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This simple to use app will cast and stream your photos and videos on the Chromecast supported devices. It is one of the best and simplest means of casting photos and videos of all type from the smartphones to the Chromecast connected smart TVs as well… read more
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13 Apps Like Cast Player


UPNP Xtreme

UPNP Xtreme is the name of a next generation DLNA and UPNP streamer that allow the smartphone users to stream the content from their smartphone to the smart TVs and HD TVs.

Allcast TV Pro

Allcast TV Pro is a great means for casting both online and offline multimedia material from iOS devices to the Chromecast devices, Google Cast Player, DLNA TVs, Android TVs and another kind of Smart TVs.


iWebTV is a cast to TV app for Chromecast supported devices and Roku Fire TV. The specialty of this app is that it is basically used for finding movies, TV shows and other content from the internet using smartphone and then casting all of these to the smart TVs.

TV Assist

This simple yet powerful app that is currently available for the iOS devices only permit its users to play their videos, movies, music and even photos from the smartphones to the DLNA supported devices like PC, Smart TVs, Sound Box and other connected devices.

Nero Streaming Player

This casting and streaming app titled Nero Streaming Player will first allow you to connect your iOS device to smart TVs and after that start casting music, videos, movies and photos from the device to that connected smart TV.

Cast King TV

Cast King TV is not a straightforward casting app at all rather it is a kind of web browser that support for casting from smartphones to the Google Chromecast connected devices.

videoCast for Chromecast

videoCast for Chromecast is a simple app with only one dedicated purpose, and that is allowing its users to cast the videos from multiple media servers in the local network to all those TVs supporting for Google Chromecast.

Video & TV Cast for DLNA UPnP

Video & TV Cast for DLNA UPnP is a free app for the iOS devices that allow for streaming of videos and movies from the smartphones to the smart TVs and DLNA supporting devices.

Castio – Cast to Chromecast TV

Castio is a free TV and video casting application for the Google Chromecast supporting devices. For those who want to play the multimedia files from the smartphone to the Google, Chromecast media player will surely like using this app.

Photo Video Cast

Photo Video Cast that is basically Chromecast media player is also used as means for screen casting as well. It offers the simplest way to the smartphone users to enjoy all of their favorite photos and videos on their TVs.

Allshare TV Cast

Allshare TV Cast is an independent screen casting app totally different from the Allshare Play of the Samsung. This app that is available for the iOS devices is basically used for playing the videos stored in the smartphone to the DLNA and Chromecast.

AllShare Play

AllShare Play is the new app launched by the Samsung as a replacement of its discontinued Samsung Link that was launched for synchronizing all internet connection supported devices. AllShare Play can simply call as a screen casting app as well that allows the Android devices users to share the content of their smartphones across multiple devices and seamlessly play over the connected devices.

Samsung Link (AllShare Play)

Samsung Link (AllShare Play) was an app for the Android devices that work as a bridge between multiple devices and then allow its users to seamlessly play all of the available content across multiple connected devices.

More About Cast Player

This simple to use app will cast and stream your photos and videos on the Chromecast supported devices. It is one of the best and simplest means of casting photos and videos of all type from the smartphones to the Chromecast connected smart TVs as well. The features and functions that make this casting app simply the best above all browsing and casting the multimedia files, viewing photos and playing them in a slideshow mode, carousel mode for swiping between images, support for iCloud Photo Library, connect to even those Chromecast devices as well that are on the same WiFi network, choosing videos and photos resolution for casting, managing the app storage and much more. From locally available Chromecast devices to connecting with desired Chromecast device, Cast Player supports all kind of casting. In addition to offering a great number of functionalities, Cast Player is a free app and is not an ad supported version too.

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