing as well if they like to do so. The intelligent lens system behind this app is the secret behind the popularity of this app because it make the users able to take the better photos without too much efforts at all. It is just like being the professional photographers. They will be able to enjoy the considerable amount of functionalities like selecting the best shots, tweaking settings, and enhancing the images on the fly to set the scenes to look at their best. No more guesswork at all, only real editing tools to assist you.


#4 Wondershare PowerCam


Wondershare PowerCam is a new camera over the internet with a new design and new experience level. Using this application is very simple even for the beginners as well. The simple homepage will make everything simple for them like instant access to all tools and functions such as edit, collage, gallery or direct access to the camera functionality. Its unique camera store is containing a broad range of cameras options and filters that allow the users even to add and manage all of their camera and modes for free. Over hundred exclusive effects and filters are the part of this app that will allow you to create remarkable and wonderful like within few seconds. From standard functions to the advanced editing tools, Wondershare PowerCam is the home for all kind of editing functionalities. In addition to post image editing, Wondershare PowerCam support for editing of videos as well with real time effects and layouts as well. It contains all those functions that you would like to enjoy.

#5 Cardboard Camera


This component 360 degree camera is available for both iOS and Android devices. Cardboard Camera is packed with the qualities of photo editing and sharing of the photos over the social media platforms. Cardboard Camera is based on the virtual reality technology that allows the people to experience sound and scenery and closing the near things and far thing to look fairer. From simple photos capturing and editing to family group photos, Cardboard Camera is perfect for all kind of moments because it is capable of dealing with both single selfie and group photos. Simply install this camera app and let it be your default camera app so that all of the images captured can easily relive in its virtual reality system. The user interface of the app is very user-friendly, and you will be able to navigate from one function to another one easily.

#6 Camera JB+


Camera JB+ is the name of a highly advanced camera app for the Android devices that are holding the two most important features in the name of camera app and gallery app. Camera JB+ is jam packed with a complete photo editor that is capable of editing both kinds of photographs either taken via this app or already in the image gallery. The best about this all in one photo editor is that it supports the almost all versions of the Android operating systems. It will give you the option to retouch your images easily. People called it the best camera and photo editing app because of having versatile kind of features. At the moment three different modes are the part of the app like camera, panorama and video recorder. It will give you several photo editing tools, effects, layers and much more to enhance the quality of the image.

#7 Wonder Camera


Taking pics like the professional photographer is not an easy task for everyone but using an app allowing for capturing images and then editing them to give the impression as a deal by a professional photographer is very simple. Here we are discussing a camera and photo editing app named Wonder Camera that is called to be equally useful for both beginners and professional photos editor. It offers them manual and automation way of editing the images they have recently taken via this app. The best about Wonder Camera is that it offers some editing tools before capturing the image as well. For those people who want to get the natural beauty on their images will surely like this simple photo editing app because of the filters and effects that it is offering for free. It is packed with a broad range of photo editing tools in addition to simply being used as the image capturing app.

#8 GEAK Camera


GEAK Camera is a small size and alternative camera app of the default camera of the smartphone. It is going to add more features and functions in the working of the default camera. You can also use this app as a standalone camera app and photo editing app as well. The main advantage of using GEAK Camera is that it is based on the OpenGL technology so that you can get the best possible advantages while using this application. Now it’s time to discuss those reasons that will force you for using this app. It contains real time filters that appear at the same time and permit the users to choose that one suite to their image. Then comes its efficiency level that always ensures capturing of beautiful images in less than a second. It is a compact app too because of having very small size.

#9 Z Camera – Photo Editor


Z Camera – Photo Editor is an app that will work as the default tool of the camera of your smartphone. You can directly take the pictures from this app and can even edit the images via its integrated editing tools as well. It reasonable to mention here that Z Camera – Photo Editor is a free app but at the same time, it is an ad supported photo editor. You must aspect some ads during editing of your photos. The features that make this simple photo editing like a professional photo editing and camera app are real time filter, amazing filter for photographing, photo editor for beautifying the photos with multiple photo effect , fastest capturing speed like tap and snapped within one second, HDR system for improving the quality of the captured images, editing the selfies, and much more. The unique function of Z Camera – Photo Editor is its private gallery section where you can keep the all private photos safe.

#10 Cameringo+ Filters Camera


With the availability of hundreds of adjustable filters, immense selection of frames, and stylish interface, Cameringo+ Filters Camera is an app that is containing a lot of photo editing functions. It is holding the best in the class live photo effects and a full range of manual photo editing controls as well. The main advantage of using Cameringo+ Filters Camera is that it offers the both automatic and manual editing control to its users. In case you want the ready to use the enhanced image then the automatic function will suit you. And in case you want the manual controls for editing then a full range of live photo effects along with frames and editing tools are there to assist you a lot. The professional DSLR controls and changing the exposure, saturation, contrast and other areas of the image are the other benefits that you will get from this photo editing app.

#11 Camera MX


Camera MX is an all one editing app that is used for editing photos, GIFs, and even videos as well. The main advantage of using Camera MX is that it never compromise on the resolution, quality of the images, and even ratio of the images. This simple camera app is best for activating the display flash of the primary camera. If talk about GIF and video editing then this app is featured with supporting functions for these two areas as well. Using this camera app for creating, editing and managing is the main benefit of using this app because all of the features are available under the one roof. There is no sophisticated rethinking involve in this at all. Moreover, most of the functions are automatic so there will be few taps and you will get more and more space for editing the photos like professional photographers.

#12 Camera ZOOM FX


Camera ZOOM FX is a full featured camera application for the smartphones devices. Camera ZOOM FX is available in both free and paid versions. It is the perfect app for those people who want to get the stunning photos despite the camera range of their smartphones. It will even enhance the functionality of the default camera of the smartphone. The recent version of Camera ZOOM FX includes full range manual DSLR controls. This smart camera app is packed with a lot of features and functions that are still missing in most of the camera applications. Once you start using this camera, you will realize your photos are improving. The limitation is about your imagination and creativity as Camera ZOOM FXimposes no limitation and restriction at all. The stunning features of this app are multiple shooting modes, full manual controls, no more blurry shots, customization of hardware buttons, voice activated shutter and much more.

More About Camera FV-5

This is a professional photos are editing app that offers the manual control system to its users so that they can edit their photos in the means that like. This camera app is particularly designed for the professional and enthusiast photographers. With this, they can easily capture the raw photos so that they can post process them later on to get the photos like the professional and stunning one. Your creativity and imagination are the only limits. The features of this app that we would like to mention with you are that all photographic parameters in this app are fully adjustable, it offers the view finder display like DSLR camera, offers full fledged exposure bracketing, contains integrated intervalometer, offers program and speed priority modes, support for long exposure, support for all kind of images for editing purposes and much more. Camera FV-5 is simply the best app you were looking for.

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