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CarlTune is an elegant chromatic tuner for violin, saxophone, ukulele, mandolin, flute, cello, bass, guitalele, bass, mandola, and plenty of other instruments that you love to play. CarlTune – Chromatic Tuner is a great app developed in the market by Brainting Inc… read more
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1. Pano Tuner

Pano Tuner is a fine chromatic tuner available over the App Store, which allows you to get your guitar tuned in just a few secs. Pano Tuner – Chromatic Tuner is a fine tool developed by Kaleloft LLC, which allows you quickly and effective tune your guitar and makes it sound real. The app listens to the sounds that you make from your device and shows you the varying pitch and provides guidance for tuning it in the right way. You can concisely tune your instrument accurately by looking at the offset from the pitch that you want to tune to. Pano Tuner – Chromatic Tuner intuitively follows the pitch that your instrument can make and supports the instruments of guitars, upright basses, trumpets and piccolos, and more. It is an elegant chromatic tuner which allows you to adjust the frequency of your instrument in harmony with your band, change the sensitivity of the tune, and use non-standard tunings to make your own harmony. You can precisely add your own temperature to make the chords more in consonance. Pano Tuner – Chromatic Tuner is an upgraded or full version feature which helps you tune your instruments with damn ease.


2. Tuner Lite by Piascore

Tuner Lite by Piascore is a precise chromatic tuner and pitch pipe which enables its users accurately and instantly tune plenty of instruments with the help of inbuilt mic of their mobile phones, introduced by Plusadd, Inc. Tuner Lite by Piascore – The Ultimate Chromatic Tuner is a great app loved by tons of musicians worldwide to tune their instruments concisely. Tuner Lite App can tune electric and acoustic guitar, bowed strings, brass, piano, brass, woodwinds, tympani, and any other instruments that can sustain a tone. It supports ultra-realistic and responsive 50 cents range fine-tuning display. Tuner Lite by Piascore – The Ultimate Chromatic Tuner contains the features of needle meter display, accuracy of a semitone, tone generating, pith pipe, automatic reference note calibration, changing of wallpapers, and its LED displays high and low sounds easily. The paid version of the app supports custom temperaments, notations such as solfege, transposition, adjustable calibration, and various other things. You can also understand the sound more effectively through its spectrum power indicator. Tuner Lite by Piascore – The Ultimate Chromatic Tuner App conveniently tune plenty of instruments and helps you manage everything in a way like never before.


3. Practice+ Tuner and Metronome

Practice+ Tuner and Metronome is a comprehensive performance and practice toolkit for the beginners as well as pro musicians which contains five separate modes such as Loop, Setlist, Recorder, Tuner, and Metronome Modes. Practice+ Tuner & Metronome – Musician’s Toolkit is a marvelous app developed by Dynamic App Design LLC, which is an essential practice tool for musicians from all over the globe. Each of its modes can work at the same time with the metronome which is effortlessly controlled through the compact metronome bar that is always on screen. It brings beautiful design and placed everything over the screen for helping your tune your desired instruments with ease. Practice+ Tuner and Metronome – Musician’s Toolkit app allows you to record and share all the sessions of your practice right from your mobile devices. Its robustly accurate tuner brings instant response and gigantic edge to edge user interface for effective readability. You can play reference tunes to measure the intonation from its Pitch Player. Practice+ Tuner and Metronome – Musician’s Toolkit brings custom themes, transportation, multitasking, needle damping, landscape and portrait support, and fine-tuning range of 392 to 490 Hertz.


4. Soundcorset

Soundcorset is one of the most significant instrument tuning app for all the beginners and pro musicians. Tuner & Metronome – Soundcorset is an easy to use tuner developed in the market by Soundcorset Inc. which brings a universal toolbox for any instruments (Recorder, Metronome, and Tuner). You can easily start and stop the metronome and even set a combination of sound, vibration, visual beats, and flashlights. Sound Corset app allows you to have one-touch functionality for turn on the tuner, record your playing, select the rhythm patterns, and use black screen battery saving mode. You can precisely tune instruments through 2 modes, which include the Pitch Fork Mode and Chromatic Tuner Measuring sound intensity and pitch. Soundcorset – Tuner and Metronome App allow you to customize A4 frequency and upload your sheet music from the app. The app supports all the instruments, including piano, guitar, violin, cello, bass, mandolin, ukulele, flute, drum, harmonic, and more. It also supports all sort of transposed instruments including F horn, E-flat saxophone, B-flat clarinet, D-flat piccolo, and others. Apart from these, Sound Corset – Tuner and Metronome also brings the features of high precision tuning, scales practice, precise BPM control, practice time tracker, visual metronome mode, BPM detector, and various others.


5. Chromatic Guitar Tuner

Chromatic Guitar Tuner is easy to use, fast, and accurate app presenting pro level of tuning conciseness and helps you tune dozens of instruments in a way like never before. Chromatic Guitar Tuner – Ukulele & Bass App features plenty of tuning modes, a comprehensive list of alternatives and standard ukulele and guitar things, fully functional with extra tools for beginners and professionals. It is an amazing tuning app for acoustic guitars, Banjo, Ukulele, electric guitar, 6, 7, 8, and 12 string guitars, and for others. DoubleTune: Tune Bajo and Cello App also allow its users to tune basses including upright bass, electric bass guitar, and acoustic bass guitar. It uses the mic of your device rather than using any additional equipment. Other than these, Chromatic Guitar Tuner Free: Ukulele, Bass, and Violin app also tune Violin Cello, Viola, Cello, Fiddle, Piano, Balalaika, Sitar, Mandolin, and various others. It helps you tune your acoustic and electric guitar with extreme precision and incredible ease. The app also contains a tuning fork, and you can take advantages of the inbuilt presets for the Ukulele and guitar training. Chromatic Guitar Tuner – Ukulele and Bass is significant for music teachers and students and all the professional musicians from all over the world.


6. GuitarTuna

GuitarTuna is an intuitive and world-famous tuning app which precisely tunes the bass, guitar, and other popular string instruments and is useful for both experts and beginners. GuitarTuna – Tuner for Guitar Ukulele Bass & more! App was developed by Yousician Ltd. which works with both acoustic and electric guitars and other string instruments using the inbuilt microphone. It brings accuracy for professional players, supports advanced audio recognition algorithm, auto mode tuner and a chromatic tuner right away. GuitarTuna: Guitar, Bass Tuner app intuitively works with the electric and acoustic guitars, bass, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, viola, cello, fiddle, balalaika, and many other string instruments. The app also supports more than 100 tunings which include Standard, Drop-D, 7-string tunings including drop-A, 12-string, Open tunings, Half step down, and various other drop tunings. GuitarTuna – Tuner for Guitar, Bass, and Ukulele App carries background noise cancellation technology which intuitively works in noisy areas. This chromatic tuner was developed by guitarists for all the musicians and enhanced by the world’s leading audio engineers. You can set any tempo, tapping at the desired speed, change the beat manually having this app. GuitarTuna – Tuner for Guitar Ukulele Bass App contains almost 6 ultimate code learning games just to let you learn, rehearse, and master all the chords effortlessly.


7. TonalEnergy

TonalEnergy is an effective app for all the beginners and pro musicians whether they sing or play a brass, stringed or woodwind instrument or any type of guitar. TonalEnergy Tuner & Metronome app is a great product presented by TonalEnergy, Inc., which makes it too comfortable and fun to adjust tunes of plenty of instruments and music devices. It brings a set of feature-rich practice tools which gives accurate tuning of multiple instruments. TonalEnergy is a universal tuning app which comes with state of the art tuner, dedicated orchestral strings and guitar tuning page, sound analysis page, an advanced metronome, a piano keyboard, and visual/audio recording capabilities right under one place. TonalEnergy – Powerful Practice Tools carries unmatched flexibility in sound choices, meters, tempo settings, subdivision pattern, and visual displays. It also contains the ability to create as well as edit presets groups and Ableton link for syncing plenty of devices make this a superior tool for performance. Tonal Energy – Practice Tools App carries high-quality multi-sampled instruments sounds for symphonic instruments, and listening skills can be developed through the use of the keyboard. Tonal Energy – Tuner and Metronome support the instrument sounds of flute, bassoon, English horn, soprano, trumpet, French horn, organ, plucked stings, euphonium and tuba, and waveforms (square, sine and sawtooth).


8. Pitch

Pitch is one of the most sophisticated tuning apps which provides you with detailed analytics with tips on how to improve your instrument playing as well as singing. Pitch – Chromatic Tuner App was presented in the market by Coda Lab Incorporated Inc. which brings an elegant tuner which helps you become a better musician by providing all the necessary stuff right under one platform. The app contains easy to use and simple interface where you can instantly tune voice or any other musical instrument that you love to play. Pitch – Tuner & Music Fitness Tracker app brings comprehensive analysis to help you view and manage your progress over time. It helps you make recording and play them back or view or even view the analytics regarding individual recordings. The app works effectively great in noisy environments and uses an external microphone and mobile pickups. Pitch – Chromatic Tuner Features 5 tuning threshold ranging, detailed analytics, uses little battery life, adjustable response speed, dark and light mode, transpose to any key, and you can hear individual chords and notes with the tone generator. Pitch – Tuner and Music Fitness Coach App support guitar, piano, bass, flute, trumpet, piano, viola, French horn, tuba, timpani, clarinet, saxophone, banjo, violin, trombone, your voice, and more.


9. Guitar Tunio

Guitar Tunio is one of the most incredible, fastest, accurate, and easiest to use tuner app with a simple interface to let you get things done with ultimate perfection. GuitarTunio – Guitar Tuner is a marvelous product introduced in the market by Apps Nemo Inc. which brings a perfect choice tool of tuning plenty of instruments for all the beginners and pro musicians. The app offers plenty of tuning tools and modes along with a list of standard and alternative for ukulele and guitar tunings. The app works effectively with a range of musical instruments including bases, mandolin, ukulele, electric and acoustic guitar, violin, cello, viola, sitar, balalaika, and tons of other string instruments. Guitar Tunio – Guitar, Ukulele, Bass, Violin allows its users to tune guitar with the concise support of tuning Standard, Drop C, Drop B, Halt step down, Open C, Drop A, Drop D, Half step up, Drop C#, Open D, Open E, Open A, Open F, Open G, DADGAD, and Guitarlele. Guitar Tunio – Instrument Tuner brings an instant and sensitive response, a wide range of pitch sensor, left-handed mode, and does not need any additional equipment for this reason. Guitar Tunio – Guitar, Ukulele, Bass, and Violin Tuner helps you tune your desired instruments with dams ease and real conciseness.


10. n-Track Tuner

n-Track Tuner is one of the fully-functional tuners which enables its worldwide users to tune the bass, guitar, ukulele, piano, set of strings, and plenty of other instruments. N-Track Tuner – Guitar Tuner Free is a great tool developed in the market by n-Track Software Inc. which allows you to tune anything from functional instruments to plenty of strings. It contains the features of the spectrum analyzer, needle view, tune fork, custom calibration, 3D and 3D sonograms, changes temperaments, and various other for both shoddy and pro musicians. n-Track Tuner – Tune Guitar, Bass & Instruments helps you track the changes in frequency spectrum with time by selecting the sonogram tab. n-Track Tuner – Guitar Tuner is an amazing app which works great with an acoustic guitar tuner, electric guitar tuner, classic guitar tuner, bass tuner, ukulele tuner, banjo tuner, violoncello tuner, piano tuner, wind instruments tuner, mandolin tuner, violin tuner, viola tuner, and other vocals or instruments. You can also calibrate it for non-standard tunings and select non-standard alternate note naming, musical temperaments, and more. N-Track Tuner – Tune Guitar, Bass, and Instruments App lets you tune your desired instrument in two easy steps and brings plenty of advanced features for the whole scenario.


11. Airyware Tuner

Airyware Tuner is a new yet elegant product for a professional which helps them tune more than 400 brass, woodwind, strings, and some percussion instruments in the most precise way. Airyware Tuner – Guitar Tuner & more App was developed in the market by Airyware Inc., which effectively and precisely helps you in tuning tons of instruments from guitar to sitar. It is a professional chromatic strobe tuner which contains the features of 9 octave tuning range (from 15 to 8000 HZ), true strobe tuning mode, linear needle meter, ambient, ambient noise reduction, calibration to live sound, waveform inspector, A4 calibration (300 to 600 HZ), high contrast display, intuitive notations (sharp, flat, and 3b2#), and more. Airyware Tuner – Best Strobe Chromatic Tuner App also contains high contrast display, scale transposition, tone generator, pitch pipe, customizable sweeteners, custom Railsback curve definition, customizable stretched tunings, string inharmonicity awareness, tempered note audition, customizable temperatures, and more. Airyware Tuner – Instruments Tuner app lets you keep using its trial version as long as you want and then move to its full version by purchasing a license. Airyware Tuner – Strobe Chromatic Tuner App is superb for all the professional musicians using their most likely instruments.


12. Fender Tune

Fender Tune is an elegant, super accurate, and easy to use tuner app for ukulele, guitar, bass guitar, sitar, and plenty of other instruments, developed by Fender Digital, LLC. Fender Tune + Chords, Scales and Metronome App come with an all in one Player Pack Practice Kit featuring scales, chords, advanced tuning capabilities, inbuilt beats, and a metronome (all in in-app purchase). It contains an intuitive and ad-free interface to tune your desired instruments with a set of 26 alternate tunings. While on the other hand, the pro tuner option adds greater flexibility and precision with adjustable A 440 HZ reference. Free Guitar Tuner – Fender Tune contains manual, chromatic, custom and auto-tunes tuning modes for everyone uses string instruments. Fender Tune – Guitar Tuner App carries instrument-specific tunings for acoustic guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, and electric guitars. It allows you to discover new harmonic horizons with 5k+ shapes in the new dynamic chord library of Fender. It allows you to choose from 65 different drum rhythms across 6 genres, and feature 65 pre-programmable beats. The pro version of Fender Tune – Chords, Scales & Metronome App allows you to get great-time visual feedback, additional tuning styles, and more than 40 different non-standard tuning references.


13. Tempo Lite

Tempo Lite – Metronome gives you the features you want without any sacrificing usability, and its intuitive engine is written from the ground up for the ultimate level stability and accuracy. Metronome: Tempo Lite is an elegant tool presented in the market by Frozen Ape Inc., where you can now enjoy the core features of Tempo before upgrading to its full suits functionalities. The app contains a comprehensive and attractive interface (single-screen), and its Flashing LEDs serve as buttons to enabling the development of complex rhythms, customizing beats, etc. The app brings almost 8 multiple time signatures, including 1-5 /4, 9/8, 6/8, 3/8, and more. Metronome: Tempo Lite brings 6 rhythm patterns for the compound as well as simple meters. The works intuitively in both landscape and portrait mode and supports visual feedback in the form of pulsating LEDs. You can also customize the accents and turn beats off to create and utilize even more complex rhythms. Other than these, Tempo App also tracks the number of bars played, monitor time of your practice, stops playback automatically when the limit reaches, and coach modes alter between muted and unmuted bars. Metronome: Tempo Lite contains 3 sound sets and multitasking support for letting its users do things way easier.


14. Pro Guitar Tuner

Pro Guitar Tuner is an excellent tool which enables its worldwide users to get the most intuitive and easy to use guitar tuner. Pro Guitar Tuner – Used by Professionals Globally App was developed by a famous online guitar tuner named ProGuitar Inc. which carries a simple tool to tune your most likely instruments with ease. The app intuitively tunes standard guitar, 5 string guitar, 6 string guitar, 7 string guitar, 8 string guitar, bass guitar, violin, banjo, bass guitar, mandolin, balalaika, ukulele, and various other instruments that you play on a daily basis. The app comes with a massive library of general tunings through which you can tune instruments using more than 100 tunings. Pro Guitar Tuner – Used by Professionals Globally App is an amazing chromatic tuner which operated as an ordinary guitar tuner but right over your cellular devices. ProGuitar Tuner app intuitively listens and analyzes the sound through its in-built headset, mic, and the guitar clip-on and from any other external microphone. Pro Guitar Tuner – Used by Professionals Globally App contains a high-quality sample of real instruments and brings a massive library of different tunings for ukulele, bass, violin, balalaika, violin, guitar, and more make it easy to find more qualities.


15. Cleartune

Cleartune is a pitch pipe and chromatic tuner which enables its global users to instantly tune their instruments with the help of the inbuilt mic of your cell phones. Cleartune – Chromatic Tuner App was introduced in the market by Bitcount Ltd, which contains a minimalist interface for letting you tune your desired instruments. The app contains a unique Note Wheel interface which helps you instantly discover your pitch, paired with high quality responsive fine-tuning meter for the most concise tuning. Clear Tune App also includes the support of custom temperaments, notations, transposition such as adjustable calibration, solfege, and more. Clear Tune – Chromatic Tuner App can tune the bass, bowed strings, piano, brass, woodwinds, electric guitar, tympani, tables, acoustic guitar, and various other instruments with ease. It contains note wheel display, needle damping option, user-defined temperament and notations, pitch pipe, selectable tone waveform, tone generator, selectable notations and temperaments, adjustable A4 calibration in 0.1 Hz increments, automatic and manual note selection, selectable tone ware form, support for transposing instruments, and more. Cleartune – Chromatic Tuner is one of the most crucially acclaimed instrument tuners with thousands of dedicated musicians for tuning their most likely instruments.


16. Tunefor Ukulele Tuner and Chords

Tunefor Ukulele Tuner and Chords is an elegant tool designed for the tuner beginners as well as pro musicians. Tunefor Ukulele Tuner & Chords – Metronome and Uke Tabs & Game is a fine tool developed by Rui Qin Inc. which brings an excellent user interface through which you can not only tune your Ukulele in a professional way but also can manage plenty of things online. It allows you get the tuning prompt sound if you want to tune your ukulele sound very accurate. It contains the most precise tuner for all the ukulele beginners and lets you grab the most convenient way to learn ukulele. Tunefor Ukulele Tuner and Chords – Metronome and Uke Tabs and Game allows you to get plenty of learning modes, training your fingers, improving your familiarity with the music score and train your intonation. Whenever the tuning is done, the light turns green, the tuning will be finished, and even a zero-base can learn to tune instantly. Tunefor Ukulele Tuner and Chords – Metronome and Uke Tabs and Game app offers tracing content rich in scare and chords and brings multiple levels of difficulty for users to learn their desired instruments in a way like never before.

More About CarlTune

CarlTune is an elegant chromatic tuner for violin, saxophone, ukulele, mandolin, flute, cello, bass, guitalele, bass, mandola, and plenty of other instruments that you love to play. CarlTune – Chromatic Tuner is a great app developed in the market by Brainting Inc. which enables its worldwide users to enjoy easy and intuitive interface for tuning their desired instruments and strings. It contains a handy tool for vocal exercise, neat graphical user interface and inventive design with tons of effective features for instrumental tuning. CarlTune is an all in one tool which lets you view frequency, note, staff, keyboard, cents, staff, and more. Apart from these, CarlTune – Chromatic Tuner App also brings the features of concert pitch settings, pitch pipe for every note, the color palette for background, plenty of custom tuning presets, the color palette for background, and more. You can enjoy all the features of CarlTune – Chromatic Tuner App for free and tune your instruments whenever you want.