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Can you Escape the 100 Room 1

Can you Escape the 100 Room 1 is a classic puzzle-based game which tests imagination and management skills of the user. What makes this game interesting is that all the hints are provided at appropriate times, whenever a person finds trapped and does not have any way to go, pressing one button will give them guidance… read more
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22 Apps Like Can you Escape the 100 Room 1


Lara Croft GO

This highly addictive puzzle game is set into a long forgotten world where you need to discover among those ruins of an ancient world that are holding a lot of secrets inside them.

Scribblenauts Remix

Scribblenauts Remix is an award winning game by Waner Bros. International Enterprises that brings creativity and imagination to one place. The theme of the game is simple where the user has to use their brain to solve many mysteries such as finding a thing, creating an object, bringing something to live for progress and much more.

Where’s My Perry?

Where’s My Perry? is one of the most popular interactive puzzled games developed and designed by the Disney for the smartphones and tablet devices. In this real challenging and physics based puzzle game, the players need to use the water in multiple levels to solve the puzzles and mysteries of each level in a proper way.

Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot

Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot is another breathtaking puzzle game by Disney that focuses on two things. First, one being the solving skills of the person who is playing the game and the second one being the fact that it takes you on an adventure like no other competitor.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley is a smartphone game that is jam packed with a lot of activities to do. In this game, the players need to manipulate impossible characters and guide them through a silent princess in a beautiful world.

Brain it on the truck!

Brain it on the truck! Is a game developed by WoogGames and makes the world of puzzle based category much more classical. Here the person does not require to put the missing pieces in the right place but has to draw their way to the new levels.

Brain it On! Physics Puzzles

Brain it On! Physics Puzzles is a game that tests your knowledge and skills along the way. The tasks may look simple and the person playing gets the idea that nothing complicated will require, but that isn’t true.

Evo Explores

Evo Explores is a space explorer game where every planet is full of mysteries. If you are looking for a real puzzle game then Evo Explores is the best end of your search as it will present you the challenges in such a challenging ways that at first instant you will simply get shocked.

Ghosts of Memories

Ghosts of Memories is an adventure puzzle game holding a lot of complexities and difficulties that are distributed in the six stunning world that the players need to conquer. In this game your main target is to find and explore and ancient scepter and have to travel across all the dimensions involved.

Where’s My Water?

Where’s My Water? is a puzzle video game for the smartphones. Where’s My Water? was first released as a desktop based version and later on was introduced for the leading smartphones operating systems as well.

Deux Ex GO – Puzzle Challenge

Deux Ex GO – Puzzle Challenge is a game self-explained by the name where you face several challenging problems to reach the destination. The first thing to know about the game is that there are charges of installing and downloading it but are minimal.

The Room

Welcome to a high-class puzzle game that is, in fact, a physical puzzle game and wrapped in a mystery game that resides in a stunning tactical 3D gaming world. The regular player of this game called it the cave of the mysteries where each solved mystery comes with a new mystery.

The Room Two

The Room Two is the second part of the most famous reality based game in the category of puzzles and comes with several improvements made on the previous version. It is bigger in size and requires proper space on the phone.

The Room Three

The Room Three is the latest part of the award-winning series in reality based puzzle games. Another room full of adventure and mystery, the main improvements in this game include a proper training session and background information.

Back to Bed

This amazing puzzle game is in fact the story of a sleepwalker who is way from his bed and your target is to take back him to his bed safely by taking control of his subconscious guardian.

Can You Escape

Can You Escape is one of the simplest games in the puzzle based scenario where the user gets to enjoy several exciting options and test their solving abilities. The purpose of the game is simple;

GoM – Adventure Puzzle Game

GoM – Adventure Puzzle Game is the demo version of the famous game and comes in which several features that will make the person addicted. The play interface is designed properly keeping in mind that it could offer a lot more to people who want to enjoy the same thing with a little twist.

100 Doors of Revenge

100 Doors of Revenge is a puzzle based game explained correctly by the name. The person playing the game gets to use their brain to solve the problems and also to face new adventures in a never ending list.

Can You Escape 2

Can You Escape 2 is the second installment of the game with the game name and comes with a lot of new options and scenarios. The place is different, and the items that help in reaching the end are new, the theme gets overlooked in this one, and some purchases make it much more attractive.

Can you Escape the 50 rooms 2

Can you Escape the 50 rooms 2 is the next version of the game developed by FunnyTimeDay. Each room within the game has new secrets that need exploration and solution before the user moves on to the next place.

Can You Escape Haunted Room 2?

Can You Escape Haunted Room 2? is a game developed for people who like mystery, thrill, and adventure that the same time. It is simple, where the user gets trapped in a dark room, and nothing is visible, it is up to them to make sure all the hurdles complete without further ado.

UNCHARTERED: Fortune Hunter

UNCHARTERED: Fortune Hunter by PlayStation Mobile Inc. is an original action based puzzling adventure of Nathan Drake who is on a journey to solve the most famous mysteries of the world.

More About Can you Escape the 100 Room 1

Can you Escape the 100 Room 1 is a classic puzzle-based game which tests imagination and management skills of the user. What makes this game interesting is that all the hints are provided at appropriate times, whenever a person finds trapped and does not have any way to go, pressing one button will give them guidance. It only happens when something serious exists. Several scenarios when the user does not know what to do, but the interface thinks the task is easy; no help will show. Another benefit of this game is that it has an excellent rating and does not require any funds for installation. That said, several ads within the interface make for a challenging viewing experience. 50 levels within the game make it much more attractive and give the user longer play time to make sure they have a lot to do. If you miss the level and cannot solve in the time given, the game restarts again. The user interface is not that good with some of the options hidden, but the graphics compensate for that error. All in all, an excellent choice in the category of free puzzle games and worth installing.

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