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Carriage is one of the most leading platforms in online food ordering as well as delivery over the Middle East. Carriage – Food Delivery bought in the market by Carriage Food Delivery Inc. which brings more than 1000 restaurants to place orders for thousands of meals… read more
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25 Apps Like Carriage



FoodPanda is a gorgeous food picking app that brings the best and the tasty food from your local restaurants to your door in a fast and quick scenario so that you can able to eat good food every day.


DoorDash is a flamboyant app that helps its user explore their town for all the local flavors, search for cuisine speed, and price to find your favorites, look over the menu and select your meal, etc.


UberEATS makes the delivery of food fast, handy, and easy. It provides fresh food and in a way that you want. It enables you to explore your nearby restaurants, and you can easily manage to order from hundreds of restaurants around you using this meal delivery app on your smartphones.


Hungryhouse makes its users instantly discover the best takeaways near them. It provides one of the easiest ways to find and get your favorite food. Using this food providing app, you can access more than 10,000 takeaways and over 60 cuisine types near you.


Snapfinger is an application which although is new in the market but has quickly been able to make its name as one of the best places to order food and get to know about the cuisines in your local area.


Zomato lets you discover the food items, restaurants, cafes, pubs, and other food points around you. Through this app, you can efficiently manage to get the menus, photos, reviews, and ratings of your nearby restaurants.


JUST EAT is a meal and grocery providence app that helps you choose from more than 27,000 restaurants, save more with exclusive local offers, and takeaway orders in a few and convenient taps.


goPuff is an excellent tool which enables its entire users to enjoy an ultimate delivery service whenever they want, without any prior effort of searching and even at reasonable prices. GoPuff Delivery: Snacks, Drinks, Ice Cream, & More app bought in the market by goPuff Inc.


LIEFERHELD is a great tool introduced by Delivery Hero Germany GmbH Inc. which enables its worldwide users to order their desired food at any time they feel hungry. LIEFERHELD | Order Food is a simple to use, intuitive, and convenient application through which you can order through more than 12,000 delivery services through Germany.


Otlob is a widely loved application by foodie lovers which lets them place orders for their desired food items and get them delivered right at their desired places. Otlob – Food Delivery bought in the market by Otlob Inc.


Wetherspoon is a widely used app which enables you to browse tons of menus, order all your desired things, and get things whenever you want, introduced in the market by J D Wetherspoon pIc.


Onlivery lets you have one of the most ultimate solutions for ordering your favorite food such as a Pizza, a burger, or any of our desired items online. Onlivery: Online Food Delivery app bought in the market by Onlivery Inc.


Honestbee is an on-demand delivery service buzzing effectively over Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, and Bankok, and is working consistently on increasing their span for providing secure delivery for all your desired items.


GrabFood is an intuitive and easy to use food delivery service in Southeast Asia, serving customers with delightful and healthy meals from street food and restaurant dining. GrabFood – Food Delivery App bought in the store by Grab Holdings which lets you browse all kinds of food in your area and fine from all your favorite restaurants in the comfort of your home.


Bykea makes it tremendously easy to enjoy everything you want from rides to food delivery in Pakistan using one of the most flexible, secure, and intuitive platforms. Bykea – Rides, Deliveries, Food, and Payments is a well-furnished app introduced in the market by Bykea Technologies which makes it so easy to get your food delivery, enjoy shopping, get motorcycle rides, and various other things right under one platform.


Talabat is an online food ordering application which makes it easy to get access to more than thousands of delivery restaurants right from your tablet and smartphone. Talabat: Food Delivery app was developed by Talabat Inc.


Accomplice is an all in one solution which enables you to have all your most likely food delivery services and your favorite rides at one place to access all the exciting deals and save much of your time.

Careem NOW

Careem NOW is a gigantic and one of the most reliable online food providing service which enables its entire users to get the most ultimate food delivery service through browsing and discovering restaurants and everything they offer.

Bloom and Wild

Bloom and Wild app has intuitively revolutionized the flower delivery service with its innovative letterbox flowers and brings an exciting range of flowers from the (United Kingdom) UK’s top-rated flower company.


Cheetay is an excellent application which makes it so accessible to order not just food but also lets you grasp health and beauty products, groceries, books, and various other things that you need and encounter on a daily basis.


hipMenu enables its entire lovers to discover their next meal and have it delivered from your some genetic and favorite restaurants. HipMenu – Easy Food Delivery app brings in the market for you to have exciting stuff regarding whether you are ordering for delivery as well as dining out.

Eat Mubarak

Eat Mubarak lets you browse and discover just what you have been carving and get all the information you need in one place. Eat Mubarak – Online Food Delivery app enables its entire users to discover the perfect restaurants for you in your area and get all their desired dishes delivered at home.


HungryNaki is another excellent application which enables its users to enjoy an exquisite online food ordering and delivery from some famous restaurants and enjoy them at home. HungryNaki – Food Delivery app was developed by HungryNaki Inc.


Lixi is a widely loved cashback application in Vietnam which not only enables its users to help you accumulate for every meal and shopping bill but also attain all your future economic goals.

Bite Squad

Bite Squad brings a diverse collection of tons of healthy features which enables you to choose from a wide range of restaurants along with the handy filtering functions and a search bar facility to help you discover all your favorite dishes you’re carving.

More About Carriage

Carriage is one of the most leading platforms in online food ordering as well as delivery over the Middle East. Carriage – Food Delivery bought in the market by Carriage Food Delivery Inc. which brings more than 1000 restaurants to place orders for thousands of meals. You can precisely tap to order all your most likely meals and food stuff through this ultimate app providing more than 200 different restaurants along with a diversity of cuisines and enjoy your delicious meals. In its ordering process, you have to enter your address (even add multiple addresses), select your favorite restaurants in a few steps, select your meal and place an order to get things right to your door. Carriage – Food Delivery app also lets you have the facility of tracking and get your fresh food delivered to your own place. You can easily search for your favorite items of food by area, and also view the menus of all the restaurants with pics of the items. Carriage – Food Delivery app allows you to order from all your favorite restaurants including the Rock House Slider, Proper Burger, Solo Pizza, Memes Curry, Slice, and many others. So just download Carriage – Food Delivery app to order whether you like Pizza, Burgers, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Indian Kuwaiti, and whatever else you love.

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