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CARROT Weather

CARROT Weather is the weather forecasting and climate reporting app developed by Grailr LLC. The app is a different sort of interesting weather forecasting app which is getting viral among the people nowadays. The app is not only accurate and exact about the weather forecast but is also a real pleasure to use because of its cartooned animations showing the situation of the weather… read more
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9 Apps Like CARROT Weather for iOS

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1. Weather Mate

Weather Mate is the weather forecasting app developed and published by DylogicApps Pvt Ltd. The app is not much popular as it is new in the market but still the users have positive reviews about the app and the app is appreciated all around. The app with the solid build-up has alluring outlook, which makes the app perfect look wise and as well as performance wise. The user interface of the app is quite charming and astonishing, its high definition graphics appeals the user and makes weather forecasting more interesting and enchanting. The app is so simple and easy to use that it can fit all sort of users either basic or advanced users. The app provides real-time current weather details to the user and is very much accurate. The app also provides an hourly forecast of weather as well as 10- day weather info. The user can now be alerted by all the swerve weather conditions all around the world. The app gathers data from more than 30,000+ weather stations from all over the world, so that the most exact and accurate info can be provided to the users. The app is available for free on iTunes.


2. Weather Underground

Weather Underground lets you get warned from all the weather conditions on your mobile phones to take a glance at the scamming’s alerts. It is a widely followed weather application that provides the most accurate hyper-local weather forecasts to its users daily. Weather Underground: Forecasts also offer interactive maps, satellite maps, radar, severe weather alerts, and a lot more.

You can get precise status notifications so that you can instantly view the current conditions about the temperature and other stuff. The present conditions from your local and national weather stations include wind speed, wind direction, dew point, visibility, feels like temperature, and other stuff. Weather Underground: Forecasts brings super concise 10-days forecasts summery on a daily and hourly basis.


3. WeatherBug

WeatherBug is an application that permits you to get to all the climate data that you require. You can get cautious about the temperature or precipitation specifically in the notice bar of your Android gadget. WeatherBug likewise permits you to get to a photography area where you can see the great photographs taken by different clients. You can even transfer your photos so that different clients can see them as well. Other intriguing elements that WeatherBug offers incorporate a rainstorm ready framework and a lasting association with the Hurricane Center. On account of the last of these, on the off chance that you can make sure around one thing, it’s that a tropical storm will never find you napping. As is frequently the case with climate applications, WeatherBug permits you to customize your start up the screen so you can see a photograph identified with the present climate. WeatherBug is a decent environment device that has a proper scope of elements and an exquisite, basic interface.


4. AccuWeather

AccuWeather is an application that helps you to know the climate figure of your territory in a matter of seconds. You can see the temperature, moistness, permeability, the wind, hour of the dawn and the nightfall. The main thing you need to do to get this data is to enter your area physically in the gadget, or just let it perceive your whereabouts utilizing the GPS. The best thing about AccuWeather is that when you slide your finger along the screen, you will see the accurate temperature and wind there will be amid the different hours of the day. That way you can abstain from something as normal as escaping the house wearing a shirt to acknowledge later that it’s frosty and sprinkling. Obviously, you can likewise see the estimate for the next days on another tab and even counsel Google Maps. You additionally have the likelihood to watch everyday recordings with the climate conjecture for all of Europe. AccuWeather is the most finish application for climate theory you can discover for smartphone devices. It doesn’t just offer everything you can require, additionally does it from an unmistakable and agreeable interface.



MORECAST is the weather forecasting and climate reporting app developed and published by UBIMET. It is one of the most famous and trustable weather app having more than a million subscribers and is still counting more and more. The app has a high build-up with a premium quality outlook that enables the users to view the weather details in the quite exciting way. The high definition graphics and themes of the app make it much alluring and appealing to the users. The straightforward and easy user interface of the makes it the best convenient app of all times among all other similar apps present in the market. This app provides data from more than 28,000 weather stations worldwide. Data furnished by the app is always the most accurate and precise, assuring the quality and performance of the app. Minute by minute forecast is provided on the Doppler Radar Map of the app to the users. The unique and exciting feature of the app is that it compares the weather of two different locations side by side, enabling the user to choose the more likely place to move on. The app offers live webcam option to its users with the local temperature facility. The users can share the weather forecasts with their friends and family via social media. The app is free of cost and is available on iTunes and Google Play.


6. Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather is the official climate application from Yahoo, which permits you to rapidly get to the majority of the meteorological data for your geographic area. The fundamental default screen of Yahoo Weather relates to your present area. In any case, you can likewise rapidly arrange the rundown of urban areas where you need to see the climate, selecting from many places just by writing their names or entering their ZIP codes. The best thing about Yahoo Weather is that it is exceptionally visual and natural. At whatever point conceivable, the application demonstrates to you a photograph of the city where you are which pretty much mirrors the climate around then. In this way, on the off chance that you are in Madrid, and it’s overcast, you will see a photograph of Madrid on a shady day. Keeping in mind the end goal to get to whatever is left of the point by point data about the neighborhood climate; you simply need to slide your finger up the screen. You can see the expectation for the following couple of hours, the wind, and bunches of different insights about the climate. Yahoo Weather is one of the best climate applications accessible. It not just gives you a chance to keep focused on the weather conditions whenever, yet it likewise permits you to do as such in an alluring, instinctive way.


7. 1Weather

Both iOS and Android, with their various customization alternatives, incorporate of course their particular climate applications where you can counsel fundamental climate news. Be that as it may, if you need to get more point by point data you can make utilization of 1Weather, one of the best applications of its kind. This is a free application whose lone impediment is that it incorporates coordinated promotions in its interface, despite the fact that they aren’t unpleasantly irritating, and regardless you can pay a little more than a dollar to deactivate them on the off chance that you favor. At the stylish level, it’s very alluring and is composed all around ok to abstain from looking excessively jumbled. The 1Weather begin menu will demonstrate to you the fundamental meteorological information of wherever you happen to be found (on the off chance that you permit Geolocation administrations from your gadget, apparently), with a coordinating screen foundation that progressions hues are relying upon the climate. From this screen, you can search through alternate areas either by on a level plane sliding the screen or by tapping on the symbols on the lower route bar. This permits you to see a numerous day figure with a short depiction in your own dialect (the project is accessible in more than 20 languages), an assessment of the possibility of downpour and massive temperature changes, a realistic with the precipitation lists for every day, a climate satellite picture superimposed on the Google Maps API, and even the sun based and lunar cycles that you’re at present in. As though that weren’t sufficient, you can spare a rundown of your most loved areas in the event that you’d like to altogether counsel the climate in different spots, and there are additionally a couple of outside devices, for example, the alternative to for all time show the present temperature on the upper notices bar on your Android, or to include one of the 1Weather’s numerous gadgets to your desktop with various looks and data pieces.


8. Weather Line

Weather Line is the weather climate reporting and weather forecasting app developed and published by Off Coast LLC. The app claims to be the number 1 weather forecasting app for more than 44 popular countries of the world. The app has real quality and strong setup, which makes refers the efficiency and performance of the app. The real-time bold and alluring graphics, colors, and themes of the app, provides the best possible weather viewing experience to the users. The simple and easy to use interface of the app makes it the most convenient weather forecasting app. The data provided by the app is super accurate as it gather the data from 19 different and most trustable sources of the world. The users can instantly view the weather forecast on their devices. The forecast provided by the app is based upon daily, 48 hours, 8 days and even 12 months. The user can access to the weather history graphs for the past weather details and can also look the future weather predictions. Other exciting features of the app includes Dark Sky Rain Prediction, which provides live forecasting predicting rain and snowfall down to the minute. The app costs $2.99 and is available on iTunes.


9. The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel is an American-based satellite system and the supplier of nearby and national climate estimate. The Weather Channel gives the now to month end climate figure, climate radar, report and even the tropical storm scope too. In the illustration territory of The Weather Channel, there are the administrations like today’s estimate, national conjecture, severe tempest gauge, suburbanite gauge, cultivating value, sensitivity tracker, wellbeing and readiness, extreme climate, and cautions. At that point there is the guide area of the that contains the data about climate radar maps, weather in movement, provincial satellite, high climate maps, drive radar guide and report and recuperates. To put it plainly, The Weather Channel is that level of climate data giving site that provides more than essentially telling about the progressing temperature in a particular district. The route for seeking is exceptionally simple that begin from giving the city, zip or put and receiving the point by point report consequently fit as a fiddle of the day, temperature, depiction, precip, the wind, and dampness. From now to try and weekend, give the same level of definite data to its guests.

More About CARROT Weather

CARROT Weather is the weather forecasting and climate reporting app developed by Grailr LLC. The app is a different sort of interesting weather forecasting app which is getting viral among the people nowadays. The app is not only accurate and exact about the weather forecast but is also a real pleasure to use because of its cartooned animations showing the situation of the weather. The remarks given according to the temperature and weather are supercooled and real fun. The app covers all sort of data related to the weather including temperature, wind direction and speed, visibility, humidity, pressure, dew point etc. The app also measures the rainfall and snowfall in inches and centimeters as well. The user can get the weather forecast on a daily basis and weekly. Real-time weather forecasting of the current location of the user using GPS. The data is gathered from Forecast.os, which is the most accurate data providing source worldwide. The colorful themes changing according to the weather provides the instant idea of the weather to the users. The app also provides future weather forecasts and accurate rain and snowfall predictions. The app costs $3.99 on iTunes.

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