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Cash On Apps is an amazing app that lets you earn cash effortlessly. It has a community of more than 12 Lac, happy users and more than 80 Lac free rechargers made. Rather than earn rewards you can get free mobile talk time anytime… read more
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21 Apps Like Cash On Apps



Rewardable is a free to use application that allows its users to earn cash and make money. This simple to use application allowing its users to earn cash rewards right from their smartphones.

Loot App

Loot App is a platform that lets you earn money by doing basic tasks, for instance, filling out an online survey. Every day people share branded content and taking pictures of various products on Twitter and Facebook without getting even a single penny in return.


Have you ever listen that you can earn cash on secret shopping? If not then here we are presenting you an application named Mobee that will give you the chance to earn real cash by shopping or dining at your favorite places.


TaskRabbit is a great app to acquire all your to-do’s done. With millions of groceries delivered, tons of home cleaned, thousands of errands runs, and loads of IKEA desk assembled is your solution for getting your tasks and to-do’s done.


With iPoll you can make money by participating in online surveys. These surveys are being offered against real cash. It’s time to earn cash for sharing opinion at a platform that really honors the thinking of its members.

Acorn Hunt

Acorn Hunt is listed among those few money making apps that offer cash making options with open hearts. It will give you a chance even to earn up to $30 for a single task as well.

Easy Shift

It may sound strange to you that you can earn real cash by performing your favorite tasks. In fact, you can earn as much as you can just doing what you do on a daily basis like eating, shopping, playing and performing several another kind of activities.


Pact is a platform which allows you earn cash. It creates a powerful incentive for health. As staying healthy and getting fit is so hard now, but Pact uses cash stakes to help you achieve your fitness goals on a weekly basis.


Fiverr is one of the favorite ways to not only earn some cash but to build your client list by proposing a trial of some of your services at an incredibly discounted rate.

Field Agent

Field Agent is an application that will instantly allow you to start making money while improving the performance of the companies. All you need to install this money earning machine on your iOS or Android device and you are all ready to earn money.


Iconzoomer is a platform through which you can easily get cash with easy and reliable doings. This app assigns you some of its core topics such as the information about what your dinner, or show the shoes you are wearing today.


Gigwalk is a brand intelligence platform that has recently launched extra money earning scheme. The newly launched entire paycheck scheme of Gigwalk allow the people across the globe to do very little spending and earn an extra paycheck in return.

Earn Money

Earn Money provides an easy way to make money, straight from your smartphone. It is the India’s most trusted rewards apps which allow you to make money in a new and unique way.


MapMyWalk is a fitness tracking app which lets you use the GPS of your Android and iOS smartphone device and to track all of your fitness actives. It is an app which aims to record your fitness details including duration pace, distance, speed, calories burned, elevation, and route traveled in an interactive mobile Map.


Lucktastic is a money earning app that pays you on playing games from your smartphones. The rewards being offered by the Lucktastic are in the shape of free gift cards, game credits, and even real cash as well.


Do you know you can make your opinion count? Yes it is true. We are taking about an application named QuickThoughts that values the opinions of its users by giving them rewards, cash, gift cards and much more against the advises and opinions that they extends to it.

Money App

This app named Money App offers means of earning to its members in many ranges like watching videos, taking or completing surveys, playing free games, testing free products or services, giving feedback or opinions or enjoying free trials of the paid apps and games and completing several another kind of tasks.


PiniOn is an app through which you can easily get rewards and earn money or real-time cash by engaging in missions, taking pictures, giving your opinion about some services, products, and brands you use or wear, and answering questions.

Cash for Apps

Cash for Apps is one of the fastest ways over the internet for getting free paid apps in-app purchases and gift cards that are also for free. You only need to download the new apps into your smartphone and in return you will get paid apps for free directly from in-app purchases and heaps of other gift cards.


Qriket is an application dedicated to the game lovers only. For those game lovers who rather than playing offline games, like to take part in the online game competitions and championships will like to use this application to showcase their mastery skills.


Ibotta also called as Cash Back Coupons is an application where smartphone users can cash back amid shopping and get coupons. Individuals can get real money on the things they want to purchase which incorporates purchasing things, just like, milk, egg, rolls, and vegetables.

More About Cash On Apps

Cash On Apps is an amazing app that lets you earn cash effortlessly. It has a community of more than 12 Lac, happy users and more than 80 Lac free rechargers made. Rather than earn rewards you can get free mobile talk time anytime. Cash On Apps is a platform with an outstanding user interface. This app allows you to find some popular, quality and compatible apps which you may not even know. You can easily download the apps by your choice and try out these apps, catch your eye or those you simply need to take out for a test derive. With every app you download, you earn credits which can be repurchased as a mobile recharge. You can easily connect with it by following some few steps. These steps contain registration, browse apps, download apps, earn credits, and redeem credits as mobile recharge.


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