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This money and reward making app is available for Android devices only. The version for iOS is under process and will be available soon. CashKarma is designed for those smartphone users who want to earn money by taking part in the surveys or performing simple tasks like watching videos, playing games and likewise other offers… read more
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26 Apps Like CashKarma


Money Master

Money Master is real cash, gift cards and rewards making an app. It is offering simple means of earning to its users. At the moment, Money Master is available for the iOS users only.


Except for referral, video watching, and game playing earning system, all the money earning offers by this application are entirely different. VistaGain allows its users to make money with magic box, contest, lock screen and several other likewise activities.

Acorn Hunt

Acorn Hunt is listed among those few money making apps that offer cash making options with open hearts. It will give you a chance even to earn up to $30 for a single task as well.

Taps For Money

Taps For Money is a free, entertaining and fun way to get real gift cards on daily basis. However, the target assigned by this app will take some time to get accomplished.


Its time to put your spare time to use by doing simple and entertaining tasks so that you can make that time productive and meaning full. The newly launched application Spare5 deals in simple tasks that its users have to complete in order to get paid in return.


Who says easy money making is not possible? Easy money making is although slow but not impossible at all with a real money making application titled iCash. iCash is an app that is offering hot offers, options and credit earning options to its registered users.


Gralpy is a newbie in the Android world with traditional ways of money making using smartphones. Wherever you are – at the office, school, home or traveling – you can start making money with this application.


With iPoll you can make money by participating in online surveys. These surveys are being offered against real cash. It’s time to earn cash for sharing opinion at a platform that really honors the thinking of its members.

Panel App

Panel App is a prizes and rewards earning app and the home for those people who want to earn money and rewards by taking surveys and completing simple nature of tasks.


CheckPoints that is available for Android and iOS devices only is that app that pays back to its users. Today millions of people across the globe are making money in their free time just because of CheckPoints.

Money App

This app named Money App offers means of earning to its members in many ranges like watching videos, taking or completing surveys, playing free games, testing free products or services, giving feedback or opinions or enjoying free trials of the paid apps and games and completing several another kind of tasks.

Gift Wallet

Gift Wallet is a broad new way of earning free gift cards, cash and several other kinds of rewards using smartphone only. Gift Wallet offers those tasks to complete that belong to our daily activities.


i-Say is a rewarding and cash earning app that values the opinions of the people by offering them real money earning options. It is very simple to get started with this app.


If you are interested in making money easy and fast then AZearning is the real solution for that. AZearning make two kinds of money making offers to its members: either taking part in the simple surveys or sharing the web-based content like news and other helpful material over the social media platforms.

MOBROG Survey App

If you have opinion then we have application named MOBROG Survey App that values the opinions and point of views of its people. It recognizes the talent of its members by giving back cash and rewards.


Title of the app is disclosing the half story about the app. Yes you have nailed it. SurveyMini is survey taking application whose registered members are required to take some surveys and get back cool rewards.


InboxDollars is a multi-tasks containing app that offers real cash to its members on taking parts in its ongoing activities. InboxDollars works as most of the money making apps work but its working style is different from most of them as well.

The PCH App

The PCH App is different from the traditional money making app. This app doesn’t focus on standard money making ways like downloading apps, playing games, watching videos, watching trailers, taking surveys, etc.


Rewardo is a free reward offering application that will assign you simple tasks that you have to complete. Once completed, you will earn points that can, later on, be used for getting free products from the same service.


Do you know you can make your opinion count? Yes it is true. We are taking about an application named QuickThoughts that values the opinions of its users by giving them rewards, cash, gift cards and much more against the advises and opinions that they extends to it.

Instant Rewards

Instant Rewards offers the smartphone users with the system of earning real money by becoming the part of simple surveys. In addition to surveys, Instant Rewards offers several others money making schemes as well like watching app trailers, liking Facebook pages, watching videos and much more.


Loot! has recently made an entry in the money-making applications. Loot! is dedicated to serving in two sections: earning cash and rewards. This money making an app is offering a great number of ways to the people around the world to earn handsome money, products, gift cards, avail discounts and much more by sharing better things about their favorite brands.


The new digital marketing system at one end advantageous for the companies and another end it has opened the door of earnings and opportunities for the general people. Now the people can earn on their regular activities.


Gigwalk is a brand intelligence platform that has recently launched extra money earning scheme. The newly launched entire paycheck scheme of Gigwalk allow the people across the globe to do very little spending and earn an extra paycheck in return.

Easy Shift

It may sound strange to you that you can earn real cash by performing your favorite tasks. In fact, you can earn as much as you can just doing what you do on a daily basis like eating, shopping, playing and performing several another kind of activities.


PocketFlip is a top of the chart app with only one aim and that is to create a workable platform for earning free rewards and even earning cash too. If you have smartphone or tablet then you can avail the opportunity to earn big amount by taking the pictures of the products from the nearby stores, completing simple surveys and making feedbacks or opinions.

More About CashKarma

This money and reward making app is available for Android devices only. The version for iOS is under process and will be available soon. CashKarma is designed for those smartphone users who want to earn money by taking part in the surveys or performing simple tasks like watching videos, playing games and likewise other offers. Against each completed task or survey, CashKarma will give back the points that can be redeemed for getting dollars or gift cards. No hard and fast rules at all. Just offer the official PayPal account during registration process so the offer for getting cash remain active all the time. In case you opt for gift card then gift card codes will be loaded into your device once you will be able to get them. If you still want to earn more then be the part of achievement badges that will give you more and more point that means more and more redeeming options.

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